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John Esposito06/17/12
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An Interview with Brian O'Neill, Author of the *New Cassandra Refcard*

Brian leads design and development of a Master Data Management (MDM) solution for the Health Market industry. The solution runs on a Big Data platform powered by Cassandra. He recently contributed a RefCard on Cassandra to DZone.

Dalip Mahal06/17/12
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The Art of War: How it Applies to Software

In our modern world, software is of vital importance to your organization.   If you can build software consistently and reliably you will gain a tremendous advantage over your competition.  If developing software is like waging war then who is the enemy? ...

Walid El Sayed Aly06/17/12
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Logging with Spring JDBC and Craftsman Spy

Get to know Craftsman Spy, an open source framework for JDBC logging - it works with Spring.

Ben Wootton06/16/12
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7 Tips On Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is all about setting up your development processes such that you can deliver into production much more frequently than is typical, perhaps with multiple releases per day. Here are 7 points I took away from a recent presentation...

Jeremiah Orr06/16/12
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Secure Password Storage - Lots of Don'ts, a Few Dos, and a Concrete Java SE Example

As software developers, one of our most important responsibilities is the protection of our users' personal information. Without technical knowledge of our applications, users have no choice but to trust that we're fulfilling this responsibility. Sadly, when it comes to passwords, the software development community has a spotty track record.

Jay Fields06/15/12
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Clojure: expectations & with-redefs

In general, when I'm writing tests, the pure functions end up as bare expects and the impure functions end up as scenarios. The following contrived namespace keeps a list of users and allows you to get the full name of each user.

Joe Miller06/15/12
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How To: Install graylog2 on CentOS 5 with RVM + Passenger

I decided to see if RVM – Ruby Version Manager – would allow me to setup an isolated Ruby environment just for graylog2 and not disturb the other Ruby apps on the machine. I also wanted to setup an isolated instance of Passenger-standalone for graylog2 then configure apache to listen on port 80 and forwarding requests with mod_proxy.

Howard Lewis Ship06/15/12
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Synchronized Considered Harmful

News flash: concurrency is hard. Any time you have mutable data and multiple threads, you are just asking for abuse, and synchronized is simply not going to cut it.

Mike Christianson06/15/12
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Your Programming Language Sucks?

I met someone recently that declared “Java sucks.” One proffered argument of that “suckiness” was Java’s lack of expressiveness.

Ralf Becher06/15/12
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Working with Graph Data from Neo4j in QlikView

Now we can use graph data in a business intelligence / business discovery solution like QlikView to do some more business related analytics.

Pierre - Hugues...06/15/12
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How to Resolve java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: How to resolve – Part 2

This article is part 2 of our NoClassDefFoundError troubleshooting series. It will focus and describe the simplest type of NoClassDefFoundError problem.

Baruch Sadogursky06/15/12
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Replication! What and How.

Working in distributed teams isn’t easy. There are time zone differences, language and cultural differences, and… data distribution. When the data you need is away, you are miserable. So, let’s fix it.

Juri Strumpflohner06/14/12
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Choose Your Commit Messages Properly

How often did you take a look at the history of some file/folder?? It's just the best backup system you could have and that's one of the main purposes of a VCS

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz06/14/12
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Silverlight Clients Playing Nice With Java: REST with JAX-RS

While I think Silverlight is a technology on its way out. It is still around and it is nice to know that with a couple of simple moves you can get it to play nice even with a Java backend.

Roger Hughes06/14/12
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Defining a Class' Responsibility - Naming Part 4

In defining a class's responsibility the overriding guideline is to stick to the Single Responsibility Principle like glue and you can do this by coming up with one concise sentence that clearly reveals your object’s intent.