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Howard Lewis Ship06/12/12
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Every Programmer Should Know These Latency Numbers

A great collection of general latency data from Peter Norvig and then expanded by others provides clear descriptions of latency rates.

Artiom Gourevitch06/12/12
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Tracking Excessive Garbage Collection in Hotspot JVM

The goal of this article is to show how to identify excessive GC and to get a heap dump whenever it occurs. It assumes Hotspot JVM version 1.6 or higher.

Maarten Balliauw06/12/12
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Get Your GitHub on an Azure Website

GitHub's release of GitHub for Windows makes for an easy-to-use GUI, and a small trick allows you to build on top of Windows Azure websites.

Todd Merritt06/11/12
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Enterprise Service Bus (ESB): Crucial to an SOA or Vendor Hype?

Is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) an important architectural piece to a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), or is it just vendor hype in order to sell a particular product such as SOA-in-a-box?

Douglas Rathbone06/11/12
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Automated Deployments with TeamCity, Deployment Projects & SVN

For some, the task of automated deployments seems either too difficult, too time consuming to setup or is perceived as un-needed. I’m about to attempt to prove all of these things wrong, while at the same time allowing you to get back to doing what you do best: write code.

Pierre - Hugues...06/11/12
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How to Resolve java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

This is a common problem for Java EE enterprise or standalone Java applications.

Jay Fields06/11/12
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The Single Best Thing For My Career

I was the lone developer working on NextGen projects, our customers were happy, I was paid well, & I had plenty of vacation - things were good. Truthfully, I felt like I was on top of the world. However, I couldn't help but feel like something was missing. I'd seen a bit of 'how things could be' by reading Refactoring & Extreme Programming Explained.

Will Soprano06/11/12
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Building a Real-Time Solr-Powered Recommendation Engine

This video shows us how to use Solr to perform collaborative filtering, categorical classification, subsequent hierarchical-based recommendations, and concept extraction/concept based recommendations.

Ronald Daniel06/11/12
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Calling Private Methods Publicly?

We Java developers, known 4 access modifiers in Java: private, protected, public, and package. Well, except for the private, the last three, can be called from outside of the class by inheritance, same package or from the instance.

Ron Gross06/11/12
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Interviewing? Keep it Simple, Stupid!

If any of you are intereview for a job any time soon, please take this advice to heart – just like KISS is a good principle in your every day job, it’s a great principle in a job interview.

Jens Schauder06/11/12
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The Mikado Method

Have you ever considered a large scale change to a piece of software? Something that you can’t possibly get done within a single day? Did you refrain from the change because of that? Or did you hack away on your code hiding in a corner for week. Having nightmares about merging it with all the other changes that happened in between?

Jens Schauder06/11/12
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We Need a New Movement: DbApps

You probably heard about the DevOps movement. But there is another big divide running through many software development teams: Application developers versus database developers (or administrators).

Gunnar Hillert06/11/12
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Password Security and Hash Slippage

The massive losses of password hashes at LinkedIn, eHarmony and Last.fm are very concerning, to say the least. These are companies that are generally perceived as technology leaders, particularly LinkedIn

Nicolas Frankel06/11/12
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Using GWT Widgets in Vaadin 7 - Part 2

We've seen how to wrap a Vaadin component around a GWT widget so that we're able to manipulate on server-side components. For the time being, we are unable to configure the widget though. We're lacking a vital part in Vaadin-GWT teaming: the shared state.

Matthew Schmidt06/11/12
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First Ever Oracle AQ & .NET Integration!

Just about any .NET and Java applications can be integrated these days with a little bit of hacking by the experts at JNBridge. Their solution basically takes care of the black magic associated with having a deeper, more reliable Java-.NET interop solution. Today they added another first in the world of .NET - Java interop.