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Wayne Adams10/17/11
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JDI: three ways to attach to a Java process

If you've looked at my recent posts, you know I'm working on a plugin for VisualVM, a very useful tool supplied with the JDK. In one example, I showed how to attach to a waiting Java application using a socket-based AttachingConnector. At that time I...

Markus Eisele10/17/11
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The Heroes of Java: Fabiane Bizinella Nardon

The fourth part in my Java interview series: "The Heroes of Java". Fabiane Bizinella Nardon

Jakub Holý10/17/11
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hasProperty, the Hidden Gem of Hamcrest (and assertThat)

If you got used to JUnit 4′s assertThat with various matchers (of course you will need junit-dep.jar and hamcrest.jar to get the full set instead of the small subset integrated in junit.jar), make sure you don’t overlook the matcher hasProperty. It is...

Taha Siddiqi10/17/11
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Tapestry Linkedin

Continuing from the Tweeting post and Facebook post, lets us extend the OAuth Service to enable us to update status on Linkedin. We start by creating LinkedinService So here is the Linkedin service

Attila-mihaly Balazs10/17/11
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Reasons to call .isEmpty on collections

I’ve seen many times code like the one below:if (collection.size() > 0) { ... } There is just something which inherently “clicks” with most programmers minds when they think “non-empty”. There is however a method which is more appropriate in...

Mitch Pronschinske10/17/11
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Don't Worry, There are Plenty of Java People at DevOps Conferences

One of our honored MVBs, Patrick Debois, organized the DevOps Days conference in Goteborg this weekend, and I found a really great perspective blog by Simon McCartney—a Java developer who was worried that he might be the only guy not running a Ruby or...

Mitch Pronschinske10/17/11
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Why You Shouldn't Have to Deploy Overnight

Are you still doing deployments at 3:00am?  If you are, you should have taken a look at Brian Crescimanno's post: "Why are you still deploying overnight?"

Mitch Pronschinske10/17/11
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HTML5 Jobs Up, Flash Down

A report by freelancer.com shows some interesting web development job trends for Q3 2011:

Grant Ingersoll10/17/11
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Mahout in Action Review

You know your (technical) baby is (almost) grown up when the book on the project finally comes out.  Such is the case for Apache Mahout, thanks to Manning Publications shipping Mahout in Action this week.   So, before I start into my review, let me first...

Kai Wähner10/17/11
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Book Review “Cloud Computing Architected – Solution Design Handbook” by John Rhoton and Risto Haukioja

“Cloud Computing Architected – Solution Design Handbook” by John Rhoton and Risto Haukioja was published by Recursive Press in May 2011. This book is a great addition to other books about...

Gareth Rushgrove10/17/11
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Devops Twitter Aggregator

I’ve been hacking on appengine again and have thrown up a simple twitter aggregator for devops. It’s again based on TwitterEngine with an increasing number of additions and changes.

Ken Rimple10/17/11
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Webflow on Grails and jQuery UI with Grails at the Philly on Grails User Group Meeting

Today Jason Gritman @gritman and Bob Rodini had a Philly Grails meeting at Chariot Solutions.

Nicolas Frankel10/16/11
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Simplest Push

When I began working more than 10 years ago, I expected push technologies from web (or application) servers. I was very disappointed when I realized that, no, there weren’t such things.

Peter Pilgrim10/16/11
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Progressive JavaFX Custom Components

I have completed all three of my Progressive JavaFX 2.0 talks in California, at JavaOne 2011, Silicon Valley Code Camp at Foothills College and Silicon Valley JavaFX User Group at Oracle Conference Center.

Tim O'brien10/16/11
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Avoid Lawyers — Track Your Licenses

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been involved in a contentious intellectual property dispute.   (Ok, put your hand down, this is a blog, and I can’t see you.)   I asked a room full of developers this question last year, and I saw that about 5-10% of...