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Charles Moulliard05/01/12
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3 Reasons to Use FuseSource Docs for Apache Camel, ServiceMix, and Karaf

Reason 1 : Fuse maintains history of Apache releases, Reason 2 : Javadoc and Schema are well documented, Reason 3...

Spike Morelli05/01/12
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NoOps: The Good, the Fad and the Ugly

When the term NoOps was coined by Forrester last April it stirred up a lot of controversy online, especially in the DevOps camp. The discussion has been ongoing since then with no resolution. What I’m gonna argue is that except for the random troll, everybody is working toward the same goal and the problem is terminology.

Mark O'neill05/01/12
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Pro Tip: Find Out How Long a Web Service Call Takes

Here are some additional ways you can measure the time a Gateway takes to call a Web Service and the duration of running a Web Service filter.

Michael Mccandless05/01/12
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Lucene's TokenStreams are Actually Graphs!

In the examples of this article, each node is a position, and each arc is a token. The TokenStream enumerates a directed acyclic graph, one arc at a time. Bit by bit our token streams are producing graphs!

James Sugrue05/01/12
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Oracle vs Google: End Of Phase One

Following a weekend where James Gosling says that 'Google totally slimed Sun', both Oracle and Google delivered their closing statements yesterday, leaving the decision of whether Google violated Oracle copyright, in the hands of the jury. It's not over yet though - phase two of the trial will deal with the patent infringement issues once the jury finish their deliberations.

Tom Jefferys04/30/12
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Google Guava: Multisets

Continuing this tour of Guava we get to the Multiset. I probably don't use this as much as Multimaps or Bimaps, but it certainly does have it's uses.

Sai Geetha M N04/30/12
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Unit Testing and Code Coverage for Android

This is a very small post for all those who have been strugling to generate the Android Test Coverage Using the ant scripts provided by the Android SDK.

Howard Lewis Ship04/30/12
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Yet Another Bit of Spock Love

I'm gradually converting a back-log of existing tests to Spock ... and some of them convert so beautifully, it hurts. Here's an example.

Andy Gibson04/30/12
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Get Yourself a Reputation at Work

For most of us, as programmers, we are a pretty lucky bunch. We get paid handsomely (or at least nicely) for doing something which we enjoy, will never go out of fashion and provides a great deal of benefit to the companies we do it for, if not the world at large.

Ricardo Zuasti04/30/12
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Preventing CSRF in Java Web Apps

Cross-site request forgery attacks (CSRF) are very common in web applications and can cause significant harm if allowed. Luckily preventing CSRF attacks is quite simple

Steve Chaloner04/30/12
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Writing modules for Play 2: Interceptors

In the first part of this tutorial, we looked at the bare basics for creating, publishing and calling a module. The module we created didn’t really do much, so now it’s time to look at expaning the functionality using some of Play’s features.

Jp Morgenthal04/30/12
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The Key To Private Cloud is Removing IT Stratification

JP Morgenthal considers the high cost of operations at many businesses to be reflective of an often stratified IT system that needs to be dismantled in order for a transition to the cloud to be successful.

Claus Ibsen04/30/12
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Check out Beta Releases for Fuse ESB, Fuse MQ, and More

FuseSource recently launched the 7.0 a beta release line of our upcoming Fuse Enterprise products. There have been several online sessions reviewing the new features.

Eric Genesky04/30/12
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Apache TomEE: A Tomcat for the Cloud

Tomcat is a popular servlet and lightweight application among much of the Java community, so TomEE should come as welcome news to those who are looking for a cloud solution that retains Tomcat.

Markus Eisele04/30/12
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JavaOne 2012 Analysis - Speaker and Proposal Stats

Based on the complete data for what has been submitted to JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco I will let you have a look at types, distribution and speakers.