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Mitch Pronschinske05/29/12
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DZone 2012 Community Survey - Gift Cards up for Grabs!

Each year we like to pick your brain to help us make things even better at DZone, and in return we are offering up one $100 and two $50 Amazon gift cards to randomly selected DZone members who respond to our annual survey.

Geertjan Wielenga05/29/12
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Beefed Up Code Navigation Tools in NetBeans IDE 7.2

A powerful yet subtle feature of NetBeans IDE 7.2 is the significantly enhanced search functionality that this release provides. Of course, the NetBeans IDE 7.2 performance boost itself can also be considered to be relevant in the context of searching, since...

Kief Morris05/28/12
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The Build Monkey Antipattern

A common pattern in software development teams is to have a person who owns the build system. While it’s normal for some team members to have a deeper understanding of these things than others, it’s not a good idea for the knowledge and responsibility for the build to become overly concentrated in one person.

Łukasz Budnik05/28/12
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Two Way Communication in JMS

Today I will debunk quite a popular myth about one way only communication in JMS and I will achieve two way communication in JMS.

Chad Lung05/28/12
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The Speed Race Is On: Vert.x and Node.js

Vert.x and Node.js are similar in some ways, and different in others. One such difference is that Node.js only allows you to write code in JavaScript whereas Vert.x allows you to code in Java, Groovy, JavaScript, Ruby

Sandro Mancuso05/28/12
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Testing Multiple Properties With a Single Assertion

Every time I was trying to test an object's properties I was neither satisfied writing very verbose tests nor in using some of the out of the box hamcrest matchers. Although using the matchers was a big help, I never managed to make them read the way I wanted.

Trisha Gee05/28/12
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Why Open Source Your Secrets

Here's a video of my Open Conference session on the business benefits of open sourcing your software.

Eren Avşaroğulları05/28/12
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Spring Testing Support with TestNG

This article shows how to test Spring Service layer components by using Spring and TestNG integration

Swizec Teller05/28/12
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Programmers are Optimists

Programmers are the most optimistic bunch of people I have ever come across. Ask us how long something will take and chances are our estimates will be way off.

Eric Genesky05/28/12
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Survey: What Would You Like to See in a Platform-as-a-Service Comparison?

DZone's Cloud Zone has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last couple of months, so we want to guage the community's interest in the various and sundry aspects of the sometimes cloudy topic of cloud computing.

Eric Genesky05/28/12
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Neo4j 1.8.M03 - Related Coffee

Released today, Neo4j 1.8.M03 introduces the RELATE clause, a two-step dance of MATCH or CREATE. Also, new Transaction support in the shell let's you call for a do-over in case you misstep.

Rob Gordon05/28/12
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SQL Scripts With Green Ticks

Running SQL install scripts can be tedious. They get so far, and then fail. Finding out where they failed isn't always easy and when the problem is fixed, there is a choice - drop the schema and re-run, or comment out what has been applied already, and...

Aurelien Broszn...05/28/12
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Ehcache Size Configuration

Since Ehcache 2.5, you’ve got Automatic Resource Control (ARC), which help you to easily tune your cache. In case you want to have a look at ARC vs count-based config, here is a summary of options you can use:

Alex Staveley05/28/12
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Book Review: 'Scalability Rules: 50 Principles for Scaling Web Sites'

In 'Scalability Rules', Martion Abbott and Michael Fisher list 50 tips where each tip communicates a simple or sophisticated idea in a few short pages. Their ideas are based from real world experience of working with over 200 internet architectures.

Eric Genesky05/27/12
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Java in the Cloud with CloudBees

In this-hour presentation, CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey discusses the potential of Java development on the cloud.