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Jim Bird05/21/12
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Software Development Metrics that Matter

How can we get better, or know that we need to get better, or know if we are getting better, if we can’t or don’t measure something? How can we tell if a new approach is helping, or make a business case for more people or a rewrite, or even justify our existing costs in hard times, without proof?

René Pickhardt05/21/12
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Typology: Award-Winning Neo4j Smartphone Text Predictor

Typology is a project supervised by Rene Pickhardt; it recently won a couple awards at the German federal competition of young scientists.

Mitch Pronschinske05/21/12
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Hadoop MapReducers in .NET - Making C# and VB First Class Citizens in Hadoop

Why would anyone want to build Hadoop MapReducers in .NET? For one, Hadoop is a Java tool and JNBridge thinks they've found a way to make .NET a first class citizen by using their .NET to Java interop technology.

Dustin Marx05/21/12
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NetBeans Usability Tips

As advanced as modern IDEs are, they all still have their own quirks and each seems better and easier to use when one understands some key tips (or "tricks") to using that IDE more efficiently. In this post, I look at some tips I have found useful when using NetBeans.

Sebastián Open05/21/12
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Deploying Play Framework 2 apps, with Java AND Scala, to Openshift

In this screencast we will see a step-by-step tutorial showing how to develop a basic contact manager application, using Play Framework 2, combining Java AND Scala in the same application. Then we will deploy it on Openshift, Red Hat's PaaS (Platform as a Service) cloud platform.

Mitch Pronschinske05/21/12
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Search is Not Enough: Using Solr for Analytics

Steve Kearns will discuss and demonstrate how the combination of structured data, text analytics on unstructured data, and Solr can be used to power advanced analytics applications at scale.

Christian Posta05/20/12
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Understanding How OSGI Bundles Get Resolved: Part I

I’d like to review how OSGI bundles get resolved and use Apache Karaf to demonstrate. For part one, I will discuss how bundles are resolved by an OSGI framework.

James Betteley05/20/12
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7 Application Deployment Best Practices

I think there are a handful of best practices for application deployments which can pretty much extend across almost all applications, certainly all the ones we were talking about. Here are some of what I would define as best practices for application deployments.

Clint Edmonson05/20/12
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Six0Run Software Manages Athletic Talent with Windows Azure

An interesting case study of how a St. Louis startup got into the big business of college athletics talent management using Windows Azure's cloud solutions.

Carlo Scarioni05/20/12
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Creating a Custom Spring 3 XML Namespace

For me historically maybe the least approachable part of the Spring Framework is the system to define custom XML schemas to use in the configuration files for defining beans

Henri Bergius05/20/12
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Business Analytics with CouchDB and NoFlo

Business analytics is intended to help owners make decisions based on a company's information system; here's one way to develop such a system.

Stoimen Popov05/20/12
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Computer Algorithms: Karatsuba Fast Multiplication

Typically multiplying two n-digit numbers require n2 multiplications. That is actually how we, humans, multiply numbers. Let’s take a look of an example in case we’ve to multiply two 2-digit numbers.

Jos Dirksen05/20/12
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Access WSO2 Registry Programatically

When you have many services it is a good thing to register them somewhere so your consumers can easily find them, see what they are about, determine whether the service levels are good enough

Bozhidar Bozhanov05/20/12
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ORM Haters Don't Get It

I’ve seen tons of articles and comments (especially comments) that tell us how bad, crappy and wrong is the concept of ORM (object-relational mapping). Here are the usual claims, and my comments to them:

Nicolas Frankel05/20/12
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EJB3 façade over Spring services

I decided to use Spring services in their fullest, but to put them behind a EJB3 façade. That may seem strange but I think that I get the best of both world: EJB3 skills are kept at a bare minimum (transactions will be managed by Spring), while the technology gets me directly through the reverse-proxy. I'm open for suggestions and arguments toward such and such solutions given the above factors, but the quicker the better :-)