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Nicolas Frankel11/14/11
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Apache Maven 3 Cookbook

This review is about Apache Maven 3 Cookbook from Srirangan from Packt Publishing. Facts 9 chapters, 208 pages, $35.99This book covers Apache Maven 3 Pros Each recipe is structured in 3 steps:

Artur Mkrtchyan11/14/11
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A Free Amazon EC2 Cloud Server Based LAMP

Introduction In this article I'm going to show you how to create a free Amazon EC2 cloud based LAMP Server and Point your domain to Amazon EC2 Instance. There are 4 simple steps to do. Sign up for a 1 year free account from Amazon. Create a new server...

Paul Stack11/14/11
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Is Implementing Continuous Delivery the Key to Success?

“Until your pretty code is in production, making money, or doing whatever it does, you've just wasted your time” - Chris Read whilst at London CI.In my opinion, this quote really sums up software development. Process and red tape are becoming an obstacle...

Kelly Waters11/14/11
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7 Reasons why Continuous Delivery needs to be a BUSINESS initiative

One of the key practices of agile and lean teams is the idea of Continuous Delivery.  If not continuous, then at least very frequent! ThoughtWorks has an area of their web site dedicated to Continuous Delivery, and also a really interesting webinar that...

Carey Flichel11/14/11
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Testing GWT Apps with Selenium or WebDriver

Good functional testing is one of the most difficult tasks for web application developers and their teams. It is a challenge to develop tests that are cheap to maintain and yet provide good test coverage, which helps reduce QA costs and increase quality.

Dustin Marx11/14/11
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Apache Harmony Retiring to the Attic

In a development that seemed destined to happen since IBM's joining OpenJDK, Apache Harmony's Project Management Committee (PMC) has

Lukas Eder11/14/11
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Op4j and Lambda-J. For more fluency in Java

I recently blogged about simple constructs, such as Java’s Arrays.asList() and the fact that it is not used often enough: http://lukaseder.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/javas-arrays-aslist-is-underused/

Peter Pilgrim11/14/11
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ScalaFX, Scala Build Tool and JavaFX 2.0 Libraries

In my last blog entry, ScalaFX A Walkthrough, I talked about setting up ScalaFX 2.0 in IntelliJ 10.5 with the Scala Build Tool (SBT) in the screencast. I left out some salient points. The JavaFX 2.0 SDK has one important hardcoded reference in it, which ...

Hubert Klein Ikkink11/14/11
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Groovy Goodness: Parse Date.toString() Value

With Groovy 1.8.4 we can parse the output of the Date.toString() method back to a Date. For example we get the string value of a Date from an external source and want to parse it to a Date object. The format of the string must have the pattern "EEE...

Matt Raible11/13/11
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More Scalate Goodness for Play

This article is the 6th in a series on about my adventures developing a web application with HTML5, Play Scala, CoffeeScript and Jade. Previous articles can be found at:

Roger Hughes11/13/11
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Reviewing PowerMock's Features

When you write a blog, you get a feel for those subjects that are contentious and those that aren’t and one of the most contentious subjects seems to be the area of unit test techniques: are you a mockist or a classist? Can you test internal state or...

Mitch Pronschinske11/12/11
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Is a Startup Crazy if They Don't Use Cloud IaaS?

Today’s tech entrepreneurs would be out of their minds to build out their own data centers rather than renting capacity from Amazon or another low-cost provider.  --Barb Darrow recounting the statements of Andy Bechtolsheim (former Sun Micro)

Eric Berg11/12/11
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Millions of Gamers Have Their Data Stolen… Again: The Steam Breach

It’s happened – again. A major gaming network has been hacked, compromising millions of users’ information.

Mitch Pronschinske11/12/11
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Case Study Video: Puppet at Constant Contact

Constant Contact's use of Puppet has evolved from being an operations tool for system configuration management to playing a central role in our software...