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Mitch Pronschinske10/24/11
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How-To install Tomcat 7 and Solr on Centos 5.5

In this how-to we are presenting the steps you have to follow in order to install Tomcat 7 and Solr on a Centos 5.5 machine.  This tutorial was originally posted on TechSpry.com and the author is Gerasimos Athanasopoulos.

Grant Ingersoll10/24/11
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From Barcelona to Vancouver with Lucene and Solr

With another Lucene Eurocon successfully behind us (thanks Barcelona, you’ve been awesome!), it’s time to say hello to Vancouver for ApacheCon.  I’ll leave it to others to fill in the blanks on the Barcelona conference other than to say that I am...

Davy Suvee10/24/11
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RDF data in Neo4J - the Tinkerpop story

My previous blog post discussed the use of Neo4J as a RDF triple store. Michael Hunger however informed me that the neo-rdf-sail component is no longer under active development and advised me to have a look at Tinkerpop’s Sail implementation.

John Dobie10/23/11
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Separating Code Coverage With Maven, Sonar and Jacoco

In this example I will expand upon my previous example of keeping your unit and integration tests in separate packages, and explain how to also produce code coverage statistics.

Loiane Groner10/23/11
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How to Load or Save Image using Hibernate – MySQL

This tutorial will walk you throughout how to save and load an image from database (MySQL) using Hibernate. Requirements For this sampel project, we are going to use:

Ken Rimple10/23/11
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Roo (in the) Corner - new features in trunk...

I've been spending my time readying Roo in Action for publication. Turns out, the Roo team had other ideas - including lots of new things you may want to be aware of if you are looking to support Roo 1.2 once it is released. Keep in mind these changes are...

Chad Lung10/23/11
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Creating an ATOMPub server in Java that can return JSON (Using Apache Abdera)

A few days ago I showed you how you can build an ATOM client that can convert ATOM XML to JSON. Today I’ll show you how to take Apache Abdera and create an ATOMPub server that can return ATOM XML as well as JSON. For the client part (to demo) I’m going...

Craig Dickson10/23/11
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Screencast: Exploring the Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Console

This screencast explores the various features available in the web management console for the Amazon Elastic Beanstalk service.

James Betteley10/23/11
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Best Practices for Build and Release Management: Part 2

Ok, as promised in Part 1, I’ll go into a bit more detail about each of the areas outlined previously, starting with… The Build Process

Mitch Pronschinske10/23/11
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How to Clone Wikipedia and Index it with Solr

It took 6 weeks, but Fred Zimmerman, a blogger for Nimblebooks.com just completed a very cool use case scenario for Solr indexing.  He cloned all of Wikipedia and then indexed it with Solr:1.  "Hardware. I found out the hard way that 32-bit Ubuntu...

Ken Rimple10/22/11
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Living on the Edge of a Roo - working on the trunk

Let's say you're an add-on developer or someone who wants to stay current with the refactorings of Roo 1.2. Since it is in active development, you need to do two things to make your project work with the latest code. Remember, this is bleeding edge, so...

Chad Lung10/22/11
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Using a Java Servlet Filter to intercept the response HTTP status code with NetBeans IDE 7 and Maven

Version 2.3 of the Java servlet spec introduced the concept of filters. According to the documentation from Oracle’s site: “A filter dynamically intercepts requests and responses to transform or use the information contained in the requests or...

Udo Borkowski10/22/11
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Efficient and Customizable TreeLayout Algorithm in Java

The Java TreeLayout described below creates tree layouts for arbitrary trees. It is not restricted to a specific output or format, but can be used for any kind of two dimensional diagram. Examples are Swing based components, SVG files, and many more. This...

James Betteley10/22/11
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Best Practices for Build and Release Management: Part 1

Firstly, Release Management has been around for long enough for it to no longer mean what it used to mean. Release Management used to be concentrated on the discipline of “creating a release of software”, that generally involved the following key...