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Jenny Yang10/22/14
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Security Coordination for Web Services Beyond XML Firewalling

Traditional development produces applications that are closed to wide usage. Custom development is required to open these programs to wide-scale integration. In contrast, Web services applications are by default open to other systems and additional configuration is required to block access.

Andreas Kollegger10/22/14
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Switching From MongoDB to Neo4j

Shindig is a mobile app (iOS, Android) that helps you explore new drinks and share them with the world. Take a picture of what you’re drinking, tag it with taste tags, share it, earn rewards and gameification points, follow famous mixologists and drink aficionados and search for the best drinks nearby.

Arian Celina10/22/14
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HTML5 Local Storage API

It has started to become a common requirement for Web applications to have some support for offline usage. HTML 5 local storage (hereafter local storage) is one of the options to consider when you need to support offline use of your web application. But what is local storage, and when should you consider it. Let’s go through what you need to know before you start using local storage.

Sergei Egorov10/22/14
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Debugging Gradle plugins with IntelliJ IDEA

This article will explain how to debug Gradle plugins in IDEA without remote debug, just like a normal Java application.

Dave Rooney10/22/14
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Uh Oh... We Discovered More Stories!

While Story Mapping goes a long way towards identifying the work that needs to be completed to deliver a viable system, you will inevitably miss some stories. This is a natural outcome of the discovery process that is inherent to software development.

Nishant Chandra10/22/14
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Stuff Software Engineers Should Know About Product Management!

Product management tips for software engineers to make sound decisions.

Rajat Jaiswal10/22/14
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Find Last Statistics Updated Date Detail: Maintenance TIP #59

One of the pain points for any SQL engineer is “Performance”. There are various reasons due to which your SQL Server database is slow.

Val Huber10/22/14
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Criteria for Selecting Your REST Services Platform

This blog, the last article in this series, addresses the following two key issues: how to build the REST infrastructure for database access, and what are the requirements you should expect from your vendors of REST infrastructure.

Gen Furukawa10/22/14
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Cloud Database Security, Farms and Restaurants: The Importance of Knowing Your Sources

Securing cloud-based assets starts by applying data-security practices modified to address the characteristics of virtual-network environments. Cloud services are slowly gaining the trust of IT managers who are hesitant to extend the security to accommodate placing their critical business assets in the cloud.

Don Pinto10/22/14
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Couchbase JPA Level 2 Cache

Many enterprises are turning to us to help add a cache to an existing application or evolve applications to next generation technologies. For these level two cache implementations we’ve helped develop a data access layer for applications in the Spring project.

Trevor Parsons10/22/14
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4 Alerts You Need In Case System Events Stop Occurring

I have included the top four alerts to must have so you know when log events stop occurring or significant system behavior changes.

Omri Erel10/22/14
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3 Valuable Applications for Price Optimization and Management

Most businesses have adopted procurement management techniques to assist profitability by cutting down production costs. There are however, only a few companies which are addressing pricing strategies in order to drive revenue, which is the profitability equation’s other half.

Franck Wolff10/21/14
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The case for a Couldbe Monad (or why null isn't undefined)

This article discusses about a "Couldbe" monad that has three different states (Undefined, None and Some) and the use we could make of it in the context of partial serialization and JPA lazy associations.

Ana-maria Mihalceanu10/21/14
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Understanding Information Retrieval by Using Apache Lucene and Tika - Part 1

This tutorial will explain the Lucene and Tika frameworks will be explained through their core concepts (parsing, mime detection, indexing, scoring, boosting) via illustrative examples that should be applicable to not only seasoned software developers but to beginners to content analysis and programming as well.

Ajitesh Kumar10/21/14
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ReactJS & Bootstrap UI Template

This article represents take away code for working with ReactJS and Bootstrap CSS library.