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Daily Dose - Mozilla Makes a Monster Benchmark

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After its longstanding gripes with the over-valued SunSpider benchmark, Mozilla has finally made the first public version of their own benchmark.  They call it… Kraken!  According to Mozilla's Robert Sayre, Kraken measures realistic workloads and forward-looking applications.  In initial tests, Mozilla says that Firefox 4 beats the current versions of Chrome and Opera with the new benchmark.

New Erlang Release
Version R14B of Erlang/OTP was released this week with large sections of the ethread library having been rewritten.  The major improvements have juiced up performance for read-lock/read-unlock operations on multi processor systems.  There is also a new implementation of rwlocks that isn't optimized for readers.

Novell Sale Coming?
An unconfirmed report from the New York Post says that someone is willing to buy Novell's SUSE Linux business.  A private equity company is rumored to be buying the rest of Novell.  Although the Post's source would not name the "strategic buyer", some rumors have suggested VMware, Oracle, Red Hat, HP, or IBM.

iOS 4.2 Open For Business
iOS developers finally got their hands on a version of iOS 4.x that is compatible with the iPad this week.  The new 4.2 release will be publicly available in November and it will bring folders, multitasking, unified inbox, and threaded mail for iPad.  4.2 will also have wireless printing, streaming iOS video to AppleTV, search within Safari web pages, and new international keyboards.  Developers can get all of this now.

Haven't got the time? Joda Java Date-Time framework does....
Raise your hand if you have a DateUtil class or you wince every time you have to work with Java dates.  Chris Hardin's link can help.
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Cloves Almeida replied on Thu, 2010/09/16 - 9:27pm

My horses on either VMWare or IBM.

HP knows well to stay away of this business.

Oracle has his own Red Hat based version and Solaris. With a prospective recession and Sun's acquisition yet to show results, this makes little sense. However, they're raising a few billions in debt and when you have the cash. And Novell has so many interesting patents.

For Red Hat, this is not a good move. It brings no complementing products as they compete direct and there are much cheaper ways get to the clients - just way them to leave because the competitor is gone!

IBM and VMWare could use the extra products in their offerings. VMWare might benefit the most - they're building a nice application (Spring, Zimbra) stack and have all that virtualization offerings. All they need is the thing in-beween.

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