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Pierre - Hugues...04/18/12
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Java Heap Analysis in JRockit

This article will provide you an overview and tutorial on how you can perform an initial analysis and problem isolation of a JRockit Java Heap problem using the jrcmd tool.

Swizec Teller04/18/12
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What Refactoring Is, And What It Isn’t

You are allowed to refactor as much as you want so long as the outside interface doesn’t change and you make the code demonstrably easier to work with in the future.

Jos Dirksen04/18/12
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Connect to RabbitMQ Using Scala, Play and Akka

In this article we'll look at how you can connect from Scala to RabbitMQ so you can support the AMQP protocol from your applications.

Nicolas Frankel04/18/12
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Develop Vaadin Apps With Scala

Henri Kerola, a Vaadin team member, has commited to create a Scala add-on that aims to ease Scala Vaadin integration: the Scaladin add-on (formerly known as scala-wrappers) is more than meeting my expectations

Mitch Pronschinske04/18/12
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Ansible: CM, Deployment, and Ad-hoc Task Execution All in One

I just found out about a really interesting open source tool that could support DevOps processes in an even greater capacity than the multi-tool stacks that are currently in place at many shops. Check out some concise details about this new tech...

John Cook04/18/12
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A Simple Guide to the PROs and CONs of High Level Langs, OOP, Funct. Programming, GC, and More

Mike Swain's presentation discusses the pros and cons of the following software development techniques:High level languages, Object oriented programming, Declarative languages, Functional programming, Data oriented design, and more...

Claus Ibsen04/18/12
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Spring Integration Project Creation VS. Apache Camel Project Creation

Take a look at the Spring Integration example for creating a project in STS tooling. And then compare to the equivalent Camel example below.

Marek Rogoziński04/18/12
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New Version of OSS Solr Debugging and Analysis Tool

We are proud to inform that we deployed a new version of explain.solr.pl, software for debugging and analyzing Solr queries. This version contains the following changes...

Roger Jennings04/18/12
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Importing Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket DataSets to Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure’s Hive Databases

In this post, Roger Jennings provides a detailed tutorial for importing Windows Azure Marketplace datamarket datasets to Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure’s Hive databases. Roger discusses the prerequisites, explains how to obtain values required by the interactive hive console, and how to load the hive table with data from the utility rate service.

James Sugrue04/18/12
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Oracle v Google Trial Day 2: Ellison Testifies

The Oracle vs Google case has finally hit the courtroom, and on the second day, Larry Ellison is Oracle's first witness. Ellison's main argument - APIs are difficult to make, and as such, they should be intellectual property.

Karthikeyan Anb...04/17/12
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A Chart Translating the Services Offered by AWS and Windows Azure

This chart shows you the "equivalent" services provided by the two major P/I/Saas. Further discussion should ensue.

Chas Emerick04/17/12
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Friend: an Extensible Authentication and Authorization Library for Clojure Ring Webapps

Say hello to my little Friend. In short, I’m hoping this can eventually be a warden/spring-security/everyauth /omniauth for Clojure; that is, a common abstraction for authentication and authorization mechanisms.

Andy Gibson04/17/12
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Growing Up a Programmer in the 80s

I have fond memories of the computing of the 80s so I thought I’d take a quick trip down memory lane and write about my personal exerience of becoming a programmer.

Juhani Lehtimaki04/17/12
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Holo for Popular Apps by Community

Holo is the new look of Android. Smaller devs have already understood what is going on and jumped on board. Unfortunately, high profile apps still keep their old design and, truth be told, I'm not expecting to see that changing any time soon.

Gordon Dickens04/17/12
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Use Java API via Spring to Define a Cloud Environment (Heroku, Jelastic, and Cloudbees)

I put together Java sample applications using Spring 3.1. Using Spring’s Environment abstractions, we can gather details about the underlying platform.