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Daily Dose - ZFS Creator Leaves Oracle

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Jeff Bonwick, the software engineer who led the team that created ZFS, is leaving his position as an Oracle VP.  In his blog, Bonwick gave no sign of rancor toward his employers.  Having worked at Sun/Oracle for 20 years, Bonwick gave a heartfelt farewell to the Solaris team and the developers he had been working with.  Bonwick said he has identified an opportunity he "just can't resist."

WebOS For HP Only
Executive HP VP Todd Bradley emphatically stated this week that his company would not make webOS available to other handset or tablet makers.  The decision isn't surprising since HP would have to forgo plenty of revenue in order to give it away for free and compete with Android.  Instead, HP will take a more Apple-like approach in order to make more money out of the deal.  HP is also determined not to make the same mistakes Palm did when they spun off their OS and muddied the Palm brand. Forks - Now Called LibreOffice
Supported by several big companies, including Google, Red Hat, and Novell, the newly formed Document Foundation is forking the OpenOffice software into a new FOSS project called LibreOffice.  The split comes after many months of uncertainty about the continuing open development of the OpenOffice suite.  Oracle has only said that it plans to make a proprietary cloud-based version of OpenOffice.  A beta version of the LGPLv3 licensed LibreOffice is available now.

CodePlex Foundation Changes Name, Stops Confusion
After years of confusion with Microsoft's hosting site for its own open source projects,, the separate CodePlex Foundation has decided to change its name to the Outercurve Foundation.  The newly-named Outercurve Foundation is becoming more and more independent from Microsoft.  Earlier this year they accepted their first non-Microsoft project.  Outercurve is still populated with many Microsoft personnel.  

Java Barcode API
Learn how to read and write different types of bar codes (including the QR Code) from a Java program.  Thanks for the link, Vineet Manohar!
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Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Wed, 2010/09/29 - 3:19pm

> ZFS Creator Leaves Oracle
Does this have anything to do with Oracle's btrfs program? From what I gathered, btrfs is a better fit for Linux... EXT4 was meant to be an interim step of sorts to btrfs. However, EXT4 is totally clobbering the lot of them.
is EXT4 a fork now and does Oracle have any input in it at all?

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