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Andy Gibson02/17/12
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A Tip for the Fade Effect in Primefaces Components

I was trying to fade in a Primefaces panel component that was initially hidden and found it to be somewhat of a struggle. After a bit of googling, the only thing I found out was that I wasn’t the first to come across the problem.

Roger Hughes02/17/12
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Spring 3 MVC Exception Handlers and @ResponseStatus

A look at @ResponseStatus, the companion annotation to @ExceptionHandler. To get started, I’m going to dive into a simple scenario where a user sends a request containing some duff data to your webapp. We'll them see how to deal with the exception that arises because of this.

Rob Williams02/17/12
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The Difficulty With Custom @Rule in JUnit 4

There is a right way to create custom rules, but it's not as easy as you might hope. First I found a bunch of people talking about making rules by implementing MethodRule, but that is now deprecated . And then I found that you can't put a Rule inside a Rule.

Max De Marzi02/16/12
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A Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Use Graphipedia to Import Wikipedia into Neo4j

Max De Marzi introduces a new tool made by Minko Nasato called graphipedia that is written in Java. De Marzi gives non-Java readers a step-by-step process with code examples.

Fredrik Håård02/16/12
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How to (Effectively) Explain List Comprehensions to Programmers

Fredrik Håård provides a unique twist on comprehensions and how best to explain them to programmers. While most sources start out with 'this is how its done in math, so...', Fredrik believes that for programmers, a list comprehension is simply a for loops for constructing lists, using a more declarative notation than a typical loop.

Chris Smith02/16/12
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Apple's Mountain Lion Aims to Bring Mac OS X and iOS Together

Apple announced the next generation of Mac OS X, and Mountain Lion is aimed at removing the barriers of interaction between Mac OS X and iOS. Mountain Lion will provide developers access to hundreds of new APIs, and is currently available as a developer preview to registered Mac developers.

Dhananjay Kumar02/16/12
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A Quick Guide to Installing MongoDB on Windows

To get MongoDB up an running in windows, you should download the 64 bit binaries at the link in this post. From there, debug_mode writes a step-by-step, illustrated process for installing MongoDB.

Eric Genesky02/16/12
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New AnyCloud, by CloudBees, Allows for Application Deployment to Specific Geographical Regions (and more)

CloudBees announced the release of AnyCloud, which allows for the deployment of applications directed to specific data centers and geographic regions, while also giving users the flexibility to avoid security issues that often arise on the cloud.

Carlos Sanchez02/16/12
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What Developers do Today for Source-to-Deploy is Not Enough

Using tools like Maven in the Java world or Bundle in Rubyland you can explicitly list all the dependencies and versions you need. But there are some critical dependencies that are never set. It is just too simple. However, from the point of view of the operations team the number of requirements is complex.

Matt Raible02/16/12
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Comparing Web Frameworks and HTML5 with Play Scala at Jfokus 2012

Java developers don't always appreciate the pressures web developers face, and web developers (stereotypically) don't press their coding skills too hard. Matt Raible addressed both of these points in two presentations he gave at Jfokus 2012 -- one slideshow 'Comparing JVM Frameworks', another treating 'HTML5 with Play Scala, CoffeeScript, and Jade'.

Peter Karussell02/16/12
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Bird’s Eye View of the ElasticSearch Query DSL

Several times per month there are multiple questions regarding the ElasticSearch query structure posted on the user group. Although there are already good docs explaining this in depth, I think a bird's eye view of the Query DSL is necessary to understand what is written there. This brief tutorial should clarify things for you.

Giorgio Sironi02/16/12
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Spam filtering with a Naive Bayes Classifier in R

Learn how to prototype a spam filter with one of the simplest machine learning approaches, the naive Bayes classifier.

Dustin Marx02/16/12
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JSF Open Source Throwdown

Optimus Prime's post IceFaces Copies PrimeFaces Line by Line and Brian McKinney's response (New ACE Component Origins) have led to a controversial discussion on the blogosphere regarding legalities and ethics in an open source context. It is interesting to read the perspectives of those associated with PrimeFaces, the perspectives of those associated with ICEfaces, and the community reaction (and here).

Mark Needham02/16/12
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How to Get the JDK 6 Source Code onto your Machine

Every now and then I want to get the JDK source code onto a new machine and it always seems to take me longer than I expect it to so this post is an attempt to help future me!

Nicolas Frankel02/16/12
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More Vaadin: An Online Appendix To "Learning Vaadin"

During the writing of ‘Learning Vaadin‘, I had many themes I wanted to write about: components data, SQL container filtering, component alignment and expand ration, separation of concerns between graphic designers and developers, only to name a few. Unfortunately, books are finite in space as well as in time and I was forced to leave out some interesting areas of Vaadin that couldn’t fit in, much to my chagrin.