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Steven Lott06/01/12
3 replies

The Passive-Aggressive Programmer (again)

An opinion on the sociology of the programming world; what people do or don't do and how some react...or don't react.

Eric Genesky06/01/12
4 replies

Can We Pronounce "The Cloud" Hype Over Yet?

Probably not, but it's interesting to hear what Ted Neward had to say following Microsoft's MVP 2012 summit in March.

Jay Fields06/01/12
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The Sidenum Function

The sidenum function appends a sign to a number based on a side. The name sidenum was chosen due to it's similarities with signum in spelling and behavior (dealing with signs).

Ronald Daniel06/01/12
2 replies

Task Driven vs Event Driven on Struts 2 Action

I had a job to design and develop a new framework for my own development team. We made the decision that we will adopt the Struts 2 as my MVC framework.

Eric Genesky06/01/12
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Landmark Case in Software Copyright: Judge Rules that Java APIs are Not Copyrightable

Google has won a battle in the so-called "smartphone war" when Judge William Alsup ruled yesterday that Java APIs are not Copyrightable.

Taha Siddiqi05/31/12
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Tapestry Grid & Hibernate Criteria

Tapestry Grid is a very powerful tool for displaying a list of entities. It expects a GridDataSource as source parameter. A useful tool can be a TypeCoercer which converts a Criteria to GridDataSource.

Adam Warski05/31/12
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ElasticMQ 0.5 Release: Journalling, Stand-alone Server

ElasticMQ is a message queue server, with Scala, Java, and an Amazon SQS-compatible interface. It also supports guaranteed messaging via replicating the messages across a cluster of servers. The new 0.5 version brings two major features so let's take a look...

Chad Lung05/31/12
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Setting up a Vert.x Project to Work with Maven and NetBeans IDE 7.1 on OS X and Java 7

Today I’ll show you one way to use NetBeans IDE 7.1 and Maven to work with a Vert.x project. This is just one way you can go about setting up the project and is how I currently do it.

Baruch Sadogursky05/31/12
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On Using the Right Tool for the Job

A friend of mine is a big fan of puzzlers. Any puzzlers, including programming ones. The thing is, when it comes to solving these problems, sometimes Java, or whatever your default language is, isn't the right tool for the job.

Mitch Pronschinske05/31/12
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Big Data Meets Metadata – Analyzing Large Data Sets

We all know that metadata is the key to powering the semantic web. Learn about how big data tech is paving the way for better analysis of this metadata in this presentation by Jeremy Bently of Smartlogic at Lucene Revolution 2012.

Roger Hughes05/31/12
2 replies

Clues from Classification: Naming Part 2

What are we trying to achieve when we name an object? This may sound like an unlikely question as naming objects isn’t a rare occurrence; it’s something we do everyday

Ken Rimple05/31/12
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Spock and Roo = Easier Add-on Testing

Before I was a Roo in Action author, I was a huge fan of Grails. I still am, because Groovy + your favorite APIs is so much more concise to program against than with stock Java. So, one of my backburner projects was getting Groovy to work on Roo.

Alex Staveley05/31/12
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Book review: 'Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?'

You need to toss a coin for a football match. The only coin you have is bent and biased towards one outcome. How do you use the coin and ensure a fair toss?

Roger Jennings05/31/12
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Executing an Elastic MapReduce Hive Workflow from the AWS Management Console

This post is an amalgamation of different how-tos and articles, and it includes an illustrated guide to creating a feature_index file, and how to create an Interactive Hadoop on Azure Table from the feature_index file.

James Sugrue05/31/12
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The Most Popular Language This Month Is....

The most popular language of this month? Well it depends which source you use. For example, I checked out the TIOBE index as well as the top language used in GitHub projects. Would you be surprised that Java was not number 1 on either listing?