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Rafał Kuć09/05/11
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Solr and Autocomplete (part 2)

In the previous part I showed how the faceting mechanism can be used to achieve the autocomplete functionality. Today I’ll show you how to use a component called Suggester to implement autocomplete functionality.

Ashwin Rayaprolu09/04/11
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Java Connector to SugarCRM Webservices

Here is my effort to minimize research work in getting started with sugar CRM webservice invocation in java    

Markus Eisele09/04/11
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JavaOne Mobile App - A first detailed look. What's hot and what's not

JavaOne is coming closer day by day. Another proof of that is, that the official Mobile App for JavaOne was launched yesterday. Great news! Let's rock&roll. It's available from pyxismobile.com.

Martijn Verburg09/04/11
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Manipulating Files in Java 7

The following is a modified snippet from a draft of The Well-Grounded Java Developer. It gives you a quick taster of how much easier it is to manipulate files in Java 7 than in previous versions. By using the new Files class and its many utility methods,...

Kapil Viren Ahuja09/04/11
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Unit Testing: EAMSteps

I came across this article on Dzone, which is just right to set the tone for me to release my latest code, which I find myself to be very proud of. The article speaks about the importance of Unit Testing for developers and how it can save the day for you...

Peter Lawrey09/04/11
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Java can be significantly faster than C

Whether you use Java or C is not always as important as the algorithm you use. Being smarter can make more difference. You might not see this as a fair test of Java vs C, but in the real world human factors are matter. There is no point saying C is faster...

Steven Lott09/03/11
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The Users Just Want "Search" -- What's So Hard?

Great article on "Search" from back in '08 in Forbes. "Why Google Isn't Enough", by Dan Woods. He's talking about "Enterprise Search": why in-house Google-style search is really hard and often unsatisfying. Here's the cool...

Anton Arhipov09/03/11
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GeeCON 2011: Java Bytecode For Discriminating Developers

In May this year I had a pleasure to talk at an awesome conference in Krakow - GeeCON. Here's the video taken at the talk and the slides are below.

Adam Warski09/02/11
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Modules, modules, modules …

I think everybody will agree that writing modular applications and modularity in general is a good thing. But how does support for modularity look like, both from the Java and Scala languages and various Java/Scala frameworks? There’s a lot of different...

James Sugrue09/02/11
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The Importance Of Software Craftsmanship

Celebrating it's first year in operation, the London Software Craftsmanship Community is a great example of how developers are taking their work seriously, and showing that our industry is maturing at a healthy pace. I met with Sandro Mancuso, co-founder of...

Howard Lewis Ship09/02/11
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How They See Us, How We See Them

Stumbled across this great graphic on GlobalNerdy Blog. direct link to the image.  

Peter Lawrey09/01/11
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MethodHandle performance in Java 7

A new feature in Java 7 provides a MethodHandle which "is a typed, directly executable reference to an underlying method, constructor, field, or similar low-level operation, with optional transformations of arguments or return values" This...

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/01/11
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Google App Engine and Maven

I created a small project that I wanted to host somewhere for free. Amazon free tier or Google App Engine? I already have experience with AWS, so I decided to try GAE. It is completely different, of course. And it didn’t start quite well, with some...