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Daily Dose - Solaris 10 Update Arrives Ahead of OpenWorld

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They couldn't wait ten more days for Oracle OpenWorld to release an update to the Solaris 10 operating system.  Oracle has quietly released the update along with new Solaris Cluster software and Solaris Studio development tools.  John Fowler explains the new features in this webcast but doesn't say what "exciting new hardware" would be supported.

Put on That BlackTie 2.0
The second release candidate of JBoss' BlackTie is available and almost ready for final distribution.  BlackTie bridges the gap between JEE and XATMI - connecting service-oriented C/C++ with enterprise Java.  2.0 has added more administration and database compliance features.

RichFaces 4.0 Rebuilds Roadmap
The JBoss developers on the RichFaces 4.0 project have added two additional milestones to the RichFaces 4.0 roadmap.  This will extend the development past their intended GA release before the end of the year.  The new final release date is scheduled for February 2011.  It should however, be feature-complete by year's end.

Debian 7.0 Gets a Name
The last Debian (6.0) was named "Squeeze", and recently the developers have decided on a name for their next version (7.0) - "Wheezy".  Debian versions apparently take their names from characters in the "Toy Story" movies.  Wheezy was a penguin squeeze-toy.  Of course, Linux also uses a penguin for its mascot.

So there will be a Java 7 and it will have to pass the JCP
Mark Reinhold's new announcement about JDK 7 brings many issues with the JCP into focus, including the disruptiveness of the Oracle v. Google lawsuit.
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