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Daily Dose - Gemini Web M4 Upgrades Tomcat 6.0.29

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The fourth milestone of Gemini Web (formerly Spring Dynamic Modules) was released today with various test and build improvements.  The project has also brought upgrades to Tomcat 6.0.29 that close security holes.  The changes also make embedded Tomcat work well inside an OSGi container. That upgrade has been present in the Tomcat 7 line for a long time, but it wasn't approved by the Apache Tomcat community for inclusion in Tomcat 6.  The new milestone also restructures Tomcat bundles to enable clustering.

iOS 4.1 Released
The next version of iOS brings HDR photos, the Game Center, a fix for the proximity sensor, and more.  The update is only available for iPhones so iPad owners will have to wait a little longer for things like multitasking and Game Center.  This latest version of iOS was announced during Steve Job's last presentation, which introduced other new Apple toys like the new Apple TV and new iPods.

YUI 3.2 Recognizes Gestures
The Yahoo User Interface (YUI) JavaScript framework reached version 3.2 this week.  The framework now supports touch events and gestures through simplified events such as 'flick'.  The framework is modularized for different browsers, so it can really harness the high performance of modern browsers and still support older ones like IE 6-8.

"Super Fast Graphics" in Firefox 4 Beta 5
Mozilla is approaching the GA release for Firefox 4 with today's Beta 5 release.  The latest beta includes a new audio API and excellent graphics capabilities due to enhanced hardware acceleration.  The new audio API exposes the raw audio data in the audio and video HTML5 elements so that developers can read and write the raw audio data within the browser.

Agile Ruined My Life
Beware of 2-day courses that claim to make you a "master". 
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