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Daily Dose - SproutCore 1.4 Grows Touch Support

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A new release arrived for the SproutCore framework that builds nativeized web apps.  The new release, 1.4, has more touch events for mobile devices and better animation support.  The build tools such as Abbot have gotten a speed boost in this release.  Finally, there were some experimental features including a TableView, CollectionView Fast Path, and a full-fledged interface builder written in SproutCore itself.

Microsoft in Oracle's Corner on Google Fight
The Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft's mobile group has taken the opportunity to draw distinctions between Windows Phone 7 and Android by supporting Oracle in the Google v. Oracle lawsuit.  Insisting that it is a "fact" that Google infringes on Oracle patents, Tivanka Ellawala noted that this infringement problem isn't a problem for Microsoft's new mobile OS.  He says that the hidden costs of Android's Linux-based platform are greater than the costs of using Microsoft's platform.

Narcissus and Zaphod
Mozilla has released tools this week to take a deeper look into Firefox.  The first is Narcissus, a JavaScript engine that is simpler and less affected by changes in the codebase.  Zaphod is a script look-up and parsing tool.  With these tools, Mozilla hopes to see more developers testing browser components successfully.

Web in a Box… Made of Perl
A new MVC web framework called "Mojolicious" uses a Perl API.  Mojolicious also includes a full stack HTTP 1.1 and WebSocket client-server implementation with support for TLS, IDNA, pipelining, and IPv6.  

Making the best of an unproductive day
As software developers our job involves thinking. A lot of thinking. To do this properly your mind has to be in good shape.
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