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Mike Dirolf12/27/11
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MongoDB Performance Tuning and Scalability

This post was a live blog from the recent MongoSV conference.  Here’s a link to the entire series of posts. Kenny is getting started, talking about performance tuning based on experience at Shutterfly. They have 8 MongoDB clusters in production with ~30...

Giorgio Sironi12/27/11
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Clojure libraries and builds with Leiningen

Leiningen is an automation tool for Clojure projects: while you could in theory continue to use Ant and Maven directly to download JARs dependencies and to run tasks such as the project's test suite, Leiningen allows you to write just Clojure code, and...

Jason Baldridge12/27/11
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First steps in Scala for beginning programmers, Part 3

This is part 3 of tutorials for first-time programmers getting into Scala. Other posts are on this blog, and you can get links to those and other resources on the links page of the Computational Linguistics course I’m creating these for.

Chad Lung12/27/11
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Java Servlet 3.0 Tutorial: WebServlet Annotations with NetBeans 7, Jetty and Maven

Java Servlet 3.0 has been officially released for a while now. Today I’ll show you one of the new features: WebServlet Annotations. I’ll be using Netbeans 7 with Jetty and Maven to build and run the demo code.

David Green12/27/11
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Shame driven development

I always aspire to write well-crafted code. During my day job, where all production code is paired on, I think our quality is pretty high. But it’s amazing how easy you forgive yourself and slip into bad habits while coding alone. Is shame the driving...

Mike Ensor12/27/11
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Maven's WAR Overlay: What are WAR Overlays?

What is a WAR overlay?def: Overlays are used to share common resources across multiple web applications. The dependencies of a WAR project are collected in WEB-INF/lib, except for WAR artifacts which are overlayed on to the WAR project itself....

Alex Staveley12/27/11
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Consistent Hashing

Consistent Hashing is a clever algorithm that is used in high volume caching architectures where scaling and availability are important. It is used in many high end web architectures for example: Amazon's Dynamo.  Let me try and explain it! Firstly let's...

Toni Epple12/26/11
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Creating a DateChooser Control with JavaFX 2.0

I must admit I finally came to like JavaFX. The game changer was that JavaFX 2.0 offers a path of adoption for Swing developers. I especially like the fact that it's easy to style the JavaFX user interface via CSS. And, even if you create custom controls, you...

René Pickhardt12/26/11
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Neo4j Graph Database vs MySQL

For my social news stream application I am heavily thinking about the right software to support my backend. After I designed a database model in MySQL I talked back to Jonas and he suggested to search for a better suiting technology. A little bit of...

Daniel Doubrovkine12/26/11
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CIJoe: Jenkins CI

We’ve switched from CIJoe to Jenkins. I guess we’ve “graduated” to Jenkins, but in retrospect we should have just used that in the first place. I think CIJoe is fine, we did thousands of builds with it, thank you CIJoe. But it’s actually easier...

Mitch Pronschinske12/26/11
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Solr Stump the Chump

Do you have a tough problem with your Solr application? Facing challenges that you'd like some advice on? Looking for new approaches to overcome a Solr issue?...

Michael Mainguy12/26/11
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Two factor developer personality type scoring

I was recently sitting through a technical discussion and was thinking about how different people were reacting to the information in the presentation. From this I started to think about how a two pairs of related factors seem to influence how people...

Dustin Marx12/26/11
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Immutable Collections, Guava-Style

My general preference is to use immutable classes and collections as often as possible.

Mitch Pronschinske12/26/11
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DevOps Tweets of the Week - 12/26

Merry DevOps holidays to you all!  DZone brought you some funny and interesting tweets as a present!@jpoesen: Joery PoesenEvery time you postpone automating dev environment creation, it bites you in the ass. Every. Single. Time. #devops

Mitch Pronschinske12/25/11
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Clustered Services With Apache Whirr: From Dev Up

Apache Whirr is an incubator project focused on simplifying management of distributed services such as Hadoop, ElasticSearch, and Cassandra. Using Whirr,...