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Jens Schauder09/13/11
6 replies

Clean Code is just a Crutch

Last week I was at the completely awesome SoCraTes conference. It was the first meeting of the German Software Craftsmanship Community. Some of the attendees argued that some day in the future there might be a way to measure the quality of software which...

Ayende Rahien09/13/11
14 replies

If you don’t have pet projects, I don’t think I want you

I am busy hiring people now, and it got me thinking a lot about the sort of things that I want from my developers. In particular, I was inundated in CVs, and I used the following standard reply to help me narrow things down. Thank you for your CV. Do you...

Mitch Pronschinske09/13/11
3 replies

Douglas Crockford Answers DZone's Questions on JavaScript

CoffeeScript, node.js, ECMAScript, and even Google's new Dart usurper language were topics of discussion last week when I had the unique opportunity to meet one of the major luminaries in the world of JavaScript while he was speaking at North Carolina State...

Rafał Kuć09/13/11
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Solr Optimization – query result window size

Hereby I would like to start a small series of articles describing the elements of the optimization of Solr instances. At first glance I decided to describe the parameter that specifies the data fetch window size – the query result window size....

Stephen Chin09/13/11
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Visage Android – Cleaner APIs, Cleaner UIs

I have been busily working away at getting Visage ready for developing Android applications. It is a great fit, because Android converts regular Java class files into its special class format, and the Visage compiler happens to generate Java class files. ...

Michael Ellison09/13/11
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Choosing a Framework for the Enterprise

My company has just created an architecture team to help standardize our programming tools and application design. It’s a small but growing financial company and we have 50 or so developers on staff. Most of our Java apps are built using Struts 1.x with...

Chas Emerick09/13/11
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Adding Gzip compression to a Clojure webapp in 30 seconds

As you might have seen, I’m working on a new web project, which happens to involve shipping a metric ton of content to each user’s browser upon visiting the meat of the site.  We’re talking about something like 1.5MB of HTML, Javascript, and CSS,...

Martin Thompson09/12/11
2 replies

Write Combining

Modern CPUs employ lots of techniques to counteract the latency cost of going to main memory.  These days CPUs can process hundreds of instructions in the time it takes to read or write data to the DRAM memory banks.  The major tool used to hide this...

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/12/11
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Spring and PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED

Recently I was introduced to a project that’s already 4 months in development. After a day of coding I realized there’s something wrong with the session and transaction management. Then I found something that I’ve never used and didn’t quite know...

Leo Lewis09/12/11
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OGL Explorer

Today, let’s display some data, some search results for example, on a little unusual graphical component.

Gareth Rushgrove09/12/11
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Books For People Interested In Devops

Before starting with FreeAgent I decided I should spend a bit more time with Ruby and set about building something I’d been thinking about for a while. I’ve just launched the first one of my related pet projects so thought I better link to it from...

Mitch Pronschinske09/12/11
10 replies

Java 8 Lambda syntax (closures) is decided. It's similar to C# and Scala

Looks like Brian Goetz and the JDK just made a major syntax decision for closures (lambdas) in Java 8: 

Mitch Pronschinske09/12/11
7 replies

What primary development framework are you planning to use in the cloud?

This PaaS poll was inspired by a post on Chris Keene's blog.  He explained that RedHat had conducted a survey at VMworld that included over 1,200 respondents. The survey was about their cloud deployment plans and I...

Axel Rauschmayer09/12/11
6 replies

Google Dart to “ultimately ... replace JavaScript”

The following keynote will be held at the GOTO Aarhus 2011 Conference on Monday, Oct. 10, 2011: “Dart, a new programming language for structured web programming” This post explains what Dart is all about and how it relates to JavaScript.

Bill Bejeck09/12/11
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Lucene Thrift and Ruby

This post is going to demonstrate thrift usage by searching a Lucene index from Ruby.