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Bhaskar Sunkara12/22/10
6 replies

Three Common Application Performance Challenges for Developers

Java is a great language. It manages memory for you, teaches us about object-oriented programming, and makes us better coders as we use it. Plus, it really is a ‘write once, run anywhere’ language. Nonetheless, Java applications can run into a few...

James Sugrue12/22/10
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JavaEE Developer Survey Results From ZeroTurnaround

ZeroTurnaround have published the latest version of their developer survey, from a total of 1027 participants. Here are some of the highlights from the resuts of the survey. I always thought that by still using Ant, I was in the minority, with most people...

Mark Needham12/22/10
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Bugs: Prioritising by Bucket

At a lot of organisations that I've worked there is a tendency to prioritise bugs by a priority bucket. We might therefore have priority buckets 1-4 where the bucket number indicates how important the bug is to fix and then any buckets ranked below 4 would...

Gilbert Herschberger12/22/10
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Running HTTPPreview on Port 8000

As you may know, Tomcat listens to port 8080 by default. And so does HTTPPreview and J2EEPreview. So how do you run HTTPPreview and Tomcat at the same time?

Wayne Adams12/22/10
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Java SE Endpoints and Providers

Recently I had a repeat of a problem I was unable to solve the first time I encountered it.

Cedric Beust12/21/10
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Rooting for the dream

MG Siegler’s posts on Techcrunch are the running joke of the blogosphere, but for some reason, his latest article just prompted me to react. And that quickly changed to $199 phones subsidized by carriers. In other words, nothing changed.

Michael Norton12/21/10
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What are you rewarding? - We don't pay bonuses

It is nearing the end of the year and we at LeanDog are wrapping up our fiscal year. We're looking at the potential tax benefits of spending some of our reserve and we're mulling over other ideas related to the spend of money. We are not, however,...

Dele Sikuade12/21/10
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Project Managers: The Enemy Within?

They huddle in a corner, hunched over the Gantt chart you just handed out, muttering darkly.  Only the occasional, quick glance in your direction betrays that you are the subject of their reproach.  You sigh and for a moment are tempted to bat for your...

Avi Yehuda12/21/10
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Android – Multithreading in a UI environment

Why do we need multithreading in Android applications? Let’s say you want to do a very long operation when the user pushes a button. If you are not using another thread, it will look something like...

James Sugrue12/21/10
3 replies

What Are the Next Big Things In Open Source?

Last week, SDTimes compiled a list of the five next big things in open source. I'd like to hear what you think are the open source technologies to watch in 2011.

Debasish Ghosh12/21/10
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DSLs In Action is Out

It all started with a mail from Christina of Manning expressing their interest in publishing a book on building parsers in Scala. She mentioned that they have come across a blog post of mine titled External DSLs made easy with Scala Parser Combinators and...

Yaozong Zhu12/21/10
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Domain Objects and Their Variants

I read "Domain Object Dependency Injection with Spring" the other day. Actually, what interested me were those comments about the concepts and patterns around "Domain Object". I had been always confused about those buzzwords related to...

Mohammed Amine Tazi12/21/10
5 replies

Enjoy Hibernate Cache

Hibernate is a well-know persistence framework in the  Java world, it comes with a wonderful API to ease application communication with the database. Caching is a mechanism that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster....

Vincent Partington12/21/10
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Deployment Automation vs. Server Provisioning

In my two previous blogs I compared deployment automation to build automation and release management automation respectively. Build automation tools automate the building of software while deployment automation focuses on deploying the software after it has...

Mitch Pronschinske12/20/10
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What's new in JPA 2.0?

Wouldn't you like to know?  Check out this week's refcard for a look at the big changes in JPA 2.0.