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Mitch Pronschinske05/26/11
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Videos: State vs. Interaction Testing & Learning to Love Your Manual Testers

At the 2010 Norwegian Developer's Conference, Hadi Hariri explained state and interaction testing so that developers could use both to their full advantage when building sturdy unit tests.  At another presentation, Karianne Berg showed attendees that manual...

Felix Dahlke05/25/11
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Regular Expressions

Earlier this month, I expressed my astonishment about the fact that the majority of software developers I’ve worked with in the last seven years doesn’t know the first thing about regular expressions:

Victor Savkin05/25/11
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Cool Stuff in Groovy 1.8: Part 2

A brief introduction of some new annotations that were added in Groovy 1.8.Cool Stuff in Groovy 1.8, part 2 from victor savkin on Vimeo.

Antonio Goncalves05/25/11
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To inject or not to inject: CDI is the question

Two weeks ago I did a little tour around several JUGs and conferences to talk about dependency injections with CDI. The final goal of this road movie was to end up at GeeCon in Krakow.

Howard Lewis Ship05/25/11
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The Tragedy Of Checked Exceptions

If you ever get one of those interview questions along the lines of "What DON'T you like about Java?", I would hope that checked exceptions are at the top of your list. I think no other, ahem, feature, of Java has caused more code bloat, more...

Markus Eisele05/25/11
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Securing your GlassFish. Hardening Guide.

If you are seriously thinking about running a GlassFish in a production environment your are looking for some kind of information about securing it.  Most basically you would do, what sounds right for your and start with a secure installation, think about...

Jose Maria Arranz05/25/11
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The New World of Single Page Interface Sites is now LGPL v3

ItsNat v1.2 is the first release LGPL v3 licensed allowing closed source web sites and applications built on top of ItsNat. ItsNat focus is Single Page Interface (SPI) web sites, that is, web sites ever running in a single page with no page reload or page...

Jim Moscater05/25/11
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Data Startup Acunu Opens The Castle Gates

Earlier this week, U.K.-based data storage startup Acunu made Castle, the storage core of the Acunu Storage Platform, open source. Castle is a fully-versioned, write-optimized, multi-dimensional key-value store. It packages the Core, the Acunu Distribution...

Patrick Debois05/25/11
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Using Vagrant as a Team

This blogpost goes into detail how on we leverage Vagrant, an open source  tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments, in our day to day work. We use it with a team of 7 people to integrate a pretty complex application. To get...

Brian Swan05/25/11
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Consuming OData via JSP in Windows Azure

A colleague recently asked me if I knew anything about consuming OData from a Java deployment in Windows Azure. My answer at the time was “no”, but with a quick pointer to http://code.google.com/p/odata4j/ I know the answer would soon change to “yes”.

Rick Hightower05/25/11
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CDI AOP Tutorial: Java Standard Method Interception Tutorial - Java EE

This article discusses CDI based AOP in a tutorial format. CDI is the Java standard for dependency injection (DI) and interception (AOP).

Wayne Beaton05/25/11
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The Eclipse Hudson Proposal

This post is a reworked version of a response that I posted on the eclipse.proposals forum.

Robert Diana05/25/11
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Bridging The Technology Communication Gap

Throughout my career, I have been blessed with the ability to effectively translate technology issues to business users. At one point I was even told that I “explain technology to the users in a way that makes sense and does not make them feel stupid.”...

Steven Lott05/25/11
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Agility and following a "Strictly Agile" approach

I've seen some discussion on Stack Overflow that is best characterized by the question: "What is Strictly Agile?", or "What's the Official Agile Approach?".Someone shared this with me recently: "Process kills developer passion".

Maheshkumar Per...05/25/11
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Ready, Aim, Hired!

Right after a job interview, you could either be supremely confident or faintly worried. Either way, we feel pretty relieved when it is all over. Perceptions about interviews usually depend on the interviewer's likeability and first impressions. It is,...