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Andy Moncsek07/01/11
21 replies

Creating a WebSocket-Chat-Application with Jetty and Glassfish

This article describes how to create a simple HTML5 chat application using WebSockets to connect to a Java back-end.

Robert Diana07/01/11
3 replies

Google Plus Looks Good But Needs An Application Platform

By now you have likely heard that Google finally released its long-awaited social offering. First, let’s look at the basics:

Matt Raible07/01/11
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Agile Hiring Book Review

While working for Time Warner Cable last year, I experienced a unique challenge: building a team of strong developers in a short amount of time.

Loiane Groner07/01/11
10 replies

Setting Up SSL on Tomcat in 5 minutes

This tutorial will walk you through how to configure SSL (https://localhost:8443 access) on Tomcat in 5 minutes.For this tutorial you will need: Java SDK (used version 6 for this tutorial)Tomcat (used version 7 for this tutorial) The set up consists in 3...

Constantin Alin07/01/11
4 replies

Trivial login form in JSF 2.0

This tip is an example of how you can create a trivial login form in JSF 2.0 . The credentials are hardcoded as final variables – in real application, you need will compare the entered values agains a database.

Jelle Victoor07/01/11
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JPA 2, The Access annotation

JPA 1 has a strict rule about what the access when defining your meta annotations (you database to java mapping). In jpa 1 the standard was the way the ID was mapped.

Mats Lindh06/30/11
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Writing a Solr Analysis Filter Plugin

As we’ve been working on getting a better result out of the phonetic search we’re currently doing at derdubor, I started writing a plugin for Solr to be able to return better search results when searching for norwegian names. We’ve been using the...

James Sugrue06/30/11
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Software Build Systems: Principles and Experience

Split into four parts, this book provides a detailed insight into build systems, and how to ensure your own build process is as efficient and scalable as possible. Part One works as an introduction...

Constantin Alin06/30/11
1 replies

Declaring managed beans in JSF 2.0

In the next example we will see how to declare a managed bean in JSF 2.0. There are two ways to configure the managed bean :1. Declaring a Managed Bean in faces-config.xml descriptor file as below:

Sandro Mancuso06/29/11
5 replies

Open-source developers deserve respect

I was recently reading Gojko Adzic's blog post called How is it even possible for code to be this bad? I must admit that I was very sad to see tremendous lack of respect towards the Hudson/Jenkins community and towards open source software developers in...

Archanaa Panda06/29/11
11 replies

High Performance And Smarter Logging

1. Summary Logging, often a back-burner activity in the development cycle can actually be the very lifeline of the development team once the application is in production. Assuming that readers are well acquainted with various logging frameworks like Log4J,...

Lofi Dewanto06/29/11
6 replies

Moving from Ant to Maven: Best Practices with Maven Plugins

I would like to share my experience of moving from "our reinventing wheel" of Ant build scripts to Maven standard.  I reworked some apps which have following characteristics:

Vivek Pandian S...06/29/11
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Workaround for using the Spring DataSource in Play Model Beans

Recently, I came to know about the Play framework, and I wanted to integrate Play with Spring. There is a Spring module in the Play framework, through which I could access the Spring beans in Play. Everything was fine, until I encountered the following...

Maricel Quesada06/29/11
1 replies

Grails - Spring Security with Spring Cache: Caching content per user [Updated]

In my previous post I explained how to customize the Spring Cache plug in so we could cache content considering what user is logged in or not. However, that code was written using the version 1.2.1 of the plug in and if you want to upgrade to the latest...

Michael Mccandless06/29/11
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Moving readVInt to C

By far the hottest spot in Lucene during searching is the method (DataInput.readVInt) that decodes Lucene's variable-length integer representation (vInt). This method is called an insane number of times, while iterating the postings lists (docs, freqs,...