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Gerard Davison06/08/12
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Try with resource Context Classloaders

For various reasons I seem to end up writing a lot of code that fiddles with the context class loader in order to get non-module code running in the OSGi environment that JDeveloper runs in. This leads to a whole bunch of code that looks like this:

Dalip Mahal06/08/12
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Polymorphism and Inheritance are Independent of Each Other

Flexible programs focus on polymorphism and not inheritance.  Some languages focus on static type checking (C++, Java, C#) which links the concepts and reduces polymorphic opportunities. Languages that separate the concepts can allow you to focus on...

Stoimen Popov06/08/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Stack and Queue

The algorithm of the week is finally here! Introducing the Heapsort algorithm, which depends on a data structure called “heap”.

Mitch Pronschinske06/08/12
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Poll: Do You Consider Groovy "Production Ready"?

We recently got a post on Javalobby from a new contributor, Pavel Bernshtam.  He wrote an explanation of why he thinks Groovy is a "Better Java".  I was initially going to see how everyone on JL felt about...

Tony Siciliani06/08/12
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Android Persistence: Internal Storage

There are several alternatives for persisting data in Android. One of those is the use of the phone's internal file system, and under certain circumstances, it can turn out to be the developer's best option.

Pavel Bernshtam06/08/12
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Groovy as "Better Java"

You can use groovy in different ways - for scripting, Grails, quick prototyping, creation of DSLs etc. But I like Groovy first of all as "better Java". Really, look - almost every Java code is valid Groovy code, i.e.

Pavel Bernshtam06/08/12
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Using Spring Beans from Non-Spring Classes

In our software both rich client and server are using Spring. And we have a problem - how to use spring beans from regular classes inside a rich client (no servlet/application context there!), which are not spring beans.We had 2 ideas: 

Heath Kesler06/07/12
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Handling ActiveMQ disconnects in Camel CXF Routes

What if you want to handle ActiveMQ disconnects in Camel CXF after X number of retries and let the client know there is a problem? Here's how...

Will Soprano06/07/12
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Television News Search and Analysis with Lucene/Solr

This presenter explainsfrom the UCLA Com. studies explains the Lucene/Solr-powered seach engine. Its key points of linking search result text to the video at specific timestamps, counting word occurance, patterns, and grouping by month or show and using those to create interactive charts.

Sasha Goldshtein06/07/12
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5 Tips for Fitting Performance into the Software Development Lifecycle

Here is some general advice from the book Pro .NET performance that can be applied to software development practice.

Dustin Marx06/07/12
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JUnit's Built-in Hamcrest Core Matcher Support

In this post, I look at additional Hamcrest "core" matchers that are bundled with recent versions of JUnit. Two of the advantages of JUnit including Hamcrest "core" matchers out-of-the-box is that there is no need to specifically download Hamcrest and there is no need to include it explicitly on the unit test classpaths.

Jens Schauder06/07/12
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About Packages

I hope we all agree that methods an classes should be small and have only few dependencies. This point of view is widely accepted, while the interpretation of “small” varies. There is lots of literature out there about this. But what about packages?

Johannes Brodwall06/07/12
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Use Scrum Even If You Don't Want To Be Agile

Instead of criticizing these organizations of “agile heresy”, I would instead like to offer some useful experience from Scrum, even if the word “agile” doesn’t appeal to you.

Rob Gordon06/07/12
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A Simpler Custom Property in Spring

I previously presented a CustomPropertyConfgurer that allows properties outside of Spring to be accessed from within Spring. The article was syndicated by DZone where a reader noted that in fact the Spring class PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer has a setProperties method, and so for my particular example, the CustomPropertyConfigurer was redundant.

John Cook06/07/12
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Writing Software for Someone Else is Hard. For Yourself, it's Easy.

One of the differences between amateur and professional software development is whether you’re writing software for yourself or for someone else. It’s like the difference between keeping a journal and being a journalist.