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DZone Daily Dose - WebKit Gains MathML Support

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Writing mathematical formulas on web pages just got easier if your page is being read by a WebKit browser such as Chrome or Safari.  The WebKit developers are now releasing nightly builds that support the MathML XML language, which allows you to type in mathematical formulas and edit them instead of having to use an image. 

Supercomputing Smartphones
MIT researchers have figured out a way for smartphones to harness the processing power of a supercomputer.  By having the Ranger supercomputer generate a reduced model that is transferred to an Android phone, they were able to solve  fluid flow and engineering problems on the phone with interactive, visualized results. 

AIR on Android
Adobe says it will have AIR running on Android by year's end.  This feature will allow developers to build web applications that don't require a browser and run like a native application on your mobile phone.  AIR will support all of the major smartphone functionalities like GPS, multitouch, gestures, accelerometer, screen orientation, and more. 

WebStorm and PHPStorm 2.0 Are Brewing
The 2.0 versions of PHPStorm and WebStorm IDEs from JetBrains will be available in a week via the Early Access Program.  You can expect Zend debugger and framework support, PHP refactorings, advanced code inspection, and Mercurial support in this release.  The 50% discount for WebStorm and PHPStorm expires on September 1st.

The Start-up from Hell
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Jose Maria Arranz replied on Mon, 2010/08/23 - 1:21pm

Interesting the future support of MathML in WebKit

I've copied and slightly modfied the same demo to work with text/html MIME (original is application/xhtml+xml). It works with FireFox (FireFox supported MathML some years ago).

Can someone test it with some snapshot of WebKit?


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