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Cody Powell11/25/11
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A Reliable, Scalable, and (Kinda) Cheap Cloud Hosting Architecture for MongoDB

I did a talk at the Austin NoSQL group about hosting MongoDB in EC2, and I completely forgot to post anything here on it. I will correct that now! Slides here.

Mitch Pronschinske11/24/11
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A Case Study in Operations and Development Integration at Spotify

Abstract Mattias Jansson, Noa Resare: We have lots of material to draw from talking about how we work with integration between operations and software development. This talk will be around a narrative about how we have grown as a company and how our...

Chris Hostetter11/24/11
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Solr Powered ISFDB – Part #7: Simple UI

This is Part 7 in a series of 11 (so far) articles by Chris Hostetter in 2011 on Indexing and Searching the ISFDB.org data using Solr. When we left last time, I had added pseudonym information for authors so that there was pretty good coverage of all the key...

Lorenzo Bettini11/24/11
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Using JVM Types in Xtext 2.1 and the ImportManager

Xtext 2.1 made it even easier to access Java types from your DSL; you can find some paragraphs in the documentation. In particular, the new features of Xbase seem to make this integration even more powerful!

Mark Needham11/24/11
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Java/Scala: Runtime.exec hanging/in ‘pipe_w’ state

On the system that I’m currently working on we have a data ingestion process which needs to take zip files, unzip them and then import their contents into the database. As a result we delegate from Scala code to the system unzip command like so:

Peter Lawrey11/24/11
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How arbitary is the start of System.nanoTime()?

System.nanoTime() is defined as having an arbitrary start time. However, there is no reason to make it random and it is based on an unspecified system call. On Centos 5.7 and other Linuxes I have tried, this appears to be based on the uptime.

Constantin Alin11/24/11
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Testing the lazy mechanism in EJB 3

Understanding the difference between lazy and eager loading it is an important aspect for optimal querying of database tables involved in one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many relationships. In this post, I will use EJB 3 to query data from such a...

Jakub Holý11/24/11
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Principles for Creating Maintainable and Evolvable Tests

Having [automated] unit/integration/functional/… tests is great but it is too easy for them to become a hindrance, making any change to the system painful and slow – up to the point where you throw them away. How to avoid this curse of rigid tests, too...

Mitch Pronschinske11/23/11
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DevOps is not an absolute. It's a range

Abstract by Mitchell Hashimoto: Many still consider and talk about DevOps as an absolute thing: developers and operations are the same thing. Of course, this is not the case. DevOps is a range, where on the far left we have old-style ops (very exclusive)...

Jay Fields11/23/11
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Clojure: expectations - scenarios

When I set out to write expectations I wanted to create a simple unit testing framework. I'm happy with what expectations provides for unit testing; however, I also need to write the occasional test that changes values or causes a side effect. There's no...

Trisha Gee11/23/11
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Why We Shouldn't Target Women

I'm back from Devoxx, having had lots of food for thought.  In particular, my panel on Why We Shouldn't Target Women generated a lot of discussion and I'm still trying to process it all.

Dustin Marx11/23/11
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Two Generally Useful Guava Annotations

Guava currently (Release 10) includes four annotations in its com.google.common.annotations package: Beta,

Lukas Eder11/23/11
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Java’s missing unsigned integer types

This is a topic that has been discussed many times before. Java’s lack of unsigned byte/short/int/long types. The main reasons why the JLS designers omitted those types were:

Jakub Holý11/23/11
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How to Fail With Drools or Any Other Tool/Framework/Library

What I like most at conferences are reports of someone’s failure to do or implement something for they’re the best sources of learning. And How to Fail with Drools (in Norwegian) by C. Dannevig of Know IT at JavaZone 2011 is one of them. I’d like to...

Yohan Liyanage11/23/11
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JBoss JMX Console Vulnerability – Standard Security Is Not Enough !

On 20th October 2011 JBoss released a Security Alert, informing about the existence of a worm which makes use of a security loophole in JBoss JMX Console to attack servers out there in the web. According to this notice, users running unsecured JMX consoles...