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Anton Arhipov07/11/11
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What’s Cool In IntelliJIDEA. Part II: Live Templates

In IntelliJ, I use Live Templates quite heavily and still think that these are underused. It is not only the standard number of templates that can make your life easier while typing yet another piece of code, but it is also the ability to define new...

Nicolas Frankel07/11/11
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Give back to the community (please?)

Last week, I was ticked off by the behavior of a colleague: he complained the duplicated code panel in Sonar was not explicite enough. When I remarked he could give feedback to the Sonar team, he replied he had other things to do!

Mark Needham07/11/11
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Clojure: Language as thought shaper

I recently read an interesting article by Tom Van Cutsem where he describes some of the goals that influence the design of programming languages and one which stood out to me is that of viewing ‘language as a thought shaper’: Language as thought...

Loiane Groner07/11/11
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New Java 7 Language Features

Last week I was at the Java 7 launch party in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it was really cool. There were a lot of developers on the party to celebrate Java 7 (afterall, we have been waiting for it for 5 years!). I took some pictures at the...

Taha Siddiqi07/11/11
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A Tab-panel for Tapestry

Tab panels are used so often in component based web design that many frameworks provide an out-of-box implementation. ChenilleKit has one for Tapestry. Let us try another one. The tab panel will require two components. A TabPanel component to manage the...

John Whish07/11/11
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Merging two arrays

I've mentioned this before in passing in previous posts, but I've just used it to solve a problem and thought it deserved it's own blog post! The problem I had was that I had two arrays that I want to merge into one. ColdFusion doesn't have an in-built...

Michael Mccandless07/11/11
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Lucene's near-real-time search is fast!

Lucene's near-real-time (NRT) search feature, available since 2.9, enables an application to make index changes visible to a new searcher with fast turnaround time. In some cases, such as modern social/news sites (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Stack...

Jim Bird07/11/11
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Zero Bug Tolerance Intolerance

It sounds good to say that you shall not and will not release code with bugs – that your team has “zero bug tolerance”. It makes for a nice sound bite. It sounds responsible. And it sounds right. But let’s look carefully at what this really means.

Mick Knutson07/10/11
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DBUnit unable to import data for CollectionTable witout Primary Key

I ran into an issue running some DBUnit tests trying to seed a database where tables do not have primary keys such as CollectionTables in JPA. This blog illustrates how to the http://www.dbunit.org/properties/primaryKeyFilter property to refresh a table...

Mark Needham07/10/11
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Scala: Traits galore

We recently came across a problem where we had some logic that we wanted to be used by two classes. Our original thought was to pull it up into an abstract class which ended up looking like this:

Ashod Nakashian07/10/11
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(Almost) Everything You Read About Threading Is Wrong!

Threading is on the front pages more than ever, so to speak. Where only a few years ago programmers could brush the topic aside as complicated and not-very-useful, it’s increasingly harder to hide behind those excuses. Multi-core systems are the status...

Peter Lawrey07/10/11
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Low GC in Java: Using primitives

In a recent article I examined how using primitives and collections which support primitives natively instead of Wrappers and standard collections can reduce memory usage and improve performance.

James Betteley07/10/11
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Are Tools and Processes Stifling Our Creativity and Productivity?

I had lunch with my friend Christian the other day (we went to wagamamas, I had Ginger Chicken Udon – delicious) and he was telling me about a company who work according to what sounded very much like developer anarchy – basically everyone is allowed...

Krishna Kumar07/09/11
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Questions to Resolve While Writing Data Synchronization Code

My home laptop fell a few days ago and the power button stopped working until I got new parts shipped and replaced. Everything went back to normal or so I thought until I opened Google Chrome on another system I was using, and found that the bookmarks I...