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Felix Dahlke03/18/12
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The Mustache Way

Mustache is my favourite template engine. It’s the only one I know that tries to keep logic out. There is a wee bit of logic, but just the bits without which it wouldn’t make sense to use it.

Blaise Doughan03/18/12
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Client Side MOXy JSON Binding Explained

Recently I posted how to leverage EclipseLink JAXB (MOXy)'s JSON binding to create a RESTful service. In this post I will demonstrate how easy it is to take advantage of MOXy's JSON binding on the client side.

Jose Asuncion03/18/12
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The Apriori Algorithm

The Apriori algorithm is a basic method for finding frequent itemsets. The latter is used to generate association rules with high confidence and high interest. Here is my summary of it along with a running example. The following set of baskets will be used:

Cristian Lungu03/18/12
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A Java Enum Puzzler

Take a look at the following puzzler. You need to consider the order of the static initialization, the order of constructor calling and the way that the enum object is representated in Java.

Carlos Sanchez03/18/12
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Infrastructure as Code - The Key to DevOps

It's true that DevOps is not about the tools in the same way that agile is not about the tools either, it’s a set of ideas, concepts, best practices,… but there is agreement that tools that allow us to deal with infrastructure as code are key on implementing DevOps concepts.

Carlo Scarioni03/18/12
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Hadoop Basics - Creating a MapReduce Program

To explain Hadoop this let's create a sample MapReduce application. The program will be completely contained in one unique Java file. This application will take different dictionaries of english to other languages (English-Spanish) (English-Italian)(English-French) and create a Dictionary file that has the english word followed by all the translations pipe-separated.

Max De Marzi03/17/12
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Java Network/Graph/Data Mining Algorithm 'Arsenal' on Neo4j: Part 2

De Marzi continues his series on Neo4j with the Java Universal Network/Graph Framework(JUNG).

Michael Mainguy03/17/12
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Run your enterprise like a startup

I've worked in a variety of companies and I notice an interesting phenomena -- It seems that the capabilities of individual programmers in companies are inversely purportional to the size on the company

Sandeep Bhandari03/17/12
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Java Anagram Buster

A typical programming question, that you might find in an interview situation, is how to solve whether two strings are anagrams or not. Here's how I did it using Java.

Mark Needham03/16/12
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Running hg push to Google Code

I thought I’d then be able to just push a change from my Mercurial repository using my Google user name and password but instead ended up with the following error

Roger Hughes03/16/12
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Integrating Spring Into Legacy Applications

One of the things that all Spring developers like to do is to shoehorn Spring into any application they work on - it’s one of my guilty pleasures in life: you see some code, think it’s rubbish because it contains several well known anti-patterns and then think how cool it would be if this app was a Spring app.

Scott Leberknight03/16/12
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Getting Started with "Blur" - Search on Top of Hadoop and Lucene.

Blur is a new Apache 2.0 licensed software project that provides a search capability built on top of Hadoop and Lucene. Elastic Search and Solr already exist so why build something new? While these projects work well, they didn't have a solid integration with the Hadoop ecosystem. Let's dive in to Blur...

Sandeep Bhandari03/16/12
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Marker Interfaces in Java

Marker Interfaces in Java have special significance because of the fact that they have no methods declared in them which means that the classes implementing these interfaces don't have to override any of the methods. A few of the marker interfaces already exist in the JDK like Serializable and Cloneable.

Kelvin Tan03/16/12
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Using Guava's Multimap to Improve Solr's Autocomplete Suggester

Context-less, multi-term autocomplete is difficult. Guava's Multimap is perfect for this, and Solr already has a Guava dependency, so we might as well make full use of it.

James Carr03/16/12
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Deploying an Artifact to the Local Cache in Gradle

One question that came up a couple times this week is how to set gradle up to deploy jars locally. I’m still a fan of deploying snapshots from feature branches but luckily you can do a local publish and resolve with gradle