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Michael Mainguy03/20/12
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Why Some People Think Messaging Is More Scaleable

I've often been around (or in the middle) of debates about how message oriented middleware is more scaleable than web services. The problem with this debate is that it is a false dichotomy.

Mark Needham03/20/12
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Waiting for the Abstractions to Emerge

One of the things that I’ve learnt while developing code in an incremental way is that the way the code should be designed isn’t going to be obvious straight away so we need to be patience and wait for it to emerge.

Steve Ferg03/20/12
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The Basics of Unicode

Steve Ferg previously posted on Python encoding using Unicode. In this post, Steve has condensed many of his previous writings into the Basics of Unicode, which looks at the "big picture" of Unicode. As Steve cautions, large areas are summarized, nits are not picked, hairs are not split, and wind resistance is ignored...

Jp Morgenthal03/20/12
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Just Because the Cloud Offers Scalability, Doesn't Mean that You Automatically Inherit It

It's easy to believe that the cloud offers automatic scalability. Morgenthal discusses this common misunderstanding, as well as the role of the cloud in big government.

Eric Genesky03/20/12
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Smaller Servers Reap Big Performance with Wordnik's Return to the Cloud

The physical-virtual server shift can lead to loss of time and money, but not for Wordnik, a site that provides example sentences, punctuation, and user comments for millions of English Language words.

Mitch Pronschinske03/20/12
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Netflix is Not Doing "NoOps"

Does Netflix have an Ops team? Twitter has been buzzing back and forth about this NoOps declaration recently but now Adrian Cockcroft has revealed the truth about how things work at Netflix...

Markus Eisele03/20/12
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Why I Think the JCP is Wrong About JSR 357 and Innovation

JSR 357 would introduce Social Media API, but was declined by eight EC members. Reasons include that the JSR is "far too wide" (IBM) and that it is "too early to start standardizing on social" (Twitter).

Stoimen Popov03/20/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Radix Sort

Stoimen Popov continues his series on Algorithms, this week tackling Radix Sort. In this post, Stoimen explains the implementation of Radix Sort using PHP, and provides a Pros and Cons list to help you decide if Radix Sort is right for your situation.

Geoffrey Papilion03/20/12
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The Most Important Languages For DevOps

First and foremost, this is a biased article. These are all my own opinions, and come from my working experience. That said, it's probably got several ratings that you'll agree with, and certainly some that you'll disagree with.

Rafał Kuć03/20/12
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Solr 3.6 New Feature Review: CurrencyField

Solr 3.6 will have an interesting new feature for currency handling called solr.CurrencyField. Why do we need this when you can just use float for currency handling? In this post you'll see why this feature is going to be useful...

Jim Connors03/20/12
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Take Two: Comparing JVMs on ARM/Linux

Although the intent of the previous article, entitled Comparing JVMs on ARM/Linux, was to introduce and highlight the availability of the HotSpot server compiler (referred to as c2) for Java SE-Embedded ARM v7, it seems, based on feedback, that everyone was more interested in the OpenJDK comparisons to Java SE-E.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz03/20/12
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Filtering the Stack Trace From Hell

A stack trace is a priceless source of information. But what do you do when you get the stack trace from hell - with hundreds of irrelevant and cryptic messages?

Peter Lawrey03/20/12
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Inspirational Quotes About System Design

There are a few quotes I think of when thinking about computer design. These are not specifically about computers, but I think they are appropriate.

Carey Flichel03/20/12
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Computing the Common and Unique Elements in Multiple Collections

On occasion, you’ll find you need to determine which elements in one collection exist in another, which are common, and/or which don’t exist in another collection.

Nicolas Frankel03/20/12
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Preserving State Between Refreshes

By default, Vaadin 7 doesn't maintain state between refreshes. But this can easily be resolved using the preserveRoot method.