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Wade Chandler02/18/12
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Java Module Systems, SwingWorker, Runnable, Thread and Class Loader Issues

People often have a hard time getting used to a Java module system's constraints on class loaders and dealing with compile time versus runtime dependencies. There are a lot of issues just around getting the dependencies organized.

Mitch Pronschinske02/18/12
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Quick Search Reference Manual for Solr

This quick search reference is meant to help with some of the logical inconsistencies in the parameter names (e.g. query type parameter is "qt" but query parser is "deftype"). The reference is meant to help you remember these oddities that are hard to codify in your brain.

Jason Baldridge02/18/12
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Variations for computing results from sequences in Scala

A common question from students who are new to Scala is: What is the difference between using the map function on lists, using for expressions and foreach loops? One of the major sources of confusion with regard to this question is that a for expression in Scala in not the equivalent of for loops in languages like Python and Java — instead, the equivalent of for loops is foreach in Scala. This distinction highlights the importance of understanding what it means to return values versus relying on side-effects to perform certain computations. It also helps reinforce some points about fixed versus reassignable variables and immutable versus mutable data structures.

Matt Raible02/18/12
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A Web Developers' View of Play Framework 2.0

Peter Hilton's gave a talk at JFokus about Play Framework 2.0. The following are some notes and observations about his presentation.

Andrew Salvadore02/18/12
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Efficient Search And Replace in Eclipse With Regular Expressions

Using regular expressions in Eclipse to search and replace text in a file is a really useful way to make changes quickly to your code.

Jessica Thornsby02/18/12
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Polling Subversion with Jenkins

There are many advantages Jenkins can offer Apache Subversion users, one of which is the option of automatically polling Subversion repositories for changes, and creating a new build whenever changes are detected. Implementing this functionality is made easy in this tutorial.

James Carr02/17/12
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Improving Your Programming Skills: All You Need Is Motivation

In the past many people could come up with easy excuses for not learning a skill. College, after all, is quite expensive! Time consuming! I’ve even heard the lamest excuse of all where people who did go to college make the excuse that their skills are poor because their school didn’t have a good program in their field of study. Hogwash! You need to check out the free courses on programming that are all over the web like MIT's Open Courseware, which I have tried myself.

Geoffrey Papilion02/17/12
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3 Bash Expansion Tricks

Learn the answer to three questions regarding filename expansion in bash that you should have been considering long ago: What does the example script do if there is a file abc in the current directory? What if you run the same script in a directory without any files? And what if you run the example script and in a directory with no filename?

Tony Russell-rose02/17/12
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Designing Search Experience: Icon Grammar

Icons are form of symbolic language. The purpose of this section is to review some of the issues involved in developing a grammar for icons, and to explore the possibilities of applying such a grammar.

Sang Venkatraman02/17/12
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Drools Developer's Cookbook

Drools, in my opinion, is not a hard technology to get into, especially if you have done some java development and have a decent idea about decisioning systems. How the RETE algorithm works...

Wayne Adams02/17/12
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Quick Reference for Configuring JMS Resources on Application Servers

I've recently been writing JMS clients for an application I'm building and keep finding myself having to re-learn some basic configuration. While some standalone JMS servers are still quite simple to configure, the JMS resources of some application servers have become somewhat complex to configure over the years.

Andy Gibson02/17/12
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A Tip for the Fade Effect in Primefaces Components

I was trying to fade in a Primefaces panel component that was initially hidden and found it to be somewhat of a struggle. After a bit of googling, the only thing I found out was that I wasn’t the first to come across the problem.

Roger Hughes02/17/12
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Spring 3 MVC Exception Handlers and @ResponseStatus

A look at @ResponseStatus, the companion annotation to @ExceptionHandler. To get started, I’m going to dive into a simple scenario where a user sends a request containing some duff data to your webapp. We'll them see how to deal with the exception that arises because of this.

Rob Williams02/17/12
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The Difficulty With Custom @Rule in JUnit 4

There is a right way to create custom rules, but it's not as easy as you might hope. First I found a bunch of people talking about making rules by implementing MethodRule, but that is now deprecated . And then I found that you can't put a Rule inside a Rule.

Max De Marzi02/16/12
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A Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Use Graphipedia to Import Wikipedia into Neo4j

Max De Marzi introduces a new tool made by Minko Nasato called graphipedia that is written in Java. De Marzi gives non-Java readers a step-by-step process with code examples.