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Tony Russell-rose01/25/12
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A Taxonomy of Enterprise Search and Discovery

It's time to brush up on your understanding of various search scenarious in the human-information seeking process.  This this paper from EuroHCIR 2011 should provide some excellent research to think about.  It’s also available in pdf form from the HCIR...

Mark Needham01/25/12
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Developer Machine Automation: Dependencies

As I mentioned in a post last week we’ve been automating the setup of our developer machines with puppet over the last week and one thing that we’ve learnt is that you need to be careful about how you define dependencies. The aim is to get your scripts...

Michael Mainguy01/25/12
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Should I use MongoDB, CouchDB, or Redis?

In the current nosql fervor, there is an important distinction that seems to get missed repeatedly. There are two (OK three) really important factors that these tools use to distinguish themselves and many people completely miss the point.

Gunnar Hillert01/25/12
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Sonar and Gradle Multi-Module Projects

I love Sonar. It is a wonderful way to collect some metrics for your Java projects - hassle-free and wrapped in a sweet-looking UI.  For Maven-based projects Sonar literally works out of the box. Just start up your Sonar instance (assuming you are using...

Jens Schauder01/25/12
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Tips for Testing Database Code

Almost everybody understands that source code belongs in version control. Many people understand we need to test our code. Quite a few do that automatically. But everything seems to change when it comes to databases. A lot of stuff in and around databases...

Jakub Holý01/25/12
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Visualize Maven Project Dependencies with dependency:tree and Dot Diagram Output

The dependency:tree goal of the Maven plugin dependency supports various graphical outputs from the version 2.4 up. This is how you would create a diagram showing all dependencies in the com.example group in the dot format:

Adam Warski01/25/12
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ElasticMQ 0.2 – support for delayed queues and messages

I just released version 0.2 of ElasticMQ – a simple message queue system, which implements the Amazon SQS interface. Ideal if you want to test a service which uses SQS, or create a system which can leverage either the AWS infrastructure or run...

Dustin Marx01/25/12
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NetBeans IDE 7.1's Unused Assignment and Dead Branch Hints

One of the new code hints provided by NetBeans 7.1 is the Unused Assignment hint. A simple code sample that will cause this hint to be displayed in NetBeans 7.1 is shown next.

James Betteley01/24/12
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Top DZone Article of 2011 - 10 Mistakes That Software Team Leads Make

Roy Osherovehttp://5whys.com/@royosherove “Ten Mistakes” (as I shall now call it because I’m too lazy to keep typing the whole title), was a talk by Roy Osherove which I went to at Skills Matter. He basically takes us through ten common mistakes he...

Jim Bird01/24/12
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Agile Before There Was Agile: Egoless Programming and Step-by-Step

Two key ideas underlying modern Agile development practices. First, that work can be done more effectively by Whole Teams in which people work together collaboratively to design and build systems. They share code, the review each other’s work, they share...

Rafał Kuć01/24/12
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Using Solr 3.5's Document Language Identification

One of the functionality of the latest Solr version (3.5) is the ability to identify the language of the document during its indexation. In todays entry we will see how Apache Solr work together with Apache Tika to identify the language of the...

Stoimen Popov01/24/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Data Compression with Diagram Encoding and Pattern Substitution

Two variants of run-length encoding are the diagram encoding and the pattern substitution algorithms. The diagram encoding is actually a very simple algorithm.

Chris Hostetter01/24/12
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Use Prefix Operators instead of Boolean Operators

The following is written with Solr users in mind, but the principles apply to Lucene users as well.

Max De Marzi01/24/12
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Graph Visualization and Neo4j

So far we’ve learned how to get Neo4j up and running with Neography, how to find friends of friends and degrees of separation with the Neo4j REST API and a little bit of the

Toni Epple01/24/12
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NetBeans IDE 7.1 Review: NetBeans Platform Support

NetBeans IDE 7.1 adds JavaFX 2.0 Support (see my review of that) and a lot of new features and improvements including improvements to the NetBeans Platform itself. The NetBeans Platform is an application framework that can be used as a stable basis for mostly...