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Jens Schauder05/30/12
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Plans for My Next Project

About two years ago I made some plans for my next project. My time on that project is almost over because I’m switching companies. So it is time to review those plans and make new plans for the next project.

Alan Skorkin05/30/12
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Why Developers Never Use State Machines

I decided to engage in a bit of introspection and figure out why we tend to manage our "state" and "status" fields in an ad-hoc fashion rather than doing what is clearly called for.

Martin Thompson05/30/12
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Applying Back Pressure When Overloaded

How should a system respond when under sustained load? Should it keep accepting requests until its response times follow the deadly hockey stick, followed by a crash? All too often this is what happens unless a system is designed to cope with the case of more requests arriving than is it capable of processing

Max De Marzi05/30/12
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Graph Theory, Gremlin, and . . . the Chicago Bulls?

Once again, Max De Marzi offers an inventive case of the real-world application of graph theory by translating the late-90's Chicago Bulls lineup into social network.

Aaron Nichols05/29/12
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Embedding Ops Members in Dev teams – My Recent Experience

For about 2 months I was sitting with a dev team while we worked through how to build a new service which will be continuously deployed. I wanted to share my experiences here because I’ve read both positive and negative opinions about doing this and I’m not sure there’s a single right answer.

Rafał Kuć05/29/12
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Solr Autcomplete, part 4 (Ngram and faceting)

In the previous parts of autocomplete series we presented two methods of autocomplete queries. Than we extended one of those with the ability to define returned information. In today's entry we are back to autocomplete with facet and ngram.

Christian Posta05/29/12
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Understanding How OSGI Bundles Get Resolved: Part II

In this post, I’d like to demonstrate each rule step using the Apache Karaf OSGI container. Karaf is based on the Apache Felix core, although the Equinox core can be substituted if desired.

Chris Haddad05/29/12
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What Exactly is Cloud Foundry?

A way to unwind the recursive relationship between Cloud Foundry and ecosystem partners is to first start calling the technology a ‘cloud-enabled platform’, and limit PaaS as an instantiation of the cloud-enabled platform delivered as a service

Mark Needham05/29/12
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Building an API: Test Harness UI

On the project I’ve been working on we’re building an API to be used by other applications in the organisation but when we started none of those applications were ready to integrate with us and therefore drive the API design.

Krishna Kumar05/29/12
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Who Should Learn to Code?

Codecademy has been gathering a lot of attention in recent times with many people, including Mike Bloomberg, pledging to learn code.

Nirav Assar05/29/12
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Grails Dynamic Dropdown

Recently I had a UI requirement where a customer wanted to select values from two separate dropdowns.This blog entry details the how to implement dynamic dropdowns in Grails with ajax and minimal JavaScript.

Adam Koprowski05/29/12
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Introduction to Opa

The goal of the new web programming platform, Opa, is to simplify this picture and to replace current web applications' complex technology stack with a single programming language. Let's take a look at some simple Opa programs to see how it tries to make the web developer's life easier.

Mitch Pronschinske05/29/12
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DZone 2012 Community Survey - Gift Cards up for Grabs!

Each year we like to pick your brain to help us make things even better at DZone, and in return we are offering up one $100 and two $50 Amazon gift cards to randomly selected DZone members who respond to our annual survey.

Geertjan Wielenga05/29/12
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Beefed Up Code Navigation Tools in NetBeans IDE 7.2

A powerful yet subtle feature of NetBeans IDE 7.2 is the significantly enhanced search functionality that this release provides. Of course, the NetBeans IDE 7.2 performance boost itself can also be considered to be relevant in the context of searching, since...

Kief Morris05/28/12
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The Build Monkey Antipattern

A common pattern in software development teams is to have a person who owns the build system. While it’s normal for some team members to have a deeper understanding of these things than others, it’s not a good idea for the knowledge and responsibility for the build to become overly concentrated in one person.