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Eric Genesky06/10/12
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GraphConnect Conference Visualizes Graph Leadership

The GraphConnect conference, sponsored by Neotechnology, celebrates everything graphy.

James Sugrue06/10/12
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DZone Startup Series: Broadcastr's Part in the Future of Storytelling

The DZone Startup Series focusses on companies that are using Java at the core of their business to power their startup. Today we’re kicking off the series with Broadcastr, an Android and iPhone app that creates an intimate and immersive experience by unlocking pictures and audio relevant to your current location.

Matt Vickery06/10/12
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Spring and C24 iO - Accelerating Enterprise Data Services Deployment

The focus for this series of blog articles is to explore the coupling between SpringSource's Spring Integration framework and C24s Integration Objects (iO) product.

Roger Hughes06/10/12
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CRC Cards - Naming Part 3

Another way of specifying a class’s name is to use CRC cards. Proposed by Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham1, I first came across these many years ago in Grady Booch’s book ‘OO Analysis and Design’.

Dustin Marx06/10/12
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NetBeans IDE 7.2 Introduces TestNG

One of the advantages of code generation is the ability to see how a specific language feature or framework is used. I use this post to demonstrate how NetBeans IDE 7.2 can be used to help a developer new to TestNG start using this alternative (to JUnit) test framework.

Jay Fields06/10/12
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Is Productivity Killing Your Creativity?

I'm a multi-tasking machine. I am the worlds most productive man, or so I liked to pretend.

Scott Morrison 06/10/12
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Mr. Cloud Goes to Washington

The recent publication of Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Serve the American People outlines some constructive overall goals.

Taylor Cowan06/10/12
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5 Things Java Devlopers Need to Know about Windows Azure NoSQL Storage

Taylor Cowan offers some specific insights into the nature of NoSQL on Azure. Example: Did you know that an Azure NoSQL client is deliveredas a Maven POM or simple jar file?

Adam Warski06/10/12
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Hibernate 4.1.4: Envers Tests Run & Pass on Multiple DBs

The Hibernate 4.1.4 release may seem to be a minor one, but it’s pretty important for Envers. Thanks to a huge amount of work mainly by Łukasz Antoniak and Strong Liu, with substantial help from Steve Ebersole, Envers tests are now part of the matrix testsuite.

Will Soprano06/10/12
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Grouping and Joining in Lucene / Solr

The above video shows you the improved features of Solr and Lucene that allow you to join and group fields across documents while maintaining the power of Lucene's free text search.

Pierre - Hugues...06/10/12
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How To Analyze Thread Dumps: IBM VM

This article is part 4 of our Thread Dump analysis series which will provide you with an overview of what is a JVM Thread Dump for the IBM VM and the different Threads and data points that you will find. As you will see and learn, the IBM VM Thread Dump format is different but provides even more out-of-the-box troubleshooting data.

Baruch Sadogursky06/10/12
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Go Beyond Java With CI Server and Artifactory

During the last couple of years, continuous integration (CI) and automated release management methodologies have become much stronger in non-Java builds.

Will Soprano06/09/12
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How SolrCloud Changes the User Experience in a Sharded Environment

This video focuses on the new capability's impact on the design of Solr-based search apps.

Gerard Davison06/09/12
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Off-loading test execution using Hudson/Jenkins: Part 2

Previously I have written about using Hudson to perform pre-flights using branches on source control systems; but sometimes you just have a patch file that you want to run your tests against.

Gerard Davison06/09/12
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Try With Resources Refactoring That Isn't

So I was looking at refactoring some code to use the new try/with/resources construct and found that perhaps it is not as simple as it first appears.