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Martin Fowler11/18/11
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Martin Fowler: Specification By Example

I was attending a workshop at XP/Agile Universe in 2002 when the phrase 'Specification By Example' struck me as a way to describe one of roles of testing in XP. This is a 2011 Retread of post orginally made on 18 Mar 2004 

Lorna Mitchell11/18/11
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Simple CRUD with MongoDB

When I meet a new technology, I like to experience it "just as it comes". I'm happy at the command line and I like to type actual commands and see man pages before I use any wrappers or helper tools. So when I met MongoDB for the first time, I...

Craig Flichel11/18/11
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Java 7 – Project Coin Feature Overview

We discussed previously everything that didn’t make it into Java 7 and then reviewed the useful Fork/Join Framework that did make it in. Today’s post will take us through each of the Project Coin features – a collection of small language enhancements...

Thomas Ferris N...11/18/11
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Some thoughts on Git vs complexity

I originally wrote this in the Git For Human Beings mailing list. The thoughts are stolen from Rich Hickey's Simple Made Easy talk. (Matthew McCullough commented the same parallel the same day, but I think his timestamp was a few hours afterwards).

Nirav Assar11/18/11
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Pragmatic Thinking: Novice vs Expert

Recently I started reading Andy Hunt's fine book "Pragmatic Thinking And Learning." Hunt is notorious for writing books which offer practical, insightful advice in which developers can apply to their work on a daily basis.  His most famous book...

Lukas Eder11/18/11
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jOOQ-meta. A “hard-core SQL” proof of concept

jOOQ-meta is more than just meta data navigation for your database schema. It is also a proof of concept for the more complex jOOQ queries. It is easy for you users to believe that the simple vanilla queries of this form will work:

David Pell11/18/11
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Getting Started with Apache Solr

You've probably heard of Solr, the fast, open source search server (say that ten times fast!) on the Lucene Java search library.  But if you haven't had a chance to set it up and tinker with it, do yourself a favor and check out the Solr presentation from...

David Pell11/18/11
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Solr Power FTW: Powering NoSQL the World Over

Pop quiz!  Can you answer the following questions off the top of your head?  If so, stop reading after the questions and show off your Solr sagacity and your NoSQL...ninjacity...in the combox.  Right, so here are the questions:

Mitch Pronschinske11/17/11
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Stick a MongoDB on that OpenShift Cloud

Now that the latest release of OpenShift Flex has a much simpler method for running a NoSQL server, we're going to look at a tutorial by Mark Atwood that takes you through the simplified process of setting up MongoDB on OpenShift Flex.OpenShift Flex is a...

Mitch Pronschinske11/17/11
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USA: Computer Professionals Update Act

A bill is currently making its way through the United States Senate that effectively eliminates overtime pay for IT professionals. Matt Simmons, aka. the Standalone SysAdmin, is trying to gather information on this issue  and we've republished his article...

Jacob Hansson11/17/11
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Embedded Neo4j Graph Database Now Works in Python

First of all, we’re really sorry. We have been saying that Python support for the embedded database is coming in “a few weeks” or “next month" for over half a year now, and so far, you have waited patiently, and you have waited in vain.

Trisha Gee11/17/11
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Devoxx: The story so far

European conferences are different (and cool) because you get to hear even more languages spoken than you usually do in London (apparently the most diverse city in the world for spoken languages).

James Betteley11/17/11
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Being Agile in Release Management

2 great things happened in 2005: Wales won the Grand Slam, and I had my first taste of “agile”. And after having worked on a 3-year-long waterfall project (which still wasn’t finished by the time I left) agile came as a breath of fresh air for me. I...

Martin Fowler11/17/11
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Martin Fowler on Polyglot Persistence

In 2006, my colleague Neal Ford coined the term Polyglot Programming, to express the idea that applications should be written in a mix of languages to take advantage of the fact that different languages are suitable for tackling different problems....