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Veera Sundar08/29/11
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Heroku runs Java

If you are a Java fan boy, like me, then you have a good news to cheer about. Heroku runs Java now!

Jens Schauder08/29/11
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Manipulating Test Execution with ScalaTest

My favorite feature in the JUnit are Rules. With Rules you can manipulate the execution of your test, by wrapping your own code around the test execution.

Peter Lawrey08/29/11
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Writing to stdin

System.in or stdin is usually used as an InputStream. However on Linux you can access this stream in other ways.

kent tong08/28/11
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Reaction to “Clojure: Towards The Essence Of Programming” from a Scala perspective

Just watched Howard Lewis Ship’s Clojure: Towards The Essence Of Programming, which is an excellent introduction to Clojure and how it addresses the problems in Java. As a Scala fan, I thought it would be a good idea to see how one could use Scala to do the...

Kapil Viren Ahuja08/28/11
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Concurrency Pattern: Producer and Consumer

In my career spanning 15 years, the problem of Producer and Consumer is one that I have come across only a few times. In most programming cases, what we are doing is performing functions in a synchronous fashion where the JVM or the web container handles the...

Bradley Holt08/28/11
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The Case For Rapid Release Cycles

There has been some discussion recently on the Zend Framework mailing list around release cycles. I proposed a release cycle of six months for major versions (someone else suggested eighteen months, which may be more reasonable for a framework). Rapid...

Artur Mkrtchyan08/28/11
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Spring Data & MongoDB

 In this article we are going to cover the following topics: MongoDB Installation on Windows Machine. MongoDB Java Example.Spring Data & MongoDB.   MongoDB Installation on Windows Machine:      Download MongoDB from official MongoDB website.     ...

Taha Siddiqi08/27/11
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Tapestry 5.3+ : New Features

Tapestry 5.3 is ready for a beta release and there are many exciting features. You can read about them here. The intention of this post and the one following it is to provide some running examples to get you started Periodic Executor Tapestry now has a...

Jakob Jenkov08/27/11
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Java NIO vs. IO

When studying both the Java NIO and IO API's, a question quickly pops into mind: When should I use IO and when should I use NIO? In this text I will try to shed some light on the differences between Java NIO and IO, their use cases, and...

Andrew Salvadore08/26/11
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Liftweb setup in 10 minutes - IDE and project configuration

Scala is one of the coolest programming languages out there and Lift is a revolutionary web framework that really leverages many scala features.But it can be daunting at the beginning, even just getting your workspace setup. In this article I will go through...

James Ward08/26/11
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Heroku Adds Java Support

Today Heroku announced that Java is now supported on the Heroku Cloud Application Platform! This is incredibly exciting news and I’m very lucky to be a Heroku for Java Developer Evangelist!

Chris Keene08/26/11
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Cloud Foundry is the LAMP Stack of Cloud Computing

Just as the LAMP stack provided a core foundation next gen for web applications, Cloud Foundry is providing a core foundation for next gen cloud platforms.

Sai Geetha M N08/26/11
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Basic steps for upgrading Android source code from SDK 1.5 to 2.1 using Eclipse IDE

This is a step by step guide to upgrade one’s source code that was developed for an earlier version of android SDK, as is to work on a new version of SDK installed on your development environment Pre-requisites:

Rafał Kuć08/26/11
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Faceting, filters elimination and how to use it

During my everyday work, I have seen many repeated queries, to Solr, with only one filter difference. When I asked why – I got anserws that it was necessary to get the faceting results for various filters. If you are using Solr version 1.4 or later, my...

Astrid Training08/26/11
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