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Daily Dose - Apache Celebrates its Millionth Code Commit

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  lucene/ r1000000 yonik
SOLR-2128: full param substitution for function queries
This was the 1,000,000th commit at the Apache Foundation this week contributed by Yonik Seeley, the creator of Apache Solr.  The commit was to Solr's parent project, Lucene.  Congratulations Apache!

The BlackPad Cometh
A report by the Wall Street Journal says that RIM could release a new tablet as early as next week.  The unconfirmed details say that it will have a seven-inch touchscreen, 1-2 cameras, and bluetooth/broadband connections.  The operating system will be built by QNX systems. 

Chrome Frame is Stable
The Chrome Frame extension for IE 6, 7, and 8 has officially finished its beta period and is now fully stable for users who want to access modern web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, etc.) on these legacy browsers.  The stable version is faster and simpler.  Moving forward, the project developers hope to make the tool even faster.

JBoss Developer Studio is Free and in Early Access
Version 4 of JBoss Developer Studio is now in the early access stage and free to download.  JBoss Developer Studio is the IDE for development on the JBoss Middleware stack.  It's based on the free Eclipse IDE and JBoss Tools project.  Dev Studio also gives you access to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.1 if you're an existing Red Hat customer and/or a early access participant.

JavaOne 2010: Unlimited Hotswapping for Java
At JavaOne there will be a new open source project unveiled that allows unlimited hotswapping for Java.
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