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Łukasz Budnik06/06/12
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Implementing Simple Web Services Registry Using CXF

Today I will show you a more flyweight approach to Web Services Registry. I will use Apache CXF for it.

Krishna Kumar06/06/12
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The Rusting Of Software

One project I have been working on recently is a code upgrade of an existing enterprise web application. It is not a re-engineering effort, but instead only consists of necessary code changes to get the application working with the latest versions of the system software

Lukas Eder06/06/12
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MyBatis’ Wicked Statement Builders

MyBatis is well-known as a database abstraction framework on top of JDBC, allowing for externalising SQL into files, loading them at appropriate places in your Java code.

Gareth Rushgrove06/06/12
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How to Build Static Sites with Nginx on Heroku

This tutorial leverages Heroku buildpacks for an easy way to bypass having to use a simple Rack middleware.

Jay Fields06/06/12
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Killing IntelliJ Launched Processes

I often use IntelliJ to run applications, and on occasion things go wrong. For example, a thread that wont terminate can cause a running application to become unstoppable via the IntelliJ UI.

Francois Roland06/06/12
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Fork/Join and Akka: parallelizing the Java platform BeJUG conference

Here is another article on a BeJUG conference. This time, Sander Mak, software developer and architect at Info Support, The Netherlands, gave us an overview of two concurrency frameworks: Fork/Join and Akka. Fork/Join is a framework that was added to the standard libraries starting with JDK 7. Akka is an open-source alternative with emphasis on the resilience of concurrent process.

Alan Skorkin06/06/12
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How To Be A Real Elite Programmer And Make Sure Everybody Knows It

A classic post from Alan Skorkin. Reminds me of some of the points brought up by in the 501 Developer Manifesto.

James Sugrue06/05/12
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Clojure Expectations Colorized

Colorized output is one of those small things that is easy to de-prioritize, but once it's done you can't figure out why you didn't do it earlier.

Vijay Narayanan06/05/12
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Every Project Is An Opportunity

Succeed with systematic reuse by pursuing opportunities across every project. Every single project. Explore synergies across projects to not only identify new reusable components but also update existing ones. Here are a few common areas that yield reusable components:

Peter Donald06/05/12
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Evolving towards cookbook reusability in Chef

A few months ago, I started to invest heavily in Chef to automate the roll out of our applications and the supporting infrastructure. So far, so good but it has not always been sunshine and puppy dogs. One of the major challenges is attempting to reuse cookbooks found on the community site, on GitHub or even within our own organization.

Mitch Pronschinske06/05/12
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Building Query Auto-Completion Systems with Lucene 4.0

Watch as Sudarshan Gaikaiwari of Yelp discusses several types of suggest systems for query-autocompletion with the upcoming version of Lucene.

Eric Genesky06/05/12
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The Director of Education at Cloudera Offers an Insider View of Hadoop

Last week, I attended a Hadoop Tutorial presented in Durham, NC by Sarah Sproehnle, the Director of Educational Services at Cloudera.

Dejan Bosanac06/05/12
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How to Monitor ActiveMQ Networks

If you’re running ActiveMQ in a distributed setup using network of brokers, you’re probably interested in techniques available to monitor your network. This usually implies viewing the status of the network bridges and generating events when the status changes.

Eric Genesky06/05/12
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PaaS, Does it Really Mean No-Ops?

Yaron Parasol recently wrote this overview of the evolution of the cloud, and offers some insight into its impact on the DevOps movement.

Ken Rimple06/05/12
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Spock and Roo - More Complex Mocks

We'll need to return a simulated search result for our invocation of the pathResolver.findMatchingAntPath method in the jquery availability check - we want to state that we already have jQuery, but not jQuery UI, in our search path.