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Mitch Pronschinske11/02/11
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Exponential Growth Reported for Hadoop and Puppet Job Needs - Java is Also Surging

Some stats reported by Dice.com (mainly IT jobs) and Indeed.com show that the April to June timespan from this year had 3x as many postings about Puppet skills requirements and over double the postings for Hadoop skills.  Although the Indeed.com fastest...

Mitch Pronschinske11/02/11
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Poll: Which open source virtualization/cloud platforms have you tried?

Today we revisit a poll about the open source virtualization/cloud platforms that developers have evaluated.  One was taken last year on Kris Buytaert's blog and here were the results (Take the new poll further...

Nikita Salnikov...11/02/11
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Put your fat Collections on a diet!

BackgroundEvery Java program uses some sort of data structures, be it a trivial array or a Fibonacci Heap or even something more exotic that only Google search knows about. In most cases developers do not write their own implementations of these structures...

Eugen Paraschiv11/02/11
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Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring 3.1 and Java based Configuration, part 2

1. OverviewThis is the second of a series of posts about setting up a RESTful web service using Spring 3.1 with Java based configuration.

Ricky Ho11/02/11
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Recommendation Engine Models

In a classical model of recommendation system, there are "users" and "items". User has associated metadata (or content) such as age, gender, race and other demographic information. Items also has its metadata such as text...

Rob Galanakis11/01/11
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How to Deal with Being a Negative Developer

Recently, I read an article about negative devs and team stability that hit home. The advice wasn't particularly interesting (good, standard stuff), but it reminded be that I’ve been a negative developer.

Roger Hughes11/01/11
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Maintaining Separation of Concerns when using a JSP Front Strategy MVC Pattern.

My last MVC blog tried to add a little depth into exactly what the MVC pattern is in relation to web-applications, and in writing it I highlighted the problems and pitfalls of using a JSP Front Strategy as an MVC front controller pattern.

Martin Fowler11/01/11
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Opportunistic Refactoring by Martin Fowler

From the very beginning of when I started to talk and write about refactoring people have asked me how it should be incorporated into the wider software development process. Should there be refactoring phases in the software development lifecycle, what...

Mitch Pronschinske11/01/11
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I Make Tools and I Share

Sharing code with the community is a habit that every developer should have.  Yes, it does take work to put it up on GitHub, and yes it does mean that you'll have to write documentation and probably deal with bug reports.  But James Turnbull, the VP of Tech...

Prashant Deva11/01/11
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JVM 5 is the new IE 6

Note that I mentioned JVM 5, not Java 5. Since Chronon requires running on JVM 6, we do get people time to time asking "Does that mean Java 5 is not supported?". Backward Compatibility It seems some people still don't understand that you can run...

Davy Suvee11/01/11
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Storing and querying RDF data in Neo4J through Sail

Recently, I got asked to implement a storage and querying platform for biological RDF (Resource Description Framework) data. RDF data is a set of statements about resources in the form of subject-predicate-object expressions (also referred to as triples)....

John Cook11/01/11
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A Bayesian view of Amazon Resellers

I was buying a used book through Amazon this evening. Three resellers offered the book at essentially the same price. Here were their ratings: 94% positive out of 85,193 reviews98% positive out of 20,785 reviews99% positive out of 840 reviews Which reseller...

Giorgio Sironi11/01/11
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PHP on a Java application server

Let's say we want to run PHP but we have only an available hosting for Java. An example provided from Resin documentation would be to have an easy way to improve performance, or to gain distributed sessions support for PHP.A very realistic example would be...

Lajos Papp11/01/11
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JSF 2.0 with Spring Roo

If you want to create a JSF 2.0 web application in 10 minutes here comes a short how-to. I never really gave a chance to JSF. With JSF 1.X there was limited tool support, components were quite basic. it didn't really got my attention. I know JSF 2.0 was...

Mike Dipetrillo11/01/11
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How-to Setup RabbitMQ AMQP with vCloud Director

Earlier this week I went about setting up notifications in VMware vCloud Director. Notifications (or callouts as some people call them) is a way for vCD (vCloud Director) to notify external systems of events. These events can come through as just standard...