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Jay Fields08/24/11
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Clojure: partition-by, split-with, group-by, and juxt

Today I ran into a common situation: I needed to split a list into 2 sublists - elements that passed a predicate and elements that failed a predicate. I'm sure I've run into this problem several times, but it's been awhile and I'd forgotten what options were...

Markus Eisele08/24/11
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Tired of Getters and Setters? Lombok them!

I love Java. There is a lot of amazing stuff being build with it every minute and I really love being part of that community. But, to be honest, there is one single thing, that I hate. That is the JavaBeans™ architecture.

Sandro Mancuso08/23/11
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One year of London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC)

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community. - Anthony Burgess Happy Birthday, LSCC!!!! On 18th of August 2011, the London Software Craftsmanship Community completed one year. And what a great year we had! How did it all start?

Victor Savkin08/23/11
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How to Build a Data-Warehouse in 4 weeks, Part 1

First of all, there is no reason to be afraid. Not only big corporations having terabytes of data can use data-warehouses. If you have a complex domain model and a few databases with millions of records here and there it might be useful to create a...

Peter Backx08/23/11
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Review:Development with the Force.com Platform (2nd edition)

Introduction The Force.com platform opens the Salesforce infrastructure to all business developers. It offers a huge range of readymade services from which a developer can build his own...

Rob Williams08/22/11
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Fixing Inheritance with Bloch's Builder

I love the static builder pattern Joshua Bloch unveiled in the second edition of Essential Java I use it all the bloody time. However, for entities that inherit from another complex entity, the pattern gets kind of ugly. I have blogged about this before....

Ken Rimple08/22/11
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Now you can choose ActiveRecord or Service/Repo for Roo 1.2

Check it out!  Now you can install services and repositories, and when you scaffold the project automatically generates calls to the service layer rather than to the Active Record pattern. I think personally it's a huge win for Roo to be able to support...

Mark Needham08/22/11
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Pain Driven Development

My colleague Pat Fornasier has been using an interesting spin on the idea of making decisions at the last responsible moment by encouraging our team to ‘feel the pain’ before introducing any constraint in our application. These are some of the...

Jay Fields08/22/11
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Clojure: Apply a Function To Each Value of a Map

I recently needed to update all of the values of map, and couldn't find an individual function in clojure.core that did the trick. Luckily, implementing an update-values function is actually very straightforward. The following function reduces the original...

kent tong08/22/11
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Revealing the Scala magician’s code: method vs function

How’s a method different from a function in Scala? A method can appear in an expression as an internal value (to be called with arguments) but it can’t be the final value, while a function can:

Alex Curylo08/22/11
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Socialize: The Social Layer SDK

Now this looks like a massive timesaver if you’ve got a project with community-building in mind; the AppMakr folks are making the community layer of their platform open and free to everyone it seems:

Gareth Rushgrove08/22/11
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A Continuous Deployment Example Setup

One of the reasons behind getting around to building Vagrantbox.es recently was I was giving a talk to a group of startups on The Difference Engine programme and I wanted to have an example project to demonstrate various things. I wanted to demonstrate...

Mats Lindh08/22/11
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Boosting By Date in Solr 1.4

One of the things introduced with Solr 1.4 is the ms() function for getting the number of milliseconds for a timestamp since the Unix epoch. This means that you can now write date boosts without having to resort to ord() or rord().

Mohan Ambalavanan08/22/11
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Method Chaining in POJO/DTO/JPA/Hibernate Persistence Objects

In recent years method chaining has become popular in the Java/JEE world. Frameworks that I am aware of, that have used Method Chaining effectively are, Hibernate/JPA,EasyMock/JMock and jQuery. jQuery has revolutionized the JavaScript world by using readable...

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Are Frameworks Making Developers Dumb?

Last week I got to take interviews to hire senior Java developers with around five years experience. But after the interview process was over I felt like that frameworks are making developers life easier, but at the same time making them dumb. Everyone...