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Sylvain Leroy05/07/12
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Spring 3.1 Release and runtime exception with Logfactory

With the upgrade this morning of our applications to Spring 3.1.1-RELEASE, we obtained odd runtime exceptions :

Eric Genesky05/07/12
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Video: Max DeMarzi Presents An Example Graph Visualization with Processing.js

This video introduces Processing.js and follows up with an example visualization. Max also shows how this is connected to Neo4j via its REST API.

Mitch Pronschinske05/07/12
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BREAKING: Jury Finds Infringements in Oracle v. Google Copyright Case

The verdict for phase one of the Oracle v. Google trial has finally been read and what sources out of Twitter are saying indicate that some infringement was found on Google's end.

Giorgio Sironi05/07/12
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What is global state?

Globale state: it's everywhere, but its mutability is the real danger.

John Whish05/07/12
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How to Schedule MySQL Database Backups to Amazon S3

Usin cfexecute, this makes it possible to back up each database into a separate file and then upload to Amazon S3

Kai Wähner05/07/12
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Apache Camel Tutorial - EIP, Routes, Components, Testing, and More

Data exchanges between companies have increased a lot. The number of applications, which must be integrated is increasing, too. The interfaces use different technologies, protocols and data formats. This article gives an introduction to Apache Camel including several code examples.

Mitch Pronschinske05/07/12
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FarCry Solr Pro CMS Plugin

Looking for a Solr CMS plugin on par with the Drupal plugin? The FarCry Solr Pro plugin lets you use the power of Lucene (through Solr) to index and search your site. It goes above and beyond ColdFusion's native implementation of Solr.

James Betteley05/07/12
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Maven the Version Number Nazi

Maven doesn’t like it when you use different verison numbers to the Maven standard format. I’m not “Maven bashing”, it’s just that this particular problem doesn’t have quite the elegant solution I was looking for. I do appreciate Maven, honestly.

Jos Dirksen05/07/12
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Protect a REST service using HMAC (Play 2.0)

In this article I'll show you how you can implement this algorithm for a Play 2.0 based REST service. If you use a different technology the steps will be pretty much the same way though.

Fabrizio Giudici05/07/12
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First Smoke Test: NetBeans IDE 7.1.2 & Oracle JDK 7u4 for Mac OS X

In case you didn't notice it, Oracle has released the first JDK 7 for Mac OS X made under its own responsibility. This is a historic milestone as in the past decade Apple did the whole job of porting, after some previous poor attempts by Sun. Unfortunately,...

Blaise Doughan05/06/12
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Extending JAXB - Representing Metadata as JSON

Since MOXy has a JAXB model for its mapping document we were able to eat our own dog food, and now MOXy offers a JSON mapping document.

David Green05/06/12
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Effectiveness of Teams

Agile places an emphasis on the importance of the team.. But yet some research seems to suggest that individuals are more effective than teams.

Jos Dirksen05/06/12
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Protect a REST Service Using HMAC (Play 2.0)

When you talk about security for REST based APIs, people often point to HTTPS. When you, however, require an additional level of security, or HTTPS just isn't available, you need an alternative.

Martin Thompson05/06/12
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Invoke Interface Optimisations

I'm often asked about the performance differences between Java, C, and C++, and which is better. There are however a few tricks available to managed runtimes that can provide optimisation opportunities not available to statically optimised languages.

Tony Siciliani05/06/12
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Android Special Effects: Alpha Animation

An Alpha Animation is animation that controls the alpha level of an object, i.e. fading it  in and out. In Android, you can apply that fading effect to almost  anything, from simple text, to images, buttons, check boxes, etc... Android has a few classes that can help you add that special effect to your programs quite easily.