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Ronald Daniel06/11/12
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Calling Private Methods Publicly?

We Java developers, known 4 access modifiers in Java: private, protected, public, and package. Well, except for the private, the last three, can be called from outside of the class by inheritance, same package or from the instance.

Ron Gross06/11/12
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Interviewing? Keep it Simple, Stupid!

If any of you are intereview for a job any time soon, please take this advice to heart – just like KISS is a good principle in your every day job, it’s a great principle in a job interview.

Jens Schauder06/11/12
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The Mikado Method

Have you ever considered a large scale change to a piece of software? Something that you can’t possibly get done within a single day? Did you refrain from the change because of that? Or did you hack away on your code hiding in a corner for week. Having nightmares about merging it with all the other changes that happened in between?

Jens Schauder06/11/12
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We Need a New Movement: DbApps

You probably heard about the DevOps movement. But there is another big divide running through many software development teams: Application developers versus database developers (or administrators).

Gunnar Hillert06/11/12
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Password Security and Hash Slippage

The massive losses of password hashes at LinkedIn, eHarmony and Last.fm are very concerning, to say the least. These are companies that are generally perceived as technology leaders, particularly LinkedIn

Nicolas Frankel06/11/12
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Using GWT Widgets in Vaadin 7 - Part 2

We've seen how to wrap a Vaadin component around a GWT widget so that we're able to manipulate on server-side components. For the time being, we are unable to configure the widget though. We're lacking a vital part in Vaadin-GWT teaming: the shared state.

Matthew Schmidt06/11/12
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First Ever Oracle AQ & .NET Integration!

Just about any .NET and Java applications can be integrated these days with a little bit of hacking by the experts at JNBridge. Their solution basically takes care of the black magic associated with having a deeper, more reliable Java-.NET interop solution. Today they added another first in the world of .NET - Java interop.

Fabrizio Giudici06/11/12
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Automating Maven switch to alternate settings

My projects are all open source, thus they require no privacy; my customers' ones aren't, so they are stored into an encrypted partition. But, note: what about their artifacts?

Eric Genesky06/11/12
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Video: Amazon Web Services for Java Developers

This half-hour webinar from UC Irvine suggests that AWS offers the perfect infrastructure to Java developers looking to save money with infinite scalability of resources.

Markus Eisele06/11/12
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If You Aren't Among Those Finding Bugs You Might be Among Those Complaining About Them Later

Use whatever version number your favorite software, framework or more generally product has at the moment. Apply the precautions you always apply being a responsible developer, architect or project manager and if there isn't any other way: Contribute your findings.

Dustin Marx06/11/12
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Early JavaOne 2012 Abstract Acceptances

An early look at the types of sessions we can expect at JavaOne 2012 is now available with news getting out about which abstracts have been accepted and which have been declined.

Troy Hunt06/11/12
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I’d Like to Share My LinkedIn Password With You – Here’s Why

Chances are you’ve used your password somewhere else before and guess what that means? Yep, suddenly you start tweeting about Acai berries.

Nicolas Frankel06/11/12
3 replies

Ways of comparing Date Objects in Java

Let's face it, compairing Date objects in Java is complex and as well as error-prone. This is the case in standard code, but this is also the case in testing code, where we regularly need to create Date objects that point at specific instant in time, to be our reference in comparison.

Krishna Kumar06/10/12
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Validation Through Rejection

Is it true that if someone out there doesn’t hate your product, it’s probably not worth using? Let's explore the idea of trying to please everyone with your software products.

Gerard Davison06/10/12
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Off-Loading Test Execution Using Hudson/Jenkins: Part 3, skipping the queue

Previously I had looked at preflighting, with Hudson (And Jenkins) but forgot to mention a very important plugin that is essential if you want to convince your developer to preflight there work. The problem is that is the slave allotment/smallholder/farm is busy running other jobs then they are forced to wait before merging.