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Nicolas Frankel05/14/12
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Quick Evaluation of Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a lightweight client-side framework, that comes (among others) with pre-styled "components" and a standard layout. Both are completely configurable

Eric Genesky05/13/12
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Hey Java Devs, Here's How to Get Started on Windows Azure

This post provides both a useful walkthrough and useful links for the Java developer who is interested in trying out Microsoft's cloud service.

Willie Wheeler05/13/12
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Devops: What it is and Why you Should be Doing it

We’ll move past the fluffy characterization involving developers and operations working together joyously—not to mention the outright wrong characterization of one superrole that does it all—and get to the heart of what devops is really about.

Ben O' Day05/13/12
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Basic REST service in Apache CXF vs. Camel-CXF

This article demonstrates how to create/test a basic REST service in CXF vs. Camel-CXF. Given the range of configuration and deployment options, I'm focusing on building a basic OSGi bundle that can be deployed in Fuse 4.2 (ServiceMix)...basic knowledge of Maven, ServiceMix and Camel are assumed.

Spyros Doulgeridis05/13/12
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Search Properties Within Files Using Ant

The following example shows how to use Ant to search in a target directory, including and excluding files/dirs, each property key in label.properties. It produces a new file with the unused properties.

Roger Jennings05/13/12
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Uptime Report for my Live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project : April 2012

Roger Jennings continues to keep us updated on a cool ongoing Azure Table Services project.

Rob Williams05/13/12
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First Piece with Akka 2.0

I can see some good things in Scala, but I find the language feature rich and readability poor. The last, stupidest, most ridiculous reason to consider a new language is to decrease typing, so that‘s not a remote consideration.

Thomas Ferris N...05/13/12
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My Git Setup on Windows

As I was recently preparing for my Git on Windows talk, I naturally started tweaking the setup on Windows as well in the same direction, and I figured I'd share this setup.

Eric Genesky05/13/12
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New Tool-Building APIs for Force.com

With the CloudStock 2012 conference on San Francisco's horizon, we'll be releasing a series of interviews with a few cool developers over the next week. First up is Taggart Matthiesen, who has worked on both consultation and implementation in the software/application space for 12 years.

Partha Bhattacharjee05/13/12
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Categorize tests to reduce build time.

In Agile programming, one of the basic concepts is to run unit tests every once in a while (multiple times in a day on developer boxes) and enforce the integration tests to run once a day (on continuous integration server rather than on developer boxes).

Paul Hammant05/13/12
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Application Development Glass Ceilings

Sometimes in app-dev we’re using technologies that have a delayed cost. Simple to use now, but with shortcomings that mean that later features might be much harder to add. The term ‘Glass Ceilings’ (whilst classically meaning something else) seems to apply here.

Eric Minick05/12/12
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uDeploy Built-in Properties Run-Down

A few folks suggested to me that a bit more information on the built-in properties and property scoping for uDeploy would be handy. Message received, and we’ll flesh out the documentation on that front. In the meantime, here’s a quick list of the automaticly available properties.

Chad Lung05/12/12
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Working With Node.js and Redis

In my previous post I showed you how to install and use Redis with Node.js. Today I’m going to take that a step further and walk through some of the things you can do with node_redis using Redis’s TTL and EXPIRE commands.

Chad Davis05/12/12
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The Hidden Cost of Outsourcing Software: Software Intelligence

As everyone knows, time in the world of software passes very quickly when compared to other aspects of business. So, in the last ten years, the way many companies handle their software needs has seen drastic change.

Mitch Pronschinske05/12/12
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Hadoop, Mahout, R and Lucene/Solr on One Cloud Platform

Some more cool news has come out of this week's Lucene Revolution conference related to their theme of 'Solr's not just for search, it's for analytics. In addition to their Solr-as-a-Service cloud search platform, which is basically LucidWorks Enterprise on the cloud, Lucid Imagination has now announced the beta release of LucidWorks Big Data.