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Daily Dose - Chromium OS on the iPad

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A developer who provides nightly Chromium builds has managed to port Google's Chromium OS to the iPad.  He posted a picture of the iPad's web page running in a Chrome browser on the iPad.  However, he's planning to post on the "few catches" inherent in this type of port.

ElectricCommander For the Little Guy
Electric Cloud recently unveiled their Workgroup Edition of the ElectricCommander "build-test-deploy" automation system.  This minified version is specialized for smaller teams of developers.  The capabilities of ElectricCommander execute build and testing tasks as early as possible with the results being analyzed in real time.  It's especially helpful for keeping an agile cadence.

Marry Your PHP Code to Amazon's Cloud
Amazon Web Services announced the release of an official SDK for developing AWS-ready PHP apps.  The SDK has a library, code samples, and documentation that can get PHP easily onto Amazon's cloud services, such as EC2, S3, and Simple DB.  This should bring even more scalability to an already highly-scalable programming language.

Atlassian Acquires
The Australian open source company, Atlassian, has acquired  Bitbucket is a prominent hosted code collaboration site for Mercurial projects.  This acquisition should bring expanded DVCS support to Atlassian products.  They're adding the 60k users from Bitbucket to their 36k hosted JIRA, Confluence, and JIRA Studio community.

Map Reduce: A really simple introduction
Anyone can understand MapReduce after this description.  Kaushik Sathupadi brought us this link.
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