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Juhani Lehtimaki09/07/11
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Why Android Smartphone Apps Aren't Ready for Tablets - Future Proofing your App

Google recently reintroduced "Featured for Tablets" category in the Android Market tablet client. While I'm happy that Google gives more publicity to tablet apps again I'd hope they would be more careful when selecting apps to feature.

Mats Lindh09/07/11
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SOLR: java.io.FileNotFoundException: no segments* file found

While playing around with one of my development SOLR installations (this time under Windows), I suddenly got a weird error message when feeding data to one of the fresh cores.   SEVERE: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.FileNotFoundException: no...

James Betteley09/07/11
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Build Versioning Strategy

Over the last few years I’ve followed a build versioning strategy of the following format: <Major Version>.<Release Version>.<Patch Number>.<Build ID> The use of decimal points allows us to implement an auto-incrementing strategy...

Stephen Forte09/06/11
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The AppStore Business Model is Dead

Back in January, I argued that AppStores are not necessary as mobile economics mature and start to mimic web economics. Why do I need to download Skype from the AppStore when I can just go to Skype.com and do the same?

Andrew Salvadore09/06/11
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Agile software development recommendations for users and new adopters

Let me begin by saying that I am an agile believer and as a team player I enjoy this methodology much more than the traditional waterfall methods. Agile is like a fashion these days. Its one of the buzz words, it's "cool"...and I think it...

Nick Watts09/06/11
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Some Thoughts on Integrating SoapUI Functional Tests with Your Build

The development team I’m a part of at Ohio Mutual Insurance Group is about to develop our own web services for the first time and I want to make sure we test them properly.

Martin Thompson09/06/11
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Processor Affinity - Part 1

In a series of articles I’ll aim to show the performance impact of processor affinity in a range of use cases. Background

Jens Schauder09/06/11
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Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 2: The Mother of All Things

In the first part of this little series I showed a simple test based on a simple data model. As we saw the code for the test wasn’t simple at all, but quite ugly. We started to fix that by moving out all the SessionFactory and Session handling stuff out...

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/06/11
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An idea for JPA regarding domain-driven design

JPA and domain-driven design don’t mix well. In fact, JPA “entities” are representatives of the anemic data model that Fowler warns against. I have already discussed DDD in the light of JPA and dependency injection, so I won’t go into much details...

Mylene Reiners09/06/11
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The Software IP Detective’s Handbook

The subject of this book is Software Intellectual Property, specifically software forensics. Intellectual Property (IP) refers to a “creation of the mind”, the result of someone's mental...

Patrick Debois09/06/11
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Damn Abstraction - Frameworks, ORM, Filesystems, VMs, etc.

In May 2011 I was asked to do a presentation at GotoCon CopenHagen. Unfortunately due to illness I had to cancel at the last moment. I hope to make up for it in October at GotoCon Aarhus The slides were already up on slideshare, but now I finally found the...

Andrew Salvadore09/05/11
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How the play framework test runner works

After working for a while with the play framework we had the need to write better integration tests. By better I mean easier to maintain. I like Selenium but there are re-usability and maintenance issues. Anyway without going any further into details I had...

Markus Eisele09/05/11
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Use Java 7! I am not kidding!

What a month for Java 7. Articles about the new features all over and just at the release day, Apache issued a warning, not to use Java. That's a big meal for the press and German based S&S Media caught up on that quickly (Java 7 Causes Headaches for...

Jens Schauder09/05/11
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Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 1: One to Rule them

Databases are an extremely important part of almost every enterprise application. Yet there is very little support for testing your database, which results in very little tests coverage of database related code out in the wild. In a desperate attempt to...

Max Katz09/05/11
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Practical RichFaces Book 2nd Edition Is Now Available

I’m very happy to announce that Practical RichFaces book (Apress) is now available. It’s a second edition (the first edition is here).