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Daily Dose - JailbreakMe Paints a Target for iPhone Hackers

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Security analysts from are concerned about the exploit that allows the site to jailbreak iPhones and iPads.  In an easily understandable Q&A they answered questions about this vulnerability and the risks it poses to every iPhone user, not just jailbroken phones.  Any malicious PDF file could potentially exploit this vulnerability.  F-Secure analysts say they expect to see an iPhone worm spreading through this vulnerability within the next week or so.  Their advice is to be careful about viewing PDFs, and if you're willing to jailbreak your phone, you can install an app that warns you when a web page tries to load a PDF, adding an extra layer of security.  Ironic, isn't it?  F-Secure seemed to imply that they would like to make antivirus software for the iPhone, but can't without Apple's approval.  

Google and Verizon Make a Compromise on Net Neutrality
Discussions between Google and Verizon have resulted in a compromise on their proposal for Net Neutrality.  In the proposal, the FCC would have the authority to enforce net neutrality principles on broadband providers, but not on the mobile internet.  This compromise may have been Verizon's idea, since it would benefit them.

Intel is Getting Into the Smartphone Game

With its dominance in the PC market, Intel is looking to compete with the big dogs in mobile hardware, like Qualcomm and Texas Instruments.  Intel is noticeably absent from one of the most lucrative mobile lines - the iPhone and iPad.  As a result, they are trying to acquire Infineon's wireless unit in order to start adding 3G, WiFi, and GPS capabilities to Intel chips.

Cloud Music Service Quietly Launched by Apple
Hidden within the release notes of MobileMe iDisk 1.2 is a feature which Apple hasn't publicized, but it's one that people have been long awaiting.  This is not iTunes streaming from the cloud per se, instead it's more like Google Docs storage for music.  This move was likely made because Google may be preparing to launch a cloud music service of its own (demoed at Google I/O).  The announcement may have been quiet because it could lead to legal challenges by record labels.

IPV4 vs IPV6
Here's what you need to know about the IPv4 / IPv6 issue.  Link posted by Khachatur Petrosyan.
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