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Daily Dose - Chrome 7 Arrives Bearing NaCl

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If you've been waiting to get your hands on Google's Native Client, you can do so now by getting on the Chrome developer channel, which just released Chrome 7.  NaCl is enabled by default and it allows native code to run in your browser, which means web apps will be able to directly use your computer's hardware resources to run web application processes.  It's a big day for the evolution of the web app.

New Wickets
Apache Wicket 1.4.10 was unveiled this week with a few bugfixes and small improvements.  The two most significant new features were delayed component initialization and component configuration.  The committers also released the first milestone of Wicket 1.5, which will have a more powerful and flexible request processing pipeline.

Drunken Employee Murders Server
A poor little computer server was murdered this month when a mortgage company employee got drunk and allegedly shot up the $100,000 piece of hardware.  The employee told police that he had been "mugged, assaulted with his own firearm and drugged" by an unknown assailant.  Some of the employee's acquaintances said he had threatened to shoot the server and possibly himself earlier that day.

IE9 Design Leaked
It seems that the first screenshot of the post-preview IE9 has been leaked by… Microsoft?  The new interface appeared on Microsoft's Russian press site before it was quickly taken down.  The simplified layout looks very similar to Chrome and Firefox 4.  You can see below that the search and address bars have been merged (just like Chrome), but the tabs in IE9 appear to the right of the address bar instead of on the left.  Another unique feature will be the Windows 7-like tear-off feature which allows users to snap two different browser tabs to opposite sides of the browser and compare two web pages side by side.


Top 8 Java People You Should Know
Eight leaders and great innovators in the Java community.  This link was posted by Yong Mook Kim.
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