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Daily Dose - Linus Torvalds is a US Citizen

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Since 1997, Linux inventor Linux Torvalds has lived and worked in the USA, but today we found out that he officially became a US citizen last week.  The news came up in a conversation on the Linux Kernel Mailing List.  Torvalds mentioned he'd be getting his voter registration soon.  He was originally born in Finland.

Steve Jobs… A Ninja?
A recent report from Bloomberg reports that SPA magazine, a Japanese publication, reported on an incident with Steve Jobs this summer.  The incident allegedly occurred when Japanese officials refused to let Jobs leave the country with a a set of ninja throwing stars.  Jobs was quite upset considering that he was boarding his own plane and was unlikely to hijack it.  He allegedly vowed never to return to Japan after being forced to throw away the stars.  Update:  Apple is now saying that the story is completely false. 

The New Adobe Dev Connection Site
Day Software, a company that Adobe recently acquired, has announced the revamped Adobe Developer Connection website.  The new site is now live on Day Communiqué 5.  If you check it out, you'll find about 5k technical articles on Flex, Flash, ColdFusion, and more.  The redesign was led by Acquity.

Startl Drives Learning Application Creation
This Friday Startl, a company that supports educational digital media products, is closing its call for applications to be a part of the 4-day "Design Boost" bootcamp in San Francisco.  The goal of the sessions is to create digital products that excite and engage kids in learning experiences.  The bootcamp will be a rigorous schedule of defining an idea which will be shared and pitched.

Terracotta Says 'Goodbye Java GC, Hello BigMemory'
If the Java Garbage Collector is giving you trouble, just go around it.
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Frank Silbermann replied on Wed, 2010/09/15 - 9:24am

If Linus Torwalds has become a U.S. citizen, does this mean he's going to start pronouncing his name like the Peanuts character "Linus" (brother of Lucy van Pelt)? Will we also begin pronouncing the operating system Linux with the American long-i diphthong?

Mark Haniford replied on Wed, 2010/09/15 - 3:33pm in response to: Frank Silbermann

Yes, and he's already started carrying around a dirty blanket and sucking his thumb.

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