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DZone Daily Dose - Hibernate 3.5.5 Deprecates CGLIB Support

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A decent amount of uproar was generated this week when JBoss developers indicated that the latest stable release of Hibernate (3.5.5) would have deprecated support for CGLIB as a bytecode provider.  Developers can still use CGLIB as the bytecode provider, but JBoss will not maintain the integration anymore.  This is because the developers of the CGLIB project (a separate project outside of JBoss) have stopped working on it.  For four years JBoss has tried to submit patches to the aging bytecode library, but they have gotten no responses.  Hibernate will focus on its integration with the Javassist library now.  

A Flash Player Running on the JVM
A new program called JITB, written by Joa Ebert, is a Flash Player that is able to use the JVM in order to run ActionScript.  In one simple graphics test case (making 1 million flash.geom.Point) JITB was 30 times faster that Adobe's Flash Player.  You can see this test for yourself on YouTube.

Accurate Web App Testing Proposed by W3C
It's no secret that we are now navigating a web of applications rather than a web of just pages.  The W3C members want to facilitate the growth of this new web ecosystem by developing new sets of web application performance tests.  Therefore, the consortium has formed a Web Performance Working Group co-chaired by Google and Microsoft.

Pick Up the Maven Complete Reference pub
Sonatype is now offering a free, downloadable pub of their "Maven: The Complete Reference" ebook.  All you have to do is fill in the registration information and answer five survey questions.  The book has been tested on the iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader, and Adobe Digital Reader.

Why The Oracle Java Patents Were Literally A Joke Played By Sun Engineers
Is the software patent system a Joke?
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Burt Beckwith replied on Fri, 2010/08/20 - 3:15pm

Deprecates, not depreciates

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