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Alex Staveley01/14/12
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Make your JAXB cleaner with the MOXy implementation

The principle advantage of using JAXB when marshalling and demarshalling XML is the programming model. Simply annotate a few POJOs and use the JAXB API's and you can serialise to XML and deserialise from XML very easily. You don't need to worry about the...

Roger Hughes01/14/12
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Approaches to XML - Part 1 - XML is not a String...

XML has been around a long time: from memory, I’d guess that it’s about 12-14 years old by now; it’s a mature product with, in computing terms, a long history. So, is there anything new that I could possibly add to this subject? How you approach XML...

Dustin Marx01/14/12
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Integrating JavaFX 2.0 with Swing and SWT

One of the improvements in JavaFX with JavaFX 2.0 has been greater ease of interoperability with Swing and SWT. Several online resources document how this is done.

Brian Swan01/13/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: 3 Components of a Successful Project

Earlier this month I attended the monthly meeting of the Seattle PHP Meetup Group. In ways I didn’t expect, it was a very interesting meeting. The content itself was interesting enough (we were talking about database design), but what I found even more...

Patrick Debois01/13/12
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Monitoring Wonderland Survey - Metrics - API - Gateways

Patrick Dubois will give an overview of somesome of the more popular open source monitoring tools and he'll show you how to make several of these tools work together efficiently and effectively so that you're not pulling your hair out because of all the...

Pablo Pareja Tobes01/13/12
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Bio4j 0.7 Release Gains Cypher and Gremlin Support

Learn about the newest release of Bio4j, which now includes AWS instances from any region, a basic REST server, and support for Cypher and Gremlin.Hi ! I’m happy to announce that the version 0.7 of Bio4j has been released. Check out the wide set of new...

Mitch Pronschinske01/13/12
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Configuring Mahout Clustering Jobs

For more than a decade internet search engines have helped users find documents they are looking for. However, what if users aren't looking for anything...

Allan Gregersen01/13/12
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Javeleon for Rapid Standard Java SE Application Development

This article covers the most fundamental concepts of the Javeleon class reloading system. Javeleon is a development tool that enables arbitrary live class updates within running applications. Javeleon is a Java agent that instruments the bytecode of loaded...

Alex Ruiz01/13/12
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Associating Xtext editors to file names, instead of file extensions

I’m currently working on a Xtext-based editor for Google’s BUILD language, as described in our Google Engineering Blog. BUILD files do not contain an extension, they are simply named “BUILD.” This naming convention make working with Xtext quite...

Juhani Lehtimaki01/13/12
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Official Android UI Design Guidelines Announced

Google has just announced Android Design guidelines. This is a huge step forwards for the platform! I urge everyone to head to the site at: developer.android.com/design I think this is going effect to my site too. There's no longer need to explain the...

Gunnar Hillert01/13/12
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Method Validation With Spring 3.1 and Hibernate Validator 4.2

JSR 303 and Hibernate Validator have been some awesome additions to the Java ecosystem, giving you a standard way to validate your domain model across application layers. Combined with the annotations of the Java Persistence API (JPA) you have some very...

Peter Lawrey01/13/12
5 replies

Using a memory mapped file for a huge matrix

Matrices can be really large, sometimes larger than you can hold in one array. You can extend the maximum size by having multiple arrays however this can make your heap size really large and inefficient. An alternative is to use a wrapper over a memory...

Mark Needham01/13/12
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The Language of Risk

A few weeks ago Chris Matts wrote an interesting blog post ‘the language of risk‘ in which he describes an approach he used to explain the processes his team uses to an auditor. Why did the auditor like what I said? Because I explained everything we did...

Howard Lewis Ship01/13/12
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Adding 'Ajax Throbbers' to Zone updates

A common desire in Tapestry is for Zone updates to automatically include a throbber (or "spinner") displayed while the Ajax update is in process. This is, unfortunately, a space where the built-in Tapestry 5.3 Zone functionality is a bit...

Dustin Marx01/13/12
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JavaFX 2.0 Bar and Scatter Charts (and JavaFX 2.1 StackedBarCharts)

JavaFX 2.0 provides built-in capabilities for generating charts, a capability found within the javafx.scene.chart package. In this post, I look at creating bar charts and a scatter chart in using JavaFX 2.0. During the course of this post, I use Guava and...