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Mitch Pronschinske09/27/11
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Continuous Integration: Why You Don't Really "Get It"

A vast majority of daily practitioners of Continuous Integration don't really understand it. This is a bold statement, I know. But it is not made to simply capture attention. Most practitioners of Continuous Integration, when asked, will either tell...

Allan Gregersen09/27/11
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Who Said Runtime Class Reloading Is Hard in Java?

Are you sometimes frustrated spending precious development time restarting your Java application all the time? If so, read on! If you haven’t already stumbled across Javeleon, I would like to introduce it to you and give you a sneak peak of some of the big...

Jim Bird09/27/11
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Sad State of Secure Software Maintenance

This is sad. No, it's not sad, it's sick. I'm looking for ideas and clear thinking about secure software maintenance. But I can't find anything beyond a couple of articles on Software Security in Legacy Systems by Craig Miller and Carl Weber at Cigital. I...

Rafał Kuć09/27/11
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Sorting by function value in Solr

In Solr 3.1 and later we have a very interesting functionality, which enables us to sort by function value. What does that gives us? Actually, a few interesting possibilities.

Sai Geetha M N09/27/11
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Location Manager - Android Developer Tutorial

Location-based service is another key functionality that gets used by mobile applications. IT is often combined with maps to give a good user experience. We have already see how to use the external Google Maps API in tutorial Part 14. Here I will build upon...

Nicolas Frankel09/27/11
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Migrating from m2eclipse to m2e

Since Indigo, the Maven Eclipse plugin formerly known as m2eclipse became part of Eclipse release (at least in the pure Java release). The name of the plugin also changed from m2eclipse to m2e. This was not the sole change, however:

Loiane Groner09/26/11
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ExtJS 4 x ExtJS 3 Class Names

Ext JS 4 reorganized the API packages names and as a consequence, some classes has a new class name now. The Ext JS 3 class names are still valid in Ext JS 4, but when we are migrating an app from Ext JS 3 to Ext JS 4, it is recommended to change the class...

Roger Hughes09/26/11
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Dissecting Spring's MVC Project POM

One of the good things about Spring’s STS is that is provides a whole bunch of useful Spring project templates that you can use to generate empty or stub projects from which to start writing some code. The list of projects includes a ‘Simple Spring...

Rob Williams09/26/11
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Embedding JGit: A First Look

Couple of years ago I needed a spider to do some excavation of data for an analytics project. I found a project called JSpider that seemed great, and hey, the open source credo is 'use what's there, don't recreate the wheel.' Well, that didn't turn out so...

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/26/11
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Error pages and chunked encoding – it’s harder than you think

The other day I realized that my Tomcat is using chunked Transfer-Encoding (HTTP 1.1) by default. I don’t know about other servers/containers/frameworks/languages, but it is not uncommon to send pages in chunks – facebook, for example, does it. What...

Gordon Dickens09/26/11
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Rocket to the Cloud Fast with Roo

Want to build a Spring 3 application FAST and run it on the Cloud? It is incredibly easy to do with Spring Roo and CloudFoundry! This post on using Postgres on CloudFoundry helped me get started, however I tried using the 1.2.M1 with the CloudFoundry addon,...

Yonik Seeley09/26/11
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Building Distributed Indexing for Solr: MurmurHash3 for Java

Background I needed a really good hash function for the distributed indexing we’re implementing for Solr. Since it will be used for partitioning documents, it needed to be really high quality (well distributed) since we don’t want uneven shards. It...

Senthil Kumar09/26/11
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Can Microsoft Windows Phone & Nokia Replace BlackBerry in Enterprise?

Jeremy Windmiller in his blog post wonders: “Can Microsoft Windows Phone & Nokia Replace BlackBerry in Enterprise ? ”.Jeremy talks about a scenario posed by the VP of IS Infrastructure at a Midwest Healthcare System to several colleagues for...

Ashod Nakashian09/25/11
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SQLite with Built-in Online Compression

This an experimental mod of Sqlite with built-in online compression support. Design and implementation are discussed, limitation and benchmarks provided and source code as well as prebuilt DLL are included.

Jens Schauder09/25/11
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Ratchet Tests with ScalaTest

Ever found more broken things in a project than you possible could fix in one go? I’m exactly in that situation. We have a test which checks for certain dependencies in our project. The problem: We discovered that the test was broken and didn’t report...