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Sandeep Bhandari04/09/12
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Best Practices for Commenting Code

Adding comments to code is an important part of writing Java programs. Though it is recommended to add as many comments as possible in your code but still there are some best practices which if followed really make code commenting a useful affair not only for the developer himself but also fellow developers.

Juhani Lehtimaki04/09/12
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Android is Awesome. Here's Why

To me the most impressive feature of the Android operating system is Android intents. Looking at competing mobile operating systems trying to figure out how to integrate Twitter and Facebook to their platforms makes me smile. Android got it right.

Nicolas Frankel04/09/12
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Dependency Injection on GUI components

In my book Learning Vaadin, I showed how to integrate the Vaadin web framework with the Spring DI framework: in order to make my point, I wired Vaadin UI components together. I did this because I didn’t want to go into the intricacies of creating a service layer.

Shai Almog04/09/12
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Codename One - Making WORA Real Again For Mobile Devices

Codename One is a practical way to develop Java applications for iPhone/iPad as well as every other mobile device. If you loved Swing and the ideas of WORA then Codename One is something you should definitely follow closely!

Ricardo Zuasti04/09/12
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An Introduction to the Fork / Join Framework

The pros and cons of the fork/join framework over the usage of thread pools or regular thread/runnable development has been subject of a lot of debate, but I think it is still a nice tool to have in your arsenal.

Chris Smith04/09/12
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How Twitter Does MySQL - Get Their Fork

Twitter has made their "flavor" of MySQL available on GitHub this week, and in this post, Chris explains some of the additional features and changes they've made to make MySQL work for them.

Jos Dirksen04/09/12
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How Should REST Services be Documented?

REST based APIs are generally easier to use and get started with the SOAP based services and usually don't require all kinds of code generation to create the messages and the envelopes. However, one thing that is often missing or overlooked, when creating REST based APIs or services is the documentation part. Let's look at some examples.

Marko Rodriguez04/09/12
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Learn About Property Graph Algorithms

The term property graph has come to denote an attributed, multi-relational graph. That is, a graph where the edges are labeled and both vertices and edges can have any number of key/value properties associated with them.

Paul Fremantle04/09/12
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To ESB or not to ESB

If I believe that the ESB is being misused or shouldn't be used, I'd rather lose the support revenue and gain the customer's trust by telling him or her straight.

Roger Jennings04/09/12
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How to Use Windows Azure Blobs Data w/ Hadoop on Azure CTP

This tutorial assumes familiarity with Azure blob storage, but not with Hadoop on Azure (includes sample files).

Tony Siciliani04/09/12
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Android SMS popup - Part Four: Implicit Intents

Part Four of the Android SMS Popup application illustrating some of Android's fundamental concepts: Broadcast Receivers, Activities and Intents.

Erick Erickson04/09/12
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Solr 4.x Memory Usage vs. 3.x

This article contains some great advice on how to benchmark your indexes' memory usage, but if you want to skip all the setup info, drop to the section “Measurement Results” and find out why Solr 4.x uses 1/3 the memory used by Solr 3.x.

Ranjib Dey04/08/12
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Infrastructure Tooling Patterns List

Following is a categorized list of tools that Ranjib Dey has learned/used as a sysadmin and DevOps dude at ThoughtWorks while maintaining their distributed infrastructure, setting up private cloud installations, and in many different client gigs.

Rob Williams04/08/12
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More Reasons Why Software is Hard

One of the common antipatterns in cooking is the person who gets flustered easily and hence slows down the whole meal. The result is often all dishes are cold and lifeless by the time it's all served. Do metaphors give us anything?

Tomasz Nurkiewicz04/08/12
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The Hidden Treasure of Quartz Scheduler Plugins

Although briefly described in the official documentation, Quartz plugins aren't widely known. Essentially, plugins in Quartz are convenient classes wrapping registration of underlying listeners.