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Nick Watts12/05/11
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The Language of Computer Science: Algorithm

Like many software developers, I think it’s interesting to know at least something of the history of computer science. Programming languages, for one, offer up genuinely intriguing tales when the history of their making is told. But there are programming...

Niklas Schlimm12/05/11
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Java 7: Project Coin in code examples

This blog introduces - by code examples - some new Java 7 features summarized under the term Project Coin. The goal of Project Coin is to add a set of small language changes to JDK 7. These changes do simplify the Java language syntax. Less typing, cleaner...

Jason Baldridge12/05/11
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First steps in Scala for first time programmers, Part 1

The is the first of several Scala tutorials I’m creating for my Fall 2011 graduate Introduction to Computational Linguistics course at UT Austin, loosely based on similar tutorials that Katrin Erk created for teaching Python in a similar course. These...

Gunnar Hillert12/05/11
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HTML5 WebSockets for JVM Developers

Anything related around HTML5 seems to be a hot button topic these days and lucky for me that I got an opportunity to take a deep dive into WebSockets. Thus, I will use this blog to post my findings over the next few days and I will present some simple...

Mitch Pronschinske12/05/11
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DevOps Tweets of the Week - 12/5

After the quiet Thanksgiving holiday week here in the States, the the DevOps community on twitter is buzzing again.  More fun and interesting tweets have been compiled once again. Here are some of the best tweets I found from last week. ...

Nuno Job12/04/11
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CouchDB in the Browser vs. Indexed Database API

There's something fundamentally wrong with the way we do browser apps in javascript which can be described in a single sentence: You can't use a local database. Or a local search engine. Even if you try to build your own abstractions you will never be...

Mitch Pronschinske12/04/11
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HA Puppetmaster At (Mt) Media Temple

Sharif Nassar: In this talk I will cover the design and setup of a high availability puppetmaster setup both for redundancy and scaling.See our HA puppetmaster...

Roger Hughes12/04/11
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More on Creating Stubs for Legacy Code - Testing Techniques 7

In my last blog, I talked about dealing with the badly behaved untestable1 SitePropertiesManager class and how to create stubs by extracting an interface.

Markus Eisele12/04/11
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The Heroes of Java: Eberhard Wolff

The eighth part in my Java interview series: "The Heroes of Java". Eberhard Wolff

Robin Bramley12/04/11
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From the trenches - Troubleshooting Solr implementations

We were recently assisting a leading UK media publisher with a search relevancy issue. The powerful Apache Solr search service was utilised by their e-commerce package but their implementation suffered from a few common problems. On top of this were some...

Mitch Pronschinske12/03/11
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DevOps & IBM

The practices and technologies of DevOps have begun to spread into what I'd call "the mainstream," which is fantastic: DevOps has a lot to offer ...

Carey Flichel12/03/11
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Ignoring Self-Signed Certificates in Java

A problem that I’ve hit a few times in my career is that we sometimes want to allow self-signed certificates for development or testing purposes. A quick Google search shows the trouble that countless Java developers have run into over the years....

Blaise Doughan12/03/11
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JAXB and Namespace Prefixes

In a previous post I covered how to use namespace qualification with JAXB.  In this post I will cover how to control the prefixes that are used.  This is not covered in the JAXB (JSR-222) specification but I will demonstrate the extensions available in...

Pablo Pareja Tobes12/03/11
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Bio4jExplorer: familiarize yourself with Bio4j nodes and relationships

In October I uploaded a new tool aimed to be used both as a reference manual and initial contact for Bio4j domain model: Bio4jExplorer Bio4jExplorer allows you to: