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Daily Dose - Go to the 'Go Playground'

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Google's website for exploring their new programming language now includes a new feature called the Go Playground.  The Playground allows anyone to write code in Go that can be immediately compiled, linked, and deployed on Google's servers.  The application shows example programs to get you started.  For more experienced users, it can be a place to experiment.  Don't try and write a virus for Google's servers though.  The programs run in a sandbox with a reduced standard library.

Another Pair of Hibernate Releases
JBoss released the final version of Hibernate 3.5.6 today along with the first release candidate of 3.6.  Version 3.5.6 got a few bugfixes and upgraded to the most recent Infinispan for the final release.  3.6 CR1 adds more documentation and improves support for Sybase ASE 15.  

Chrome 7 Claims 60x Speed Boost
Google engineer James Robinson's blog post, in which he measures up to a 60-fold speed increase from Chrome 6 to 7, was timed just right to coincide with the IE9 beta release.  While Chrome is behind Firefox and IE9 in adding GPU acceleration in the browser, Google promises to add the feature in version 7.  

The So-Called "Facebook Killer" is Here
After gathering more than $200,000 in donations from Kickstart, the young developers of the Diaspora project have released their source code and some screenshots.  The new social networking application is intended to be an open source Facebook alternative that allows users to keep all of their information on a private server that they own.  Users will be able to share whatever information they want (P2P).  The current source code is pre-alpha so it still has a lot of bugs, but an alpha will be available in October and it will be able to access Facebook data.

STFU Driven Development
If you loved the classic "Asshole Driven Development" then this blog should be a great follow-up. 
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