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John Dobie10/29/11
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A Free EC2 Cloud Server With Ubuntu, Jenkins And Sonar.

IntroductionThis example shows you how to create a free Amazon EC2 cloud based continuous integration and testing environment on Ubuntu.  This is a low power server but it is useful for infrequent use. I personally tend to recommend Cloudbees,  but this is...

Grant Ingersoll10/29/11
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Video: Search + Big Data: It's (still) All About the User

Thanks in no small part to Lucene, quality keyword search is easily obtainable. Likewise, tools like Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem have made it easier to store and process large quantities of data.

Mark Needham10/28/11
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Gaming the system: Some project examples

Earlier this year Liz Keogh gave a talk at QCon London titled ‘Learning and Perverse Incentives: The Evil Hat‘ where she eventually encouraged people to try and game the systems that they take part in. Over the last month or so we’ve had two different...

Chad Lung10/28/11
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Reading an ATOM feed using Apache Abdera and Java

Today I’ll show you how to read an ATOM feed using Apache Abdera with Java. I’m going to be using Atom Hopper as the ATOMPub server and you can check out my previous articles on how to get it running.

Eugen Paraschiv10/28/11
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Bootstrapping a web application with Spring 3.1 and Java based Configuration, part 1

1. OverviewThis is the first of a series of posts about setting up a RESTfull web application using Spring 3.1 with Java based configuration. The post will focus on bootstrapping the web application, discussing how to make the jump from XML to Java without...

David Fishman10/28/11
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Hadoop lets you store everything; with Lucene/Solr and more

This month’s Wired Magazine features a story on the roots of Hadoop at Yahoo and the three companies vying to drive its commercial frontiers farther forward faster: Hortonworks (Apache Lucene Eurocon Barcelona Keynote Video now available, see below),...

Mitch Pronschinske10/28/11
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Solr and Hadoop 'HUG' it Out

This talk on using Hadoop and Solr together for a NoSQL-like result was given by Ken Krugler, a friend of DZone who wrote the amazingly popular article, Solr +...

James Sugrue10/28/11
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Meet The Author: Learning Vaadin

Vaadin is one of the most popular Java web frameworks around these days, so a book aimed at beginners is bound to be welcomed. DZone MVB, Nicolas Frankel, has just written  Learning Vaadin aimed at this audience. I spoke with Nicolas to find out more about...

Axel Rauschmayer10/28/11
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Mobile apps – dead within three years?

On 2011-09-08, Seth Sternberg, CEO of Meebo made a bold prediction: Prediction: Mobile apps are dead in 3 yrs - mobile web wins. Faster cloud connection and faster chips. PCs all over again. Implications?

Niklas Schlimm10/27/11
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Threading stories: volatile and synchronized

In my last blog about the volatile modifier I have introduced a little program that illustrates the behaviour of volatile in a Java 6 (26) Hotspot VM. Since that day I had some interesting discussions that I wanted to share in this blog. It adds another...

Wayne Adams10/27/11
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Haskell From an OO Developer's Perspective, Part 1

I'm learning Haskell by following O'Sullivan, Goerzen and Stewart's Real World Haskell. I've been writing object-oriented code for well over half my career as a developer, and there are things about functional programming that really stand out to me...

Roger Hughes10/27/11
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Everybody Knows About MVC...

From a recent blog, you may have gathered that I’ve recently been conducting some interviews and as they were for web application developers a question I asked was “can you explain what the MVC pattern is?”, and to their credit, every candidate knew...

Chas Emerick10/27/11
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Enabling rich(er) interactions in the Clojure REPL

I love the Clojure REPL.  I’ve never been more productive in any other environment.  In particular, I happen to like the REPL and general development experience provided by Counterclockwise, the Eclipse Clojure plugin.

Bozhidar Bozhanov10/27/11
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Avoid Lazy JPA Collections

  Hibernate (and actually JPA) has collection mappings: @OneToMany, @ManyToMany, @ElementCollection. All of these are by default lazy. This means the collections are specific implementations of the List or Set interface...

Mitch Pronschinske10/27/11
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Poll: HTML5 Turns 5! What Features Have You Used?

Happy Birthday HTML5!Yes, I'd say that the 5-year anniversary of the blog post "Reinventing HTML" by Tim Berners-Lee counts as the birthday for the HTML5 working group and standard.  In 2006 the Berners-Lee...