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Brian O' Neill12/22/11
2 replies

Virgil: a GUI and REST layer for Cassandra

Love Cassandra? Love REST?Wish you could have both at the same time?Now you can.After much discussion, I'm happy to announce the birth of a new project, Virgil. The project will provide a GUI and a services layer on top of Cassandra, exposing data and...

Mitch Pronschinske12/22/11
2 replies

How Operations Can Support Continuous Deployment

Learn about how you can harness monitoring, escalation, and capacity planning to implement continuous deployment in your organization.Continuous deployment has...

David Salter12/22/11
4 replies

Using GlassFish from Eclipse

When I think of developing apps using GlassFish, I usually think of using NetBeans for the development. As you'd expect however, Oracle provides some good tooling to allow you to develop against GlassFish from within Eclipse - even to the point of...

Tomasz Nurkiewicz12/22/11
2 replies

Enabling JMX in Hibernate, Ehcache, Quartz, DBPC and Spring

A collection of short how-to's for enabling JMX in several popular Java technologies.Continuing our journey with JMX (see: ...JMX for human beings) we will learn how to enable JMX support (typically statistics and monitoring capabilities) in some popular...

Jens Schauder12/22/11
6 replies

Sketch and Test

I try to do TDD as much as I can. But sometimes (for example last Friday) I don’t know how to get started. This happens when I don’t have a plan of how the code should look in the end, possibly because don’t completely understand part of the problem....

Jelle Victoor12/22/11
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How I Was Convinced to Try Scala

The passion of the Scala community has been the key factor that has endeared many developers to the rising JVM language.For over a full year now, I’ve been looking into Scala. I have heard many people talk about it passionately and it just got me...

Mitch Pronschinske12/21/11
2 replies

Ask DZ: How do you like YOUR Java?

Many of the veterans on Javalobby have been working in Java environments for years and years.  I'm sure many people have widely varying opinions about the development and deployment processes that they use.  An interesting post titled "How I like my...

Mats Lindh12/21/11
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Solr: Missing Geographic Distance in Response When Using 'fl=_dist_:geodist()'

A question that arose recently at the Freenode Solr IRC channel was about _dist_:geodist() failing to include a field named _dist_ in the response – a field which would contain the return value from geodist(), which would be the distance from the source...

Mitch Pronschinske12/21/11
2 replies

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chef

There are as many ways of managing the configuration of heterogeneous systems as there are engineers trying to solve this problem. This talk explores one...

Jez Humble12/21/11
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Organize Software Delivery Around Outcomes, Not Roles: Continuous Delivery and Cross-Functional Teams

When implementing continuous delivery, it’s easy to focus on automation and tooling because these are usually the easiest things to start with. However continuous delivery also relies for its success on optimizing your organizational structure for...

Aleksa Vukotic12/21/11
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Starting with Lift and CouchDB: Resolving Some CouchDB-Record Inconsistencies

In recent months I have been introduced to Lift web framework by my scala-enthusiastic colleagues @ OpenCredo. The scala expressiveness and conciseness along with view-first web approach looked very interesting from the start, especially since great...

Mitch Pronschinske12/21/11
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HBase Schema Design - Things you need to know

When designing schemas for HBase, be it from scratch or porting an existing application over from a relational database for example, there are a set of...

David La Motta12/21/11
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Intro to GWT4Touch 2.0

GWT4Touch is a mobile framework that gives you the ability to write mobile applications based on HTML5. The framework internally leverage the industry leading...

Blaise Doughan12/21/11
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EclipseLink MOXy is the JAXB Provider in WebLogic Server 12c

I am very happy to announce that EclipseLink JAXB (MOXy) is now the default JAXB (JSR-222) provider in WebLogic Server 12c.  I would like to thank the EclipseLink committers and the WebLogic team for all their hard work to make this happen.