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Nicolas Frankel03/12/12
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Obtaining Request Data in Vaadin 7

In Vaadin 6, accessing request data was possible, but a little cumbersome. In Vaadin 7, the Vaadin team identified recurring needs to some piece of data and provided a Vaadin API to access them easily

Buddhika Chamith03/12/12
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Joins with MapReduce

Get a complete rundown of the Join implementations available for Hadoop. The joins can be done at both Map side and Join side according to the nature of data sets of to be joined.

Carlos Sanchez03/12/12
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Is DevOps Killing the Operations team?

Hearing everywhere about DevOps and how it is all about automation, and how manual steps should be removed from Operations? Starting to worry about your OPs job? Hear about my work on Maven, automating build steps...

John Cook03/11/12
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Tweaking Bayes’ Theorem

In Peter Norvig’s talk 'The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data', he changes Bayes’ theorem to make an example algorithm work better. He goes on to explain why reality is complicated and we've got to do the best we can...

Roger Hughes03/11/12
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Using Maven's -U Command Line Option

In my experience working on a multi-model project, the developers on that project tend to grab hold of all the project’s source code and build it all using some kind of Maven build-all POM project. You know the sort of thing I mean: a build-all module is a module that contains a list of other modules that get built in a specific order...

Cagdas Basaraner03/11/12
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Two Implementations of the Chain Of Responsibility Pattern

The Chain of Responsibility design pattern is needed when a few processors should exist for performing an operation and a particular order should be defined for those processors. Also the changeability of the order of processors on runtime are important.

Kristina Chodorow03/10/12
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Git-oh-$#!t - Some Tips for Git Beginners

You too can avoid learning Git through trial-and-error thanks to Kristina Chodorow. Also includes a few useful git resources towards the bottom.

Shameer Cee03/10/12
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Is So-Called NoOps a By-Product of PaaS?

The debate rages on with Shameer Cee tracing the short history of NoOps, which he claims is a "bad name for an apparently good idea."

Alex Ruiz03/10/12
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Testing Formatting in Eclipse Editors

Even though Xtext provides a nice infrastructure for implementing editor formatters, it is also important to test that the formatter is doing what I think it is doing. I wanted my tests to be reliable, short and readable. Well…who doesn’t? :)

Cagdas Basaraner03/10/12
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Best Practices for Variable and Method Naming

When looking at your code, how you name your variables and methods is one of the most important characteristics. Consistency matters - but there are also some best practices that developers everywhere follow.

Mick Knutson03/10/12
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Variable Scoping With a Multi-Module Project

I have been very frustrated by Gradle and variable scoping in a multi-module project. I have wasted countless hours trying to follow examples that simply do not work as stated, and having limited examples for the type of multi-module project that I wanted to create.

Partha Bhattacharjee03/10/12
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Log don't SOP

I maintain that all professional code, need to have a well thought out logging strategy. Period. I have heard all sort of excuses and logic against it - too small code, not really strategic, don't have time etc etc - and my personal stand is, I don't buy any one of those excuses against logging.

Drew Olson03/10/12
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Continuous Backwards Compatibility

At the time of writing we have 51 supported library versions across 5 languages which makes maintaining backwards compatibility no small task. Here's how we do it...

Daniel Doubrovkine03/10/12
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Why You Should Leave Microsoft - Or Any Other Big Company

After working at Microsoft for 5 years, dblcok felt it was time to leave. Reasons include the tectonic shift of Open Source and the stagnation that comes with working one job at one company.

Rafał Kuć03/10/12
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Use of cache=false and Cost Parameters

Learn how to use some of the great new features that came with Solr 3.4. They allow Solr to decide whether the results of a filter query or query should be placed in cache. You'll also see how you can now set filter query cost.