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Chen Harel11/19/14
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Supercharged jstack: How to Debug Your Servers at 100mph

The first question is how can you add state to your jstack print out? The answer is simple and powerful - thread names. While many mistakenly consider a thread name to be an immutable, or an OS determined property, it’s in fact a mutable and incredibly important trait that each thread has.

Hubert Klein Ikkink11/19/14
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Gradle Goodness: Check Task Dependencies With a Dry Run

We can run a Gradle build without any of the task actions being executed. This is a so-called dry run of our build. We can use the dry run of a build to see if the task dependencies we have defined or are defined in a plugin are defined properly.

Gaurav Mantri11/19/14
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Azure SDK 2.5 and Cloud Service Diagnostics

Recently Azure team announced the availability of SDK 2.5. One of the major change that was done in this release is related to diagnostics. In this post we will talk about diagnostics changes in the latest SDK. First let’s talk about the new stuff you get in the latest version of diagnostics.

Pieter Humphrey11/19/14
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Spring Session 1.0.0.RC1 Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Spring Session 1.0.0.RC1. For full details on the changes made in the release, please refer to the changelog. The highlights of this release include: WebSocket support, simultaneous sessions in browsers, simplified configuration, and background task support cleanup.

Erich Styger11/19/14
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Engineering Joke of the Week: The Train Ticket

On a train to a large computer convention, there was a bunch of engineers and a bunch of managers...

Steven Lott11/19/14
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Declarative Programming

Declarative programming seems applicable to the cases where the ordering of operations can be easily deduced. It seems like the significant value of declarative programming is to rely on an optimizing compiler rearrange the declarations into properly-ordered imperative steps.

Lauren Clapper11/19/14
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Da Vinci in the Digital Age: How Art is Incorporating Technology and Inspiring Innovation

You may not think of art and technology as intrinsically linked. But both fields are creative, and both are heavily visual. Individuals working in both fields are fascinated by the cutting edge, and they are passionate about their craft - and museums and galleries are taking notice.

Arian Celina11/19/14
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Architecture of Web Applications

I consider software development more art than exact science, and as such, in software development almost always there is not a single way of solving a problem. With applications, REST has risen to popularity, but is it really the greatest fix-all for all your needs?

Tony Siciliani11/19/14
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Android Tips: Add an On/Off Toggle for a Widget

When we need to give to users of our apps the ability to switch on/off a given feature, we automatically think of check boxes, toggle buttons or switches. If we’re looking for something entirely different, there are other ways to give users a visual feedback on whether a given feature is enabled or not, such as icons.

Matt Lacey11/19/14
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How to Add a Twitter Feed to Your App Studio App

I've recently released an app for the UK based charity Toilet Twinning. The app started life in App Studio but I wanted to add the ability to show tweets from a specific account in the app. This post is an attempt to address this and show how to add a twitter feed to an app studio app.

Lauren Clapper11/18/14
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Nokia's N1: Is It Just Another iPad Imitator?

Only months after selling its device business to Microsoft, Nokia has announced its N1 tablet. While it might look familiar to you, it has some slick features that will set it apart from its competitors.

Juhani Lehtimaki11/18/14
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The State of Android Hardware Companion Apps

Time after time I keep running to this same issue: hardware companies don't get Android.

Tom O'connor11/18/14
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A Guide to Ansible Galaxy

I've started using more and more from Ansible Galaxy. For those of you who don't know, Galaxy is a community "app store"-like thing for sharing reusable Ansible Roles.

Peter Zaitsev11/18/14
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Data Inconsistencies on MySQL Replicas: Beyond pt-table-checksum

Percona Toolkit’s pt-table-checksum is a great tool to find data inconsistencies between a MySQL master and its replicas. However, you may want to know which exact rows are different to identify the statements that created the inconsistency.

Sameer Bhatia11/18/14
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How the Internet of Things Will Change How You Live

Social media, mobile connectivity, Candy Crush—these things are old news. There is a bigger, badder technological revolution occurring: the Internet of Things, aka the IoT, in which everything from appliances to cows to us is online.