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Daily Dose - ZFS Finally Getting Data Encryption

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Sun/Oracle developers have been working on bringing cryptography functions to ZFS, and now Oracle is announcing that this feature will likely be included in Solaris Express 2010.  The blog post that reveals the new feature will have support for encrypted ZFS datasets, which implies there will be an encryption of the entire file system.  The boot file system will remain unencrypted.  

Windows Pad By Christmas
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says that his company will have tablet devices running Windows by Christmas of this year.  Ballmer has been frantically trying to produce a Windows-based competitor to the iPad.  So far, they've had trouble porting the dominant PC OS to tablet devices.

Tcat Server Adds New Security, Dashboards, and Alerts
Tcat Server 6 R4, released in the last few days, features configurable alerts based on the performance of a web app.  The dashboard is now customizable  and now includes complete access to Tomcat JMX metrics.  The new version also features fine-grained security permissions options for administrators.

Wine Gets ARM Support
The latest release of Wine, the Windows app-on-Linux enabling software, provides Winlib support for the ARM chip architecture.  Wine 1.3.4 also includes a new built-in taskkill.exe application and an implementation of AcceptEx.  Finally, there are some improved security checks for SSL connections.

Microsoft patents IDE 'to-do' list
"US Patent No. 6,748,582, granted and assigned on Tuesday to Microsoft, covers the use of a "task list" in a software-development environment.  Thanks for the link , Jörg Buchberger.
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