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Eric Genesky05/26/12
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This August, Linux Foundation will Launch CloudOpen Event

CloudOpen will be held alongside of LinuxCon this August, and will cover hypervisors, deployment tools, big data offerings and cloud platforms (and associated tools).

Matt Vickery05/25/12
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Spring Integration Gateways - Null Handling & Timeouts

One of the primary advantages of using the SI gateway as an interface to message sub-systems is that it's possible to automatically adopt the benefit of rich, default and customizable, gateway configuration. One such configuration attribute deserves further scrutiny and discussion primarily because it's easy to misunderstand and misconfigure around - default-reply-timeout.

Ted Theodoropoulos05/25/12
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101 Leadership Rules To Live By

We have all seen leadership training in the past that over complicates the subject. If you start with these simple rules you’ll be well on your way to being a great leader.

Aurelien Broszn...05/25/12
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Plan a Scalable Architecture Through Fault Injection

I have been doing a lot of testing on scalable architectures since last year and at some point, Steve Harris pointed out the principles of fault injection in a discussion. When I started to look at it more closely, I realized a couple of things

Carl Dea05/24/12
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JavaFX 2 GameTutorial Part 3

This tutorial is about using the game engine and demonstrating input using your mouse and keyboard. In this tutorial I will give you some background history, event handling fundamentals, a demo game, and finally the implementation.

Chris Haddad05/24/12
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Are PaaS Purchasers Looking for a Polyglot Language Promise?

According to this writer, history does not support the theory of an eventual "one PaaS to rule them all."

Chad Lung05/24/12
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Getting Started with Socket.IO and Node.js

Node.js is not the cure for everything, however, it can certainly makes working with Websockets very easy when using the Socket.io library. Using websockets you can easily build realtime applications and even multi-player games. Today I’ll show you how to easily build a simple chat program using Node.js and Socket.io.

James Betteley05/24/12
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Upcoming Events on Gradle, Jenkins, CD, DevOps, and more

Here’s a bunch of upcoming talks, courses, conferences, things and stuff, which I reckon might be worth checking out.

Mitch Pronschinske05/24/12
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Integrating Lucene into a Transactional XML Database

Petr Pleshachkov of EMC lead a really cool and informative session recently about how to use Lucene with an XML database (xDB).

Francois Lascelles05/24/12
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Beyond OAuth – Emerging Standards for API Access Control

OAuth 2.0 seems to be on everybody’s mind these days. I can’t remember an emerging standard picking up interest so fast.

Jay Fields05/24/12
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Agile Development With Clojure

If you've ever spent any time learning Rails then you probably read one of the editions of Agile Web Development with Rails, and if you're like me then you probably asked yourself: what the hell does Rails have to do with Agile development? It turns out, it's not very hard to get that same productivity advantage in Clojure as well.

Juhani Lehtimaki05/24/12
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Design Approach for Google TV

In this post I want to talk about differences of smartphones and TVs, things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to make your app available to Google TV and if you decide to do so what factors are important in the process.

James Sugrue05/24/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Dining Philosophers

This week's code puzzler is all about concurrency and avoiding deadlocks with the classic Dining Philosophers problem.

James Sugrue05/24/12
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Google Not Guilty in Case of Patent Infringement

The jury has returned it's verdict that Google have not infringed upon Oracle's patents, in what Judge Alsup has described as "the longest civil trial" he's ever been in. So while the jury has been dismissed, the judge still needs to rule on whether APIs can be copyrighted.

James Sugrue05/24/12
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Book Excerpt: Griffon in Action

Grails is by far the best option for building web applications in the JVM, enabling you to use features that can be found in popular Java libraries and features only found in the Groovy language. This article, based on chapter 13 of Griffon in Action, shows a bit about how Grails and Griffon can be combined to build applications that touch desktop and server with an approach aimed at high productivity and making programming fun again.