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Mihai Dinca - P...06/26/12
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Using Cookies to implement a RememberMe functionality

Some web applications may need a "Remember Me" functionality. This means that, after a user login, user will have access from same machine to all its data even after session expired. This access will be possible until user does a logout.

Mark Needham06/26/12
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How to Find the Most Connected Neo4j Node Using Cypher

An attempt to use Neo4j to figure out which people within the graph have worked with the most co-workers

Antonio Santiago06/26/12
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Get to Know Jelastic, the Cloud Platform for Java

Unlike other popular PaaSes (AWS, GAE, Azure), Jelastic is completely oriented towards Java and, according to this author, easy to use.

Slim Ouertani06/26/12
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XML-RPC using scala

On Telecom IT environment and specially middelware solution, we will rarely do all the work but rather delegate some of business process to other tiers. Web service communications is heavy used between solutions.

Stoimen Popov06/25/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Binary Search Tree

This week's algorithm of the week is in! It encompasses Linked lists. Linked lists are a linear structure and the items are located one after another, each pointing to its predecessor and its successor.

Roger Hughes06/25/12
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Facebook and Twitter: Behind the Scenes

In my last blog I created a simple Twitter application that uses the Spring Social Twitter module to access a user’s public time line data. As I said in that blog, the example isn’t particularly complicated and I’ll be adding extra features later. Before I do that I wanted to explain a little about what a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, such as Facebook and Twitter, is and show something of what the Spring Social API is doing for you.

Brian Whalley06/25/12
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The DevOps Reading List: 10 Books & Blogs You Should Be Reading

Here’s a selection of great DevOps-related blogs and books. There’s also a Google Reader bundle or RSS feed that you can use to subscribe at the bottom of that section.

Singaram Subramanian06/25/12
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How LinkedIn is Building a New Architecture with OSGi

While looking for real-life case studies of OSGi implementations, I managed to find one of the most high profile deployments. Where? At LinkedIn. Enjoy "Building LinkedIn‘s Next Generation Architecture with OSGi"

Loiane Groner06/25/12
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Java Example: List all Files from a Directory (or Subdirectory)

This is a basic algorithm, but it can be very useful in some situations and very handy for those that are learning Java.

Robin Bramley06/25/12
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Monitoring MarkLogic

This is a quick how-to post for Opsview users who have a need to monitor MarkLogic.

Remy Sharp06/25/12
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Development Trick: Auto-updating & Auto-reloading

What’s neat is I’ve got it to automatically pull the latest changes from github and automatically restart my Node process. I don’t claim this to be particularly clever, and I’m sure I should be able to trigger a pull on the server as a push happens, but this works fairly well for my development workflow

Grant Ingersoll06/25/12
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Search (Business) Rules!

One of the most frequent requests we get from customers is they want easier ways to express business needs as part of their search infrastructure.

Trisha Gee06/25/12
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Overheard: Development Myths

A discussion of some myths I've overheard about software development, such as "to developers technologies are everything".

Steve Francia06/25/12
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MongoDB: Replication, Durability, and Disaster Recovery

This session introduces the basic components of high availability before going into a deep dive on MongoDB replication.

Chris Keene06/25/12
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8 Tips for Building Apps from Big Data

Some of the best practices for building apps with the help of big data include lightweight services, mobile-first UI, and a few others.