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James Sugrue05/16/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Needles In the Haystack

By now you should be familiar with our Thursday Code Puzzler slot. The idea is simple: solve the coding problem as efficiently as you can, in any language or framework that you think is suitable.

Chas Emerick05/16/12
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Starting Clojure

I’ve wanted to put together a long-form introductory Clojure screencast for some time. I had an opportunity to do this in grand style yesterday in a live O’Reilly webcast

Dustin Marx05/16/12
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JavaFX-Based SimpleDateFormat Demonstrator

One of the things that can be a little tricky for developers new to Java or even for experienced Java developers new to formatting with Java Dates, is the specification of a date/time format using SimpleDateFormat.

Juhani Lehtimaki05/16/12
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Android Action Bar Style Generator

Jeff Gilfelt (@readyState, http://jeffgilfelt.com/) just released a brilliant new tool for generating Android action bar styles. The online tool supports generating action bar styles for Android vanilla action bar as well as for ActionBarSherlock.

James Sugrue05/16/12
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Judge Alsup Doesn't Listen to Atwood: Learns to Code

The latest news in the Oracle v Google courtroom drama is that developer Judge Alsup has been coding Java in his spare time - maybe Google should have hired him to write those bits of code that got them into this mess.

Willie Wheeler05/16/12
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Why I'm Excited About Using Neo4j for a CMDB Backend

Willie Wheeler's Zkybase is an effort at an open source configuration management tool - here's how he came to the conclusion that Neo4j would improve the backend.

Roger Hughes05/16/12
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The Pitfalls of Naming Classes

Given all the fudging and laxness in the English language, it’s not surprising that classes are sometimes badly named, so are there any techniques that can be used to create meaningful names?

Willie Wheeler05/16/12
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Devops: How NOT to Collect Configuration Management Data

In this article we’re going to step away from the keyboard and get architectural. But no ivory towers here. I’m going to give you something that will get you out of lots of pointless meetings. Got your attention yet? Good!

Pierre - Hugues...05/15/12
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High CPU Troubleshooting Guide

Before pulling the trigger and shutdown your Java VM process, ask yourself the following question: do I have all the data available to perform a root cause analysis post restart?

Ben O' Day05/15/12
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Creating A Custom Camel Component

While Camel supports an ever growing number of components, you might have a need to create a custom component. This could be to either promote reuse across projects, customize an existing component or provide a simplified interface to an existing system. Whatever the reason, here is an overview of the options that are available within the Camel framework...

Dustin Marx05/15/12
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Specifying Appropriate NetBeans JDK Source Release

NetBeans uses its projects' settings for javac.source (and javac.target) in more ways than simply enforcing javac's use of the -source and -target. In this post, I look at some of the numerous benefits of appropriately setting the Java release source level in NetBeans.

Stoimen Popov05/15/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Karatsuba Fast Multiplication

Typically multiplying two n-digit numbers require n2 multiplications. That is actually how we, humans, multiply numbers. Let’s take a look of an example in case we’ve to multiply two 2-digit numbers. . .

Nick Watts05/15/12
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Filtering FindBugs Reports by Rank

I’ve been messing with the FindBugs Ant task today to incorporate it into my company’s automated build for a JEE application. One task I wanted to do was filter the bug report by rank.

Michael Mccandless05/15/12
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Finite State Automata in Lucene

Lucene Revolution 2012 is now done, and the talk Robert and I gave went well! We showed how we are using automata (FSAs and FSTs) to make great improvements throughout Lucene.

Ricardo Zuasti05/15/12
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Web Development Frameworks: Play Framework 2.0

If you are a Java developer (I infer it’s the same for Scala skilled devs) it’s really, really simple to get going with Play. It took me less than a day’s work to feel at home with the framework, and all my Java skills felt like still available and empowering what I was doing.