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Tony Russell-rose04/07/12
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Designing Faceted Search: Getting the basics right (part 3)

Faceted search offers tremendous potential for transforming the search experience, but how do we extend such a framework to accommodate not just dozens of facet values, but thousands, or even tens of thousands? Learn how...

Dmitriy Setrakyan04/07/12
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Counting Words in Real Time on GridGain

We all know Hadoop's counting words example which takes a file with words and then produces another file with the number of occurrences next to each word. Hadoop does this example very well; however, the main caveat with Hadoop's example is that it is not real time.

Dustin Marx04/07/12
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JDK 7 Additions to Currency Class

The java.util.Currency class has been available since JDK 1.4, but JDK 7 has provided some useful new methods at the class and instance level. I look at these new methods in this post.

Tony Russell-rose04/07/12
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Designing Faceted Search: Getting the basics right (part 2)

In our last post we looked at some of the fundamental issues in designing faceted search such as layout (e.g. where to place the faceted navigation menus) and state (e.g. whether they should be open or closed by default). In this post, we continue the mini-series with a review of the various formats for displaying facets and the key principles for choosing between them.

Dustin Marx04/06/12
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The Impending End of Knol

Although a transition path has been made available for moving Knol assets to Annotum, it is unlikely that all Knol contributors will make the effort to do so. In this post, I look at how Knol's demise impacts Java developers.

Jakub Holý04/06/12
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Exposing Functionality Over HTTP with Groovy and Ultra-Lightweight HTTP Servers

I needed a quick and simple way to enable some users to query a table and figured out that the easiest solution was to use an embedded, ligthweight HTTP server so that the users could type a URL in their browser and get the results. The question was, of course, which server is best for it.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz04/06/12
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Configuring Quartz With JDBCJobStore in Spring

I am starting a little series about Quartz scheduler internals, tips and tricks, this is a chapter 0 - how to configure persistent job store. In Quartz you essentially have a choice between storing jobs and triggers in memory and in a relational database

Simeon Franklin04/06/12
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Getting started with Jython

A student in Simeon Franklin's Python Fundamentals class asked him to demonstrate how to get started with Jython. Having never used Jython, and not being a Java programmer, Simeon agreed to see if he could install Jython and demonstrate using a Java standard library class. In this post, Simeon explains his process for getting started with Jython.

Eric Genesky04/06/12
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Things You Need to Know About HBase Schema Design

Avoid common HBase pitfalls by checking out this one-hour discussion of HBase's architectural constraints and storage layer.

Mitch Pronschinske04/06/12
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How Facebook Does Deployment

Some interesting insider info was released this week about the Facebook deployment process. I've compiled a TL;DR version here. The information comes straight from Chuck Rossi, the head of Facebook's release engineering team.

Scott Morrison 04/06/12
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Cloud Security Alliance Introduces Security, Trust and Assurance Registry

A series of questions designed to document the security controls a cloud provider has in place. Cloud providers will self-assess their status and publish the results in the CSA’s centralized registry.

Tony Russell-rose04/06/12
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Designing Faceted Search: Getting the Basics Right (Part 1)

In this post, we’ll look at some of the fundamental design considerations in faceted search, such as layout (i.e. where to place the faceted navigation menus) and default state (e.g. open, closed, or a hybrid).

Bozhidar Bozhanov04/06/12
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Corny Programming Jokes

Many of these programmer jokes are aimed at Java developers. One is for PHP devs. Here's a taste: "I’ve written a movie about insects. Here’s the Ant script."

Roger Hughes04/05/12
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Design Patterns, The Emperor’s New Clothes and Catch 22

Although I like the GOF Design Patterns I thought that it would be a good idea to figure out if there are any problems with using them. Are they as good as people think? Or is it just that developer's think they’re cool: a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Mark Needham04/05/12
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Find/Replace Using Regular Expressions With Capture Groups in IntelliJ

Everyone now and then we end up having to write a bunch of mapping code and I quite like using IntelliJ’s ‘Replace’ option to do it but always end up spending about 5 minutes trying to remember how to do capture groups so I thought I’d write it down this time.