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James Sugrue11/04/11
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Making It Easier to Roll Your Own DSL on the JVM : Xtext 2.1 Now Available

Almost 10 years to the day, IBM open-sourced Eclipse, giving the developers a platform and IDE that has continually gone from strength to strength. In recent years, Xtext has been one of the most popular projects in the eco-system,providing the possibility to...

Jim Bird11/04/11
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There's more to Managing Software Debt

If you work with a big system over time, you have to learn how to recognize and deal with technical debt, and how to keep debt under control. Like a married couple with 2 kids in college, paying off a mortgage and a couple of car loans, debt is a fact of...

Axel Rauschmayer11/04/11
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JavaFX open-sourced as JFX

This is big news. Quoting an email from the OpenJDK mailing list [via Developpez.com]: As announced at JavaOne we (Oracle) would love to contribute JavaFX into OpenJDK as a new project called "JFX". The email also enumerates the feature...

Jay Fields11/03/11
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Clojure: expectations with values in vectors, sets, and maps

I've previously written about verifying equality and the various non-equality expectations that are available. This entry will focus on another type of comparison that is allowed in expectations - verifying that an 'expected' value is in an 'actual'...

Jakub Holý11/03/11
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Groovy: Creating an Interface Stub and Intercepting All Calls to It

It’s sometimes useful for unit testing to be able to create a simple no-op stub of an interface the class under test depends upon and to intercept all calls to the stub, for example to remember all the calls and parameters so that you can later verify...

Ant Kutschera11/03/11
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When tool strategy get on your nerves

A long time ago, before the days of code prettifiers like Jalopy, we wrote code and we tested code. That code was fun to write. And because it was fun to write, we were motivated to write it well and test it well. Welcome Jalopy

Matt Raible11/03/11
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Play Scala's Anorm, Heroku and PostgreSQL Issues

This article is the 5th in a series on about my adventures developing a Fitness Tracking application for my talk at Devoxx in two weeks. Previous articles can be found at:

Chad Lung11/03/11
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Build a Spring-Data project with MongoDB in under 5 minutes using Netbeans 7 and Maven

Spring-Data is a rapidly moving project and has support for many technologies such as non-relational databases, map-reduce frameworks, and cloud based data services as well as providing support for relational databases. Today I’m going to focus on their...

John Cook11/03/11
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Big Data and Humility

One of the challenges with big data is to properly estimate your uncertainty. Often “big data” means a huge amount of data that isn’t exactly what you want. As an example, suppose you have data on how a drug acts in monkeys and you want to infer how...

Mitch Pronschinske11/03/11
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Distributed Application Architecture is the New Big Challenge - DevOps Orchestration Won't Solve it

DevOps doesn't alleviate the fundamental problems arising from inproperly built distributed applications says Rob Hirschfeld in his response to the 451 Group's recent Cloudscape Report.  The onus, he says, is now on developers to find the solutions to...

Jay Fields11/02/11
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Clojure: Non-equality expectations

In my last blog post I gave examples of how to use expectations to test for equality. This entry will focus on non-equality expectations that are also available.Regexexpectations allows you to specify that you expect a regex, and if the string matches that...

Roger Hughes11/02/11
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Using Spring MVC’s @ModelAttribute Annotation

The @ModelAttribute annotation is used as part of a Spring MVC web app and can be used in two scenarios.

John Ferguson Smart11/02/11
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Getting started with Thucydides – using the Thucydides Maven Archetypes

Thucydides is an open source library that lets you use WebDriver/Selenium 2 to write better acceptance tests. . The easiest way to start a new Thucydides project is to use the Maven archetype.

Bill Bejeck11/02/11
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Android Drag and Drop (Part 1)

This is the first post in a 3 part series that is going to cover implementing Drag and Drop in an Android application. (I am currently using version 4.0 of the sdk, but I originally wrote the code in this series with the 3.1 version.) Why Use Drag and...

Mitch Pronschinske11/02/11
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Can a Search Query Predict Stock Markets?

According to a new paper from the Institute of Complex Systems in Rome, a volume of Yahoo search queries related to companies on the NASDAQ-100 were correlated with the volumes of trades in those same companies in the following days. Here's the abstract: