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Daily Dose - Google Pays Big Money to Keep Developers from Going to Facebook

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LinkedIn has tracked approximately 118 former Google employees who have left after Facebook made offers that they couldn't refuse.  These offers likely included low priced private stock, according to TechCrunch.  That stock could end up hitting $100 billion in total value over then next few years, and just a small percentage of that would still mean that stockholders are set for life.  In response, Google has been making exorbitant counteroffers.  One offer, TechCrunch confirms, included a 15% raise on a $150k salary, quadruple stock benefits, and a $500k cash bonus to stay for the year.  That particular employee took the Facebook offer anyway.  

IBM Unveils 5.2 GHz Chip
This week IBM announced that it had created the fastest microprocessor yet.  The z196 chip contains 1.4 billion transistors and measures 512 square millimeters.  The chip has a 64KB L1 instruction cache, a 128KB L1 data cache, a 1.5MB private L2 cache in each core, and a pair of co-processors for cryptographic operations.  The z196 will ship with Z-series mainframes in September.

Maverick Milestones Finished - Meerkat Goes Beta
Ubuntu 10.10 beta was released this week.  The beta is now based on the 2.6.35-19.28 Linux kernel and GNOME 2.31.  Changes between the last milestone and the beta include music playback controls in the Sound Indicator plus various updated packages.  The beta also includes an unreleased 3.6.9 version of Firefox.

BigCouch For Everyone to Sit On
Cloudant, a company that provides CouchDB hosting, has open sourced their 'BigCouch' software project this week under Apache v2.  BigCouch can be thought of as a set of Erlang/OTP applications that let you create a distributed cluster of CouchDBs.  You can find BigCouch on GitHub and try it for yourself.

Progress Buy a Bridge in Brooklyn (Savvion BRMS) and make Del Boy Trotter Proud
Earlier this year someone packaged up the open source Drools BRMS and added one of the more uninspiring industry BPM products and sold it to Progress for $49 million, who are calling it Savvion BRMS, otherwise known as "A Bridge in Brooklyn".  Mark Proctor posted this link.
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Fabrizio Giudici replied on Tue, 2010/09/07 - 3:40am

Interesting, but as usual every fact must be considered in the context. In the linked Linkedin report I can read:


After Google employees went to...

For sure Facebook is a hot topic because the incoming stock quotation, etc... but in general it seems that a lot of people enter and exit Google by routine...


Reid Atherton replied on Tue, 2010/09/07 - 11:13am

All the numbers for the kernel version make me chuckle, trying to use linear numbers in a heavily decentralized context. The most useful thing one can say is the description in the linked text: "which is based on the  upstream stable kernel". 

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