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Peter Pilgrim10/05/11
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JavaOne 2011 Impressions

The first news is that JavaFX 2.0 has been released as general availability [Alternative download here]. Oracle have delivered on their promised, or may be it was Sun Microsystems vision, to reinvigorate the user interface on the desktop. I think this is a...

Mats Lindh10/05/11
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Solr Slowdown - Know What Partition You Index to

This is perhaps the most obvious and “not very helpful” post for quite a few people, but for those who experience this issue, it’ll save the day. While doing a test index routine of around 6 million documents, things would get really slow at the...

Jim Bird10/05/11
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Has Static Analysis reached its limits?

HP’s acquisition of Fortify last year (which I am sure has made some people at Kleiner Perkins happy) has made me think some more about static analysis and the state of the technology.

Craig Dickson10/04/11
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How To Easily Deploy Pre-Packaged Maven Artifacts

The Maven deploy:deploy-file goal is very useful for deploying JARs (and other artifacts) that have not been mavenized, to your own repository. It allows you to pass Maven coordinates and other Maven related meta data on the command line so that the...

Wayne Adams10/04/11
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Direct Web Remoting tips

We use DWR (http://www.directwebremoting.org) a lot where I'm working now. It's a Java library used to integrate JavaScript-based web development with Java middleware. In addition to providing a servlet that creates a nice JavaScript library (that...

Howard Lewis Ship10/04/11
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Tapestry: Feedback!

I often say that the three cornerstones of Tapestry are Simplicity, Consistency, Efficiency, and Feedback. Although all four of these concepts work in concert with each other, it's Feedback (keeping the developer informed when things go wrong) that is one of...

Dan Dyer10/04/11
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What I Learned at the London Android Developer Lab

This morning I took a brutally early train to London in order to arrive in time for Google’s Android Developer Lab at 8:30 AM. Developing Honeycomb applications for tablet devices was the primary focus of this gathering (around 30-40 Android developers...

Wojciech Kudla10/04/11
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Abstraction slows you down

UpdateAs there have been several comments about my microbenchmark, I feel in a position to give a common reply. Thank you for pointing out flaws in my test implementation. This time I used snippet from Maciej Gorączka to illustrate the pitfalls of...

Markus Eisele10/04/11
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Java SE 7, 8, 9 - Moving Java Forward

Today was keynote day. JavaOne Keynote was happening this early morning from 8:30 to 10:30 am and one more time my press pass got me into it quite early. So I had the time taking some very personal pictures from all the key players while they were getting...

Craig Dickson10/04/11
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JavaOne 2011 Monday Keynote - The Cloud Angle

JavaOne 2011 got off to a bit of a shaky start this morning with there being a lack of seating in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton, leading to the escalators eventually being blocked by physically meek, yet surly, security guards and having people being...

Giorgio Sironi10/04/11
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The Goal of software development

The Goal by Eli Goldratt is a business book in the form of a novel, where the protagonist must save his factory from closing due to very low productivity.

Roger Hughes10/03/11
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Looking into the Magic of Dependency Injection Using Annotations - Part 2

This is the second in a short series of blogs I’m presenting that looks into implementing dependency injection using annotations. If you’re familiar with Spring or EJB3, you’ll know the sort of thing I’m talking about: you write you class; add a...

Taha Siddiqi10/03/11
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Tapestry 5.3+ New Features : Part 2

AjaxResponseRender This is one of the most useful feature of Tapestry 5.3. There is already a concept of Zone in Tapestry for Ajax but now it is complimented by AjaxResponseRenderer. This fills a lot of gaps at least for people coming from Wicket. It is a bit...

Jens Schauder10/03/11
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How to write your own Matchers with ScalaTest

I just love the assertion syntax of ScalaTest. It’s easy to read and easy to write and looks like this: 23 should be >= (12) Even if you know nothing about ScalaTest it should be easy to understand whats this assertion is about. But what when your...

John Ferguson Smart10/03/11
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Using Spring dependencies in your acceptance tests with Thucydides

If you are running your acceptance tests against an embedded web server (for example, using Jetty), it can occasionally be useful to access the service layers directly for fixture or infrastructure-related code. For example, you may have a scenario where a...