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Jose Asuncion04/19/12
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A Fresh Take on Grades and Why I Think they are Still Relevant to us Programmers and Hackers

The issue of grades in our industry is often laughed at because as a lot of people have attested, you don’t need grades to make it in our world. Well, who can blame us for thinking that way?

Jens Schauder04/19/12
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TDD: Do We Really Have To Do It?

Many really smart people tell us we have to use TDD if we want to create code that is worth a penny. But the one thing these people do not provide is anything close to a proof. They offers their own experience, which might be distorted for all kinds of things.

Eric Genesky04/19/12
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How to Use JRuby for Rails Apps on Cloud Foundry

With just a few configuration changes, now you too can get your JRuby Rails apps up and running on CloudFoundry.com. This post by the CloudFoundry team describes the steps you need to take.

Ben Kepes04/19/12
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Puppet is Now Powering OpenStack Implementations

Deployment and automation is becoming increasingly critical to the discussion surrounding the cloud. Puppet Labs recently announced an implementation for OpenStack.

Ranjib Dey04/19/12
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7 Tips for Keeping Chef in Shape

This article contains methods that a ThoughtWorks engineer is trying out to keep their Chef codebases (and the infrastructure they control) in shape:

Tony Russell-rose04/19/12
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The Dimentions of Search UX

There are four primary dimensions that the author uses commonly use to characterize search and discovery contexts. In this article he runs through these dimensions with Google Instant as an example feature.

James Sugrue04/19/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Solve the Towers of Hanoi

Another Thursday, another puzzle: this week it's the Towers of Hanoi. The idea is simple: solve the coding problem as efficiently as you can, in any language or framework that you think is suitable

Pierre - Hugues...04/18/12
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Java Heap Analysis in JRockit

This article will provide you an overview and tutorial on how you can perform an initial analysis and problem isolation of a JRockit Java Heap problem using the jrcmd tool.

Swizec Teller04/18/12
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What Refactoring Is, And What It Isn’t

You are allowed to refactor as much as you want so long as the outside interface doesn’t change and you make the code demonstrably easier to work with in the future.

Jos Dirksen04/18/12
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Connect to RabbitMQ Using Scala, Play and Akka

In this article we'll look at how you can connect from Scala to RabbitMQ so you can support the AMQP protocol from your applications.

Nicolas Frankel04/18/12
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Develop Vaadin Apps With Scala

Henri Kerola, a Vaadin team member, has commited to create a Scala add-on that aims to ease Scala Vaadin integration: the Scaladin add-on (formerly known as scala-wrappers) is more than meeting my expectations

Mitch Pronschinske04/18/12
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Ansible: CM, Deployment, and Ad-hoc Task Execution All in One

I just found out about a really interesting open source tool that could support DevOps processes in an even greater capacity than the multi-tool stacks that are currently in place at many shops. Check out some concise details about this new tech...

John Cook04/18/12
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A Simple Guide to the PROs and CONs of High Level Langs, OOP, Funct. Programming, GC, and More

Mike Swain's presentation discusses the pros and cons of the following software development techniques:High level languages, Object oriented programming, Declarative languages, Functional programming, Data oriented design, and more...

Claus Ibsen04/18/12
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Spring Integration Project Creation VS. Apache Camel Project Creation

Take a look at the Spring Integration example for creating a project in STS tooling. And then compare to the equivalent Camel example below.

Marek Rogoziński04/18/12
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New Version of OSS Solr Debugging and Analysis Tool

We are proud to inform that we deployed a new version of explain.solr.pl, software for debugging and analyzing Solr queries. This version contains the following changes...